IL Super Bowl XII Recap - 2021

As often happens the recap never generated in this league - same as the last 4 seasons - fantasy people don’t care despite me reporting this annually to them. Last time this league had a recap generate for the Championship Game (Super Bowl) was at the end of the 2016 season.

Other feedback they have ignored over the years is the PlayOff Tree (see previous post above this one) years ago it used to display each teams logo and team name rather than just the boring writing (team name) as it is now but they didn’t seem to care the aspethics are less pleasing now. Anything seems to much trouble for them to fix or listen to feedback on - often the generic replies you get back don’t apply in the slightest to what you submited, it got so bad over many years with their Auction Draft draft room I have migrated to Sleeper for all my Auction draft leagues as are just to big to care.

IL Super Bowl XII - 2021

IL Final Standings 2021 (Year 12)

INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE - Records & Super Bowl Results

Yes I have had my say on many settings that I think would add value to the league. Whether or not they have just fallen on deaf ears is yet to be seen. Also as 1 key important change that was supposed to happen as a result of league vote, and didn’t happen, had a huge impact to the end of my season and playoff opportunity, I then decided to “play” by the rules and put myself in the best position going forward. IF that meant incurring some strikes… so be it. A lot of managers here flirt with the rules as they are set, some of it makes for a skewed experience.
Overall is a good league, improvements can be made, but that’s the same with all leagues. Looking forward to the upcoming seasons. And thank you for your hard work Noel.
(P.S. I believe moving all Leagues to Sleeper is a must)

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Your input is valid - I’m not so sure on moving to sleeper - I have moved across in 2 leagues of mine and yes the live draft works better but many of the settings and lay out and options I can’t find on Sleeper like I can on I also have history built up on

I wish would get their draft client to not be so glitchy especially in auction drafts but other than that I have to say I still like better than sleeper.

As for your suggestions falling on deaf ears - well maybe, my leagues are like my babies and being in several I like each one to offer very different things so just maybe something you suggest or don’t like is deliberate so’s I get to play in all types of leagues. Each one I wanted to have very different rule sets and number of teams involved etc., to offer me very different challeges and experinces.

I am in 6 draft style NFL leagues per season - all 6 were mine origionally but 1 I relinquished being commissioner of some years ago and the new commi’ moved it after a year to sleeper. I still play in it and it’s a standard (non PPR) 16 team £125 live face to face offline drafting money league with WAB used for Waivers:

TFP Originals 2022 - on Sleeper

My others (which I am still commissioner of) are:

a 12 team standard, non PPR, non fractional scoring, resets to Inverse Standings Order for waiviers £20 money league:

Show Me The Money - on NFL(.com)

a 16 team (USA v UK) league with 8 players from each nation. This is an IDP, 2 x keepers, non PPR, Draft Pick Trading, non fractional scoring and Move to Last after Claim, Never Reset for waiviers free but serious league:

THE No Bollox League - on NFL(.com)

Then there’s this league which is 20 teams, standard, 1 x Keeper, non PPR, Draft Pick Trading, non fractional scoring and Move to Last after Claim, Never Reset for waiviers fun but serious league:


a 12 team (AFC v NFC) league with 8 teams from each conference. This is an Auction Draft, IDP, Dynasty (22 x keepers), half PPR, player poaching, fractional scoring and WAB used for Waivers fun but crazy league:


a 14 team Auction Draft £50 money league. This is a PPR, fractional scoring and FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget) for Waivers league:


Now in this period is where I can run polls for changes but for the most part am quite happy with the variance I have. I think I would be happy to switch one of my free leagues to full PPR if the majority want that, as it has become the standard. So please feel free to repeat all your sugestions below (in a post) or on the IL channel over at sleeper: IL channel BLM Fanatsy Games Discord Server

  • refresh my memory and encourage debate among existing IL players.