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THE NBL (NFL.com) - Internal Rules - Year 16 (2020)

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Alas not many people took the chat rooms option up for my leagues but there still there should anyone want to lead the way - encourage other GM’s to join you in chat - each of my leagues has its own dedicated room to discuss things about that particular league but there is a general chat area for anyone who partakes in any BLM fantasy games I run here: BLM Fantasy Games general chat room on DISCORD


Keeper Deadline Date:

August 20, 2020 (Thursday)

Live Draft Date:

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020 at 5:00pm EDT / 10:00pm BST

(Snake style draft)

Full NBL settings can be viewed here: The NBL League Settings


I first set this league up in 2005 as I wanted to play Americans at their own game and show British peeps could be just as good - if not better at their fantasy football.

I was also fed up with owners giving up or not playing out the season - hence the leagues name (born out of frustration). Over the years I have replaced owners that didn’t set line ups and modified my internal rules to create what has become a very competitive league.

The key element being a 50/50 make up of team coaches from the UK & USA (8 Americans & 8 Brits). It makes for a rather nice added rivalry as we all still compete to beat one another but as a side bar whoever wins the Super Bowl also wins a title for their respective nation.


Any sections boxed and bolded like this paragraph are to bring attention to new or amended internal rules for the forth coming season (as my league is developing year on year) and helps returning team coaches to quickly find what’s new or changed from the previous season.


From season 8 this league introduced IDP’s (Individual Defensive Players instead of the traditional block Defense) along with draft pick trading and keepers that kicked in from season 9. Keepers come from your finishing squads as they were the end of the previous season - so worth long term planing and taking note of the following keeper rules…


Each owner/team will be allowed to keep up to a maximum of 2 players however only one from each side of the ball (Offense/Defense). So in effect if keeping 2 players one has to be an IDP. You do not have to keep any players if you so wish, each owner has the choice each year - 0, 1 or 2 players. There will be a keeper deadline before the next years draft so it is each owners responsibility to look out for that deadline as no changes to selection(s) can be made after it.

Any one who does not follow the one from each side of the ball Keeper Rule and tries to keep 2 Offensive players or 2 IDP players will find they only have 1 keeper. The 2nd Keeper choice who ever it is will be over-ridden prior to the draft and be changed to ‘no keeper selected’.

Keepers will cost you the draft position they were drafted in the previous season (regardless of who drafted them). Only exception to this is when the same owner keeps the same player in consecutive seasons - then the player shifts up 1 round per year - unless he’s a first round pick - for obvious reasons. Any player kept that was undrafted the previous year will count as a last round selection.

You can find the previous seasons draft results within the league itself (here is a link): NBL 2019 Draft Results


For those teams that make the playoffs proper (teams finishing 1st-6th), there draft order will be a reverse of the previous years finishing positions as decided by NFL.com - so the previous years champion will still draft last in round 1 (*16th) and the team finishing 6th (*11th). [*excluding draft pick trading]

However I noticed in the dead rubber games some GM’s had a tendency to tank in order to get a more favourable draft position the following season. So to address that from the end of the 2014 season the following changes took affect regarding draft spots from the consolation play-off games.

If you were not in the running for the title (i.e. in the playoffs proper), there was nothing to play for except next years draft position - and the way it was, the worse you did in the dead games, the better your draft pick position the next year. This encouraged GM’s who were out of the playoffs not to try and win, actually often hoping to lose by starting their worst players (just to avoid falling foul of the strike rule, as there’s nothing else riding on those results).

So to correct that anomaly is why I introduced this rule change - making the so called dead rubber games un-dead. Each of these consolation games are now worth winning because your now playing for a higher draft spot. As this part of the draft order involving the 10 non-championship playoff teams is inverted - to reward their post season wins, however pointless they may seem at the time.

So the 6 proper playoff teams will still keep their draft positions (16th - 11th).

