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Wild Card Hook Up

Dudes & Dudettes,

Anybody up for a meet up to take in one or both wild card games on Saturday the 9th of Jan? London I guess would be central location of choice but open to other suggestions. If I recall correctly they shall run one game after another (rather than concurrently) so would def be up for the early one.

Merry Xmas to you all…


Sounds good to me. I’d be up for that. Count me in.

Great Noel, lets see if we can get a group together fella

Could do - if the Chiefs miss the playoffs then I would be OK to come and watch as a neutral. If the Chiefs make the playoffs then there will be a Chiefs UK fan club meet up to watch the game, which I would attend - ideally it would be in the in the same pub so I can catch up with everyone !

Sounds good Jon, any ideas yet which venue would likely be used for the Chiefs hook up?

Would be central London I’d guess - possibly the Hippodrome as a gang of us met there earlier in the season when the Chiefs had a Thursday night game

So the Chiefs made it Jon, you must be pleased with that? After a tough start v some good teams the Chiefs are on an amazing run and appear to possess the best pass rush in the league. If they get beat in Jan I would expect it to be a team with a strong O-line.

The Hipp is always a good venue in my opinion and I like nothing better than meeting football fans so it would be good if you can make it on the 9th. That said I wonder how Noel feels about the Hipp these days?

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Feeling good about my Chiefs - wish I had put a bet on them making the playoffs, back when they were 1 and 5 !

The guy organising the get together is looking at either the Hippodrome or the Empire (just along the road). What we won’t know for a week is when the Chiefs are playing, there are two Saturday games and two Sunday. The ideal would be if we are a Saturday game. Then I will try to angle for theChiefs boys to go to the Hippodrome and the Fan Pub gang to do the same. If we are given a Sunday game it will be more awkward as I reckon I can’t do both days. Will stay in touch and hope to see you soon!

Sounds good Jon,

If I had one thing to say about the empire, yes it has a large screen but the one time myself and Anders tried it we struggled to hear sound due to the many drunk teenagers and the atmosphere in the place (free for all) took away from the enjoyment of the game. That said we did only try it the once.


Evening folks - just nudging this to the top of the list again to give people a reminder . Looks likely that I can make it to the Wild Card Saturday, probably to both games, then the first train home on Sunday morning. Think the Hippodrome would work, seems to be the favourite so far? Does anyone know if we would need to book?

Hi Jon,

That’s great news! At this point it looks like Noel, you, myself and possibly Anders with the possibility of your other Chiefs fans also being there… As always everybody is welcome as far as I am concerned. Not heard back from Noel yet on how he feels about the Hipp these days tho…

The worst thing about living so far away. I’d love to attend this, hope you have a great nice guys (I’ll be cheering on the Chiefs :grinning:)

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It looks like there’s a decent chance that wildcard game is between the Texans and Chiefs right? (If Houston beat the Jags on Sunday.) If it’s the Saturday, I’d be up for meeting up with some of the crowd here, though I might be shouting aggressively at the Chiefs’ fanclub :smile:

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Nice one Adam, be good to see you

So its in the books, first up is the Chiefs V Texans @ 9:35pm followed by Steelers v Bungals @ 1:15am

Two great games!! I fancy the chiefs and steelers personally but both could go either way.

So far the only venue’s discussed are the Hipp and Empire Casino’s (although I am not all that keen on the latter). Not heard from Noel yet about his willingness to visit the Hipp. I dont expect the sports bar and grill to remain open late enough which I think would also apply to Riley’s.

The more the merrier!

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OK, I can confirm I can come for both games on Saturday night. Sounds like we have several people coming from The Fan Pub!

The Chiefs people haven’t sorted out a venue yet so I’d suggest we go for the Hippodrome and I will try to encourage any KC folks to head that way too.

Looking forward to it!

Sounds good Jon, see you there!

Hopefully Anders, Noel, Adam + others can join us

@AWNFL @Steelers84

Andy, Dave, didn’t know if you’d seen this thread - just giving you an alert as it was cool meeting up with you for the Thanksgiving game. Here’s your chance to meet a few more guys from the site!

I’ve never got past the door in the Hippodrome but don’t want to miss out meeting the gang - be nice if they would sling me my first drink free for past refusal but they wont even know me or care what happened - I will be cheering the Texans to just because I had a free bet to use up on Stan James for £5 so thought I’d go for the biggest outsider left and seeing as Texans are the home team for this game thought hell there do - 50/1 (to win Super Bowl not this game). So Adam you wont be alone in your support. Shame now its new year them Five Guys things no longer valid as I never ever did get around to trying them and claiming my free meal (burger & fries).

So what time are people meeting up - any one wanna meet early and get a meal somewhere - and anyone know a good place?

Nice one Noel. Will be good to see you again fella.

Its going to be a Sat night in London so any venue (the hipp included) shall be busy, those with interest in seeing the early game should try to get there a little early to grab a seat… While still busy I would imagine seats to be slightly easier for the late game if people are staying for that.

Meal sounds good…