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TFP AUCTION DRAFT - (Year 7) £50 Money League (2021)

TFP AUCTION DRAFT (Sleeper Money League) Year 7 / 2021

This is my newest money league (started in 2015). This is a PPR league!

The live draft for TFP AD 2021 is:

Thursday, Sep 9, 2021 at 7:30pm BST

(Auction style draft)

DISCORD Channel link: TFP Auction Draft League on DISCORD - chat room
Slowly more of my fantasy games players are joining my Discord server to chat to other people in the leagues & games they are in of mine. Each of my draft fantasy leagues has its own dedicated room to discuss things about that particular league but there is also a general chat area for anyone who partakes in any BLM fantasy games I run here or just wants to talk about sports - NFL / F1 /Cycling / Cricket etc., all have their own dedicated chat rooms to: BLM Fantasy Games general chat room on DISCORD

TFP Auction Draft (year 7) is a go.

Caveat - I am setting this league up real late this year as I was very hesitant about doing it as I had problems last year (and the years before that) in the draft room so this year again waited to run a test on the NFL.com Auction Draft client by doing my RTA (free league’s) Auction Draft first to see how it went. That was a 12 team league and sadly it was the worst ever on the normal website. It did not show budgets or who was bidding and was not fit for purpose. I had to swicth to the phone app which was better but it still often froze on me several times. I could not be sure if that was my Android phone or the NFL.com Fantasy App as my phones internal memory is pretty full and I often have issues playing videos or loading websites. Any way long and short of it is I’ve finally carried out my threat to NFL.com and migrated to another platform.

From Year 7 onwards this league will now be hosted on Sleeper.

All players that were involved last year have the automatic right of return should they want to play again - but due to the lateness of setting this league up that’s only guaranteed until midnight on Sunday (going into Monday) after that it’s open to all on a first come first served basis. During this time I will also invite people off of the official waiting list (in chronological order) when I know I have space (i.e. people have informed me they are not returning or if there were spaces due to not having a full 14 teams the previous season etc.)

So now onto the nitty gritty rules:

This is a money league with same entry fee as last year - £50 per team - so a serious proposition.

A change of platform often brings about a change in the default settings so it is for every player to understand any changes from last year. Alas I can’t seem to find away to publicly share the leagues settings from sleeper via a link that openly works so going to have to do my best with edited screen grabs here:

For this my first season on Sleeeper have decided to stick as closely as possible to Sleepers default settings with the exception of using FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget) points for the waiver wire. Each player gets 100 points each to start the season and you use those points to bid for free agents during waivers each week.

So below is a list of those who partook last season and when they have paid they will be moved up the list on that basis and bolded - to show they have paid. After the small window (midnight Sunday 5th September going into Monday 6th September) for last years players to confirm they wish to return this year the league will be opened up to anyone on a first to pay takes a slot basis until the league is full (14 teams max). Only when a player has paid the entry fee will they be invited direct from the league on Sleeper to claim a spot.

TFP £50 Online Auction Draft League

Sign Up List (Bolded when paid)

NAME (team name) / TFP Username

  1. Noel Symonds (Decepticons) / bluelionman
  2. Andre Bonifay (Team abonifay) / abonifay
  3. Iain Morris (Mozzarellaa) / Mozza_19
  4. James Mallin (Kamara Shy) / thandouk
  5. David Garcia Fernandez (Team Davidg882) / David_Garcia_Fernand
  6. Wesley Lang (Fragilezim) / Fragilezim
  7. Dean Poole (Team DeanWestYorkshire) / Dean
  8. Alan Roberts (thegeneral1987) / Alan_Feelers
  9. Derek Neuapuer (Team Dezzy125) / dezzy125
  10. Mike Mark (FlyyEaglesFlyy) / YellowMoney
  11. David Dean (ccfcchris) / ccfcchris
  12. Talhah Kaleem (Team WasimAkram) / tala

Further Info:

Should any year we have an odd number of GM’s the last to pay will be the team removed (and naturally refunded if already paid) to make the league level to be able to draft.

PRIZES - Will be worked out and confirmed shortly after drafting once prize pot is known post draft but all entry fees will go back out as prizes:

2021 PRIZES - (based on 14 teams)

Winner - £300
Runner Up - £120
Third - £60
Highest Weekly Score - £10 x 17 (= £170)
Highest Weeks Score of season (including Play-Offs) - £50

Total - £700

Clarificaton - to earn a highest weeks score prize you must be involved in an actual game - not on a bye. Also as this was my first year using Sleeper I noticed they display things rather differently to NFL.com so to clear things up for future reference I wish to make it clear you have to be involved in a game that displays as an official matchup for that week for your score to count towards either a weekly or season long highest score - as that is what I use to check for each weeks offical highest score.