However the rest (consolation playoff teams) will now go like this…

The team finishing 7th (i.e. best of the non-qualifiers) would have pick #1
The team finishing 8th (2nd best non-qualifier) would have pick #2
And so on, down to the team finishing 16th (worst non-qualifier) would have pick #10

I think this will be good for the league as now tanking for a better draft spot will not fly as the dead rubber games have something riding on them. I feel this should also help with the also ran GM’s trading away their better players with late round draft picks to the playoff bound GM’s who are willing to sell their next seasons chances on winning this year by agreeing to trades involving their bad players but with higher round draft picks from the following season - which is skewing the integrity of the league imho.

IDP Scoring Adjustments occurred in 2019 to keep the NBL a whole point scoring league (Non Fractional)

It was talked about a lot in the 2017 season how imbalanced IDP scores were and how any given week an IDP player could score you anything from just a few points to many tens of points and the spectrum was to much. For this reason for the 2019 season onward I adjusted the IDPs points down but unfortunately NFL.com did not round down so the half point given for Assisted Tackles made this league end up with fractional scores - which I did not want as the NBL has always been a non fractional scoring league. So for this reason I have had to adjust the Assisted Tackles category up to a full point (from half a point) to insure that does not happen.

So the NBL’s IDP scoring is as follows:

Standings Tiebreaker

In the 2017 season a poll was conducted during the post season to see what standings tie-breaker we should use going forwards as some GM’s did not like the default option of ‘Head to Head Record’ and the following is the result of that poll which is why we use ‘Points For’ as the Tiebreaker from 2018 onwards:


New from this season (2020) strikes will also be issued for not being seen to vote in an official poll posted within the league on NFL.com. It’s been the hardest thing for me as a commissioner to get people to engage with me on rules and proposals to do with the league like having a trade deadline, expansion etc., so now it’s mandatory to partake in polls and to be seen to have voted.

I am not sure how you do this on the phone app but to do this via the standard internet using a browser - which can also be done on a smart phone - you scroll down the leagues home page to the message board and to the right of this you will see the latest poll. To the bottom right of this poll box you will see a link that says ‘More Polls >’ click this and it will open the poll with its message board below it. Here (you may need to scroll down) you sometimes will find more information about the poll and is also the place you type “Voted” to show you have voted after you have done so in that particular poll. To the top right of the poll you will see an arrow < and that will let you navigate back to see older polls and where you should check you have voted in each one and posted below each one to say you have Voted as if you have not voted or forgotten to post you have and not everyone has voted then anyone I can’t be sure did vote will pick up a Strike after 28 days of the Poll being posted. I hate having to do this but for many many seasons people have just not been engaging enough to help me shape the league by voting in polls so felt I had to do this so I can weed out and replace non committed GM’s with ones who buy into the ethos behind this custom keeper league.

Extra Special Rules just for 2020 (Season 16)

Due to Covid-19.

1. In line with what NFL.com has done to its standard leagues for this season I have expanded the Reserve slot by 1 from 1 to 2. However a poll is currently live within the leagues home page to permanently increase to 2 Reserve slots and if this is voted for then I will increase the Reserve slots to 3 for this season. This is temporary for the 2020 season only and plan is to revert back to 1 or 2 (poll result dependant) reserve slots in 2021.

THE NO BOLLOX LEAGUE (NFL.com) Struck Out & Permanently Banned List

Last Years Final Standings

Annual Reorganising of the Divisions for 2020…

There will be 2 US and 2 UK teams in each Division. Once Divisions are drawn whichever one I am drawn in will become the North (as a little gift to myself as I am a Lions fan and they are in the NFC North) it really makes no material difference to the fantasy season whatsoever as the teams drawn with me are still the same teams just they to will be in the North division.





