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WILD CARD SQUARES - Saturday games only

Sorry people was to hard to update grids on line from my smart phone so Adam has taken a picture see bottom of this thread for it and will do same for late game.

Chiefs@Texans Grid
Steelers@Benglas Grid

Hi all I normally only do this on the Super Bowl itself but as a whole bunch of TFP peeps is meeting Saturday night in London (most likely the Hippodrome) to watch the Wild Card games that night together I thought I would for a bit of added interest run a small stakes £2 grid on each of the 2 games that night.

Any of you that have done my Super Bowl Squares game will know how this works but for those of you that don’t I will proceed to try an explain here…

But before I do for any of you in London or near enough to travel that would like to watch the game in company rather than home alone pop across to this thread and come join us - more the merrier: Wild Card Hook Up


This is how it works - I have 2 grids (1 for each game - Chiefs@Texans & Steelers@Bengals) each with a 100 squares on. Each grid is £2@square with a total prize find of £180 (-£20 from the pot does go to the house - me. I make no bones about this but it covers my buying the raffle ticket books, pens and other consumables plus takes a hell of a lot of leg work sometimes selling all the squares. Sometimes I don’t sell the grids out but I guarantee the prizes so put in for all unsold squares - this means sometimes I could be seriously out of pocket so this is a little insurance policy and nice bonus for my efforts when I do sell the grids out fully. Very few games I run do I take anything out of them and am upfront about it when I do. If you don’t think it’s fair that’s okay you are entitled to your opinion but people who have played my games for years will know how many hours I put into them - typing out e-mails, posts, explain rules and how things will work etc. So don’t feel most will have a problem with my doing this.

Back to the game and how it works…

Now as I won’t see most people in person have adapted these grids as follows to make it random - I have numbered every square on the Chiefs@Texans grid from 101 - 200 (Blue) and on the Steelers@Bengals grid 1 - 100 (Yellow). That is to match the raffle tickets in the books I bought from Tesco’s.

I will place all the raffle tickets in two different bags - one for the Chiefs@Texans grid (Blue) and the other the Steelers@Bengals grid (Yellow).

Now this is the clever bit and how I can start selling the squares right now as normally I would sell all the squares before numbering the grid randomly in front of a witness. However I will number the grids randomly myself using playing cards. I will do this by taking an Ace (representing 1) thru to 10 (representing zero) from a pack of playing cards - I will shuffle them up and then start to turn them over as I do so I will number across the top of the grid the columns in the order the cards come out - which represent the Road teams numbers. I then will repeat the process for the rows which represents the Home teams numbers (down the side).

What allows me to sell squares to people I do not see in person and makes it totally fair (random luck) is the raffle ticket system. No one gets to pick their own numbers on the grid - they select a raffle ticket from the bag - or a proxy does this on their behalf (most likely me in this instance). The raffle ticket corresponds to the same numbered square on the grid and that becomes their square - they write their name in the square - or a proxy does on their behalf (again me most likely) if they are not present. If I know their TFP forum name that will be used on the grid (but will also keep a separate note myself of who each entrants real name is so I can pay out the correct winners after the Saturday night Wild Card games).

Doing it this way means people can know their squares numbers as soon as they have drawn them - or a proxy has on their behalf. I am hoping this time to be able to do a spread sheet of something I can put online so people can view the grids here on TFP so you won’t just know your own numbers but you can see every one else’s to - and even better check who’s square it’s on each game progresses.

Using the raffle ticket system insures no one gets to pick their boxes numbers - it’s all still random luck what numbers you get and again is down to the actual scores in the real game at the pre-designated points - so even more luck as to which squares actually win.

In case you don’t understand how the game works here’s a synopsis:-

Each grid has a 100 squares, of which I randomly number the columns and rows by using playing cards.

Across the top is the road team (columns), down the side is the home team (rows). The scores at the end of the first 3 quarters and the final result of the game (to cover the eventuality of O.T.) decides the wining boxes. Every score in the game changes the winning box and what box it’s on at those predetermined points of the game (end of the first 3 quarters and final game score) wins the prize for that period of the game.

Now this is how the winning squares are determined:


Lets make the home team the Texans and the away team the Bengals.

If the score at the end of the first Quarter is Bengals 3 - Texans 10 you would go to Bengals column 3 and the Texans row 0 ( this is because you just take the last digit of the teams scores) and where the two meet on the grid is the winning box for that Qtr. and this is how it works for the whole game. In effect (and it has happened) the same box can win more than one prize.