TFP Auction Draft Official waiting list

OFFICIAL WAIT LIST (If you are sure you want in to this money league then ask to go on this official waiting list and when a current member withdraws or opts not to return the first person on the list will be offered the chance to claim that spot for the next season and so on down the list):

Name / TFP Forum Name

Current Vacancies = 2 (for 2022 season)

  1. Robert McGregor (Viking City) / mconabike - Thusdays don’t work


I e-mailed in to Sleeper to ask about tie-breaker settings as I could not find any manual choices and was sent this link about Tie-Breakers of which the main parts as far as this league is concerened are:

TFP Auction Draft Winners History

I’m in mate :+1: thanks for taking the leap of faith with the sleeper app. You can set the tiebreaker yourself to which ever you wanted(I only know as I had to do it yesterday for my own league) too but default is good.

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Really I looked and looked but could not find a tie-breaker you choose - well not in the aution draft but I was not using the app - I was on the standard browser platform.

I also have no clue what NA players are - wish I knew that abrivation:

I believe NA means Not Available so I think it’s holdout players etc

Also I’ve paid :+1:

Also paid Noel

Hey! Saw this posted on sleeper… Any chance I could go on the waiting list?


I’ll join if any spaces left

@gazj885 @DEZZY125 - THERE’S SPACES GUYS - most of last years players have not contacted me to say they want in so with draft only a few days away I’m throwing it open - first come (to pay) first served.

I’m in mate, just sent payment over cheers

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So you in our out - here you said in, e-mail you said your think about it?

Hey gang, am I cool to join tonights draft? :slight_smile:

If we are an even number I will take part will pay Noel ASAP if we can confirm its an even number

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In and paid Noel

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Just had another guy PM saying he’s taking your place and you’ve paid for him - is that correct melstone? :confused:

As we only had 12 teams again this season and not the 14 hoped for the prize payouts have to be reduced and will be as follows:

2021 PRIZES - (12 teams)

Winner - £230
Runner Up - £100
Third - £50
Highest Weekly Score - £10 x17 (= £170)
Highest Weeks Score of season (including Play-Offs) - £50

Total - £600

TFP Auction Draft 2021 (Year 7) Weekly Winners

NFL Week No. - Winner (Team) / TFP user name - (Score)

  1. Iain Morris (Team Mozzarellaa) / Mozza_19 (154.08)
  2. Talhah Kaleem (Team WasimAkram) / tala (170.40)
  3. David Garcia Fernandez (Team Davidg882) / David_Garcia_Fernand (143.42)
  4. Andre Bonifay (Team abonifay) / abonifay (136.64)
  5. Andre Bonifay (Team abonifay) / abonifay (158.04)
  6. Andre Bonifay (Team abonifay) / abonifay (152.76)
  7. Talhah Kaleem (Team WasimAkram) / tala (151.74)
  8. Derek Neuapuer (Team Dezzy125) / dezzy125 (158.50)
  9. Andre Bonifay (Team abonifay) / abonifay (151.20)
  10. Dean Poole (Team DeanWestYorkshire) / Dean (149.46)
  11. Derek Neuapuer (Team Dezzy125) / dezzy125 (201.32)
  12. Dean Poole (Team DeanWestYorkshire) / Dean (155.28)
  13. James Mallin (Kamara Shy) / thandouk (145.42)
  14. Noel Symonds (Decepticons) / bluelionman (159.32)
  15. Iain Morris (Team Mozzarellaa) / Mozza_19 (142.64)
  16. James Mallin (Kamara Shy) / thandouk (153.60)
  17. David Garcia Fernandez (Team Davidg882) / David_Garcia_Fernand (149.64)

PRIZES PAYOUTS - 2021 (based on 12 teams)

1st ( £230 ) - Dean Poole - Team DeanWestYorkshire / Dean (138.54)
2nd ( £100 ) - Derek Neuapuer - Team Dezzy125 / dezzy125 (95.06)
3rd ( £50 ) - David Garcia Fernandez - Team Davidg882 / David_Garcia_Fernand (149.64)
Highest Week ( £50 ) - Derek Neuapuer - Team Dezzy125 / dezzy125 (201.32)

TFP Auction Draft 2021 Champion

TFP Auction Draft 2021 Regular Season standings