WK1 - no strikes issued
WK2 - 1 strike (Richard La Bounty)
WK3 - no strikes issued
WK4 - 2 strikes (Richard La Bounty)
WK5 - 5 strikes (Nathan Powell x1, Tyron Webb x2, Bradley Rose x1 & Tony Hamm x1)
WK6 - no strikes issued
WK7 - no strikes issued
WK8 - 1 strike (Nathan Powell)
WK9 - 1 strike (Richard La Bounty)
WK10 - no strikes issued
WK11 - no strikes issued
WK12 - 1 strike (Tony Hamm)
WK13 - no strikes issued
WK14 - no strikes issued
WK15 - no strikes issued
WK16 - 2 strikes (Tyron Webb x2)
WK17 - 4 strikes (Nathan Powell x2 & Tyron Webb x2)

Link to previous years table: WEEKLY STRIKE COUNT 2019

Week 1 Strikes (x1)

Sad to report the following strike is awarded for NFL Week 1:

Richard La Bounty - Bloodmakesthegrassgrow (USA) x1 for:

x1 Started DB - Charvarius Ward - (KC) who was ruled out before his teams actual game day.

Published: Fri, Sep 18 at 2:28pm by Rotowire.com

Won’t play Sunday
Ward has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Chargers, Nate Taylor of The Athletic reports.

Analysis: Rashad Fenton is expected to draw the start opposite rookie L’Jarius Sneed with Ward out. Considering the team believed Ward had a shot at playing earlier this week, there’s a good chance he’ll be back in action when the Chiefs travel to Baltimore in Week 3.

1st Poll of 2020 Result

Okay the vote is in favour of increasing to 2 RESERVE slots permanently but sadly only 5 GM’s out of 16 bothered to vote. The poll was only closed today 24th September 2020 - way over the 28 days by rule a poll has to be up for before closing so the 11 GM’s (listed below) who did not vote as per the new poll voting rules starting this season will all pick up a strike.

Non Voters x1 strike each

Carl Fisher
Rich Leese
Jed Bradshaw
Tyron Webb
Brian Lassiter
Brad Rose
Mike Delino
David Landers
Paul Loos
Richard La Bounty
Nathan Powell

Week 4 Strikes (x2)

Sad to report the following strikes are awarded for NFL Week 4:

Richard La Bounty - Bloodmakesthegrassgrow (USA) x2 for:

x1 Started QB - Ben Roethlisberger - (PIT) - on a BYE
x1 Started DB - Ricardo Allen - (ATL) who was ruled out before his teams actual game day.

Published: Sat, Oct 3 at 6:25pm by Rotowire.com

Unavailable for Week 4
Allen (elbow) has been ruled out for Monday’s game versus the Packers, Jason Butt of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Analysis: Allen will miss a second straight game after sitting out of practice all week. Starting safety Keanu Neal (hamstring) has also been ruled out, so expect Damontae Kazee and rookie Jaylinn Hawkins to assume starting roles while Sharrod Neasman rotates in.

Week 5 Strikes (x5)

Sad to report the following strikes are awarded for NFL Week 5:

Nathan Powell - Fantasy Fighters - USA x1 for:

x1 Started DB - Jonathan Jones - (NE) - on a BYE

Tyron Webb - THEGMEN - UK x2 for:

x1 Started WR - Michael Thomas - (NO) who was ruled out before his teams actual game day.

Published: Sun, Oct 11 at 3:30pm by Rotowire.com

Won’t return Week 5
The Saints have ruled out Thomas (ankle) for Monday’s contest against the Chargers, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Analysis: Even if the Saints likely believe he can handle the rigors of a game at the moment, keeping Thomas on the sideline for a fourth consecutive game seems like a prudent one with a Week 6 bye on tap. He’ll thus have two more weeks to get past the high left ankle sprain that he sustained in the regular-season opener, with an eye toward returning Sunday, Oct. 25 versus the Panthers. On Monday, New Orleans will roll with Emmanuel Sanders, Tre’Quan Smith, Marquez Callaway and Bennie Fowler at wide receiver.

x1 Started K - Brandon McManus - (DEN) - on a BYE

Bradley Rose - Arian Foster Care - USA x1 for:

x1 Started DL - Chase Winovich - (NE) - on a BYE

Tony Hamm - Chargers Go - UK x1 for:

x1 Started DB - Justin Simmons - (DEN) - on a BYE

Sadly another GM has hit 3 strikes meaning they can and most likely will be replaced in the off season - however McBear (Douglas Hay) runs ‘NBL 2’ a second chance league that’s the same ethos = USA v UK, but does not have the strike system so recommend any who lose their spot in my ‘No Bollox League’ but want to play again next season get in contact with McBear.