I first encountered this game on the champ train from Chicago to Champaign, Ilonis the season the Bears played at the University of Ilionis stadium while Soldier Field was being renovated. I got them to teach me how it worked as it was nothing like what we run on our sports over here. There they do it in office pools and in bars or what have you on regular season games - or any games if there’s enough punters - however they do it for bigger bucks $10 or $20 a square. NICE!

the prizes are:

1st QTR - £15
2nd QTR - £30
3rd QTR - £45

So that’s it - all that remains to say is do you feel lucky - do you want some?

Just Pay Pal me using this link paypal.me/bluelionman

Just click on it and send the funds that way - DO NOT CHECK THE BOX as if you do PayPal will deduct a fee as it will assume it is business transaction (and I will then have to chase you for the extra to make good the prize pot funds).

Also make it clear which game you want boxes for - you can choose some of each or just your preferred game - just remember each box is £2 a pop.

I’ve sent some money over Noel, hope you get plenty of takers for this

Alas Jon hardly any takers :disappointed:

Grids are up though - top of this thread - just need to fill them in - am hoping perhaps can sell more on the night and fill them in remotely - am hoping I can grant editing access to Adam and hoping he can help me edit the grids remotely from my smart phone - is that possible or will I have to hope someone is bringing a notebook/laptop (to follow stats/fantasy) that they may be willing to let me/Adam use to update these grids (if I cant do it from my iphone5)?

I do however have physical copies of the grids which I will bring with me (and a pen) plus a list of who’s already bought squares so hoping I can come a bit (or a lot) earlier and get first person who turns up to help me draw squares for all those people who are not coming in person. Then fill them in remotely on the grids - or that’s the plan - but back up plan is to text them their numbers and tell them to view the Grids via link on TFP to see their and everyone else numbers. :sunglasses:

Yeah you can edit Google Docs on your phone, there’s a pretty good app for it, so not much of a problem - however, just need to ensure the pub we’re at has decent phone or WiFi signal.

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If you are still struggling to sell the squares mate I will take another £10 worth???
You can put them on whatever game you want pal it gives me a little side interest!

I don’ like people to feel forced mate so I’m cool either way - if you want them your welcome if you don’t no bother.
Thanks either way for the offer. :+1:

Put me down for £10 please Noel, good fun.

Okay mate - what ya want 5 on each Grid?

I’ve Paypal over £12 mate I will take another 3 on each grid :grinning:
So I believe that gives me 6 on the 1st game and 5 on the 2nd which should keep me awake with some interest

Yep it sure does mate.

Thanks Noel

5 on each board please dude, yes.


My mistake Gordon there 2 pounds each so that’s 5 squares total so which board ya want 3 on?

It’s ok dude give me 5 on each. I owe your good self 20, will give tonight

Here’s the selected squares for the Chiefs @ Texans game.

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Squares for the Steelers @ Bengals game:

Ask Noel where my 5 are?

Updated for you Dean:

Once Noel told me how it was played it all made sense and actually became a lot of fun… £10 up on the squares for the night (50% profit)

Look forward to playing again

This did not go well for me but I promised I would guarantee all prizes and as good as my word am paying out all winners - meaning on the night I am down about £50 due to not selling enough squares to cover the prizes.

This is why I get upset when people accuse me of running a money making scheme - I make £20 only if I sell out a full grid - it’s very stressful and a lot of work behind the scenes trying to keep up to date on the grids and sell all the squares. It’s even worse trying to sell them on the night as I got a bit lost (drink and time constraints) so you wonder when someone says they paid you for 10 and you thought they only paid £10 but when several people are throwing money at you its hard. However everything is a lesson - I have seen photo’s can work rather than making up Google sheets which takes hours - though think they are still good to do in advance and have the physical sheets with me to sell squares. Also I wish for the Super Bowl to do things early and after losing out this time have decided not to run a £5 grid but only £2 ones - this means it should be easier to sell squares and limits my exposure. I like a punt myself so I don’t pick my squares but will put in for the last 5 left on any grid. Also by only doing £2 grids there is the possibility to do more than 1 grid and I will start another once one sells out. I will start selling the first grids squares hopefully within a week from now.

Any way the final look of the Saturday Wild Card Squares grids with Winning squares highlighted:

[<img src="/uploads/db6257/original/1X/fc6e84e8adb16496d6451d5c62460c8ba7e61962.JPG" width=“666” height=“500”] ()

Sign me up for 10 squares on SB night please Noel, I love the game… :smile:

I do think the online version has a great advantage in that it means people who are not in the same venue as you can still enjoy it, which in turn means your more likely to fill the squares as you have a wider market.

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