I will also pass on details to him of those being struck out of my NBL league to help him fill his league. :football:

2nd Poll of 2020 Result

Okay the vote is in favour of not having a trade deadline at all - which I find incredible but the 13 teams that bothered to vote - out of 16 - the majority (46%) went for that so that is how it is for not just this season but on going in future years to. Sadly despite keeping this poll open for over 2 months as opposed to the 1 month (28 days) standard and chasing up peeps on social media & by e-mails sent from the league e-mail client itself etc., still only 11 GM’s managed to vote and post they had voted in the correct place - the polls attached message board. I officially closed the poll today - 21st October 2020 - way over the 28 days by rule a poll has to be up for before closing and so the following 5 GM’s (listed below and not showing in the above screen grab as having posted voted) pick up a strike as per the new poll voting rules that came into effect this season.

Non confirmed Voters x1 strike each

Rich Leese
Nathan Powell
Tyron Webb
David Landers
Paul Loos

If any of you have trouble finding the polls and attached (correct) message boards please reach out for help by contacting me - PM from here on TFP forum or hit me up on Discord and I will do my best to show you how to find them.

Week 8 Strikes (x1)

Sad to report the following strike is awarded for NFL Week 8:

Nathan Powell - Fantasy Fighters - USA x1 for:

x1 Started LB - Nate Gerry - (PHI) who was ruled out before his teams actual game day and placed on IR.

Published: Fri, Oct 30 at 3:19pm by Rotowire.com

Placed on IR

Gerry (ankle) was placed on IR on Friday.

Analysis: Gerry’s placement on IR means he’ll have to miss at least the next three weeks, so the earliest he could return will be Week 11 against the Browns. With Gerry on the mend, Davion Taylor is poised to slide into a starting outside linebacker role.

Week 9 Strikes (x1)

Sad to report the following strike is awarded for NFL Week 9:

Richard La Bounty - Bloodmakesthegrassgrow (USA) x1 for:

x1 Started DL - Dante Fowler - (ATL) who was ruled out before his teams actual game day.

Published: Fri, Nov 6 at 4:10pm by Rotowire.com

Won’t play Week 9
Fowler (hamstring) has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Broncos.

Analysis: The 26-year-old was unable to practice all week and won’t be available for Sunday’s contest. Fowler will have Atlanta’s bye in Week 10 to aid in his recovery before missing additional games. Takkarist McKinley (groin) is also sidelined, leaving Steven Means and Allen Bailey to start at defensive end for the Falcons.

Week 12 Strikes (x1)

Sad to report the following strike is awarded for NFL Week 12:

Tony Hamm - Chargers Go - UK x1 for:

x1 Started TE - Mark Andrews - (BAL) [COV] who was ruled out before his teams actual game day.

Published: Sun, Nov 29 at 9:12am by Rotowire.com

Out Week 12 after positive test

Andrews (thigh) tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday and has been ruled out for Tuesday’s game against the Steelers, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Analysis: Andrews will be one of two Ravens added to the reserve/COVID-19 list Sunday, with star pass rusher Matt Judon being the other following his own positive COVID-19 test, per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. They become the 10th and 11th Ravens players to test positive, rendering both unable to play Tuesday. As Schefter notes, Andrews is a Type 1 diabetic, so the tight end could be more vulnerable to the symptoms of the coronavirus than most of his peers. The Ravens haven’t commented on Andrews’ status beyond Week 12, but he seems unlikely to clear the protocol in time for Baltimore’s Week 13 game Dec. 7 versus Dallas. With Andrews and Patrick Ricard on the reserve/COVID-19 list and Nick Boyle (knee) on injured reserve, the Ravens are currently without a tight end on the 53-man roster.

Could I join the waiting list please? Just commented on the international league thread by mistake but saw this league advertised in a couple of places and looks exactly like what I’m looking for. New to keeper leagues but been playing redraft for 5 years so I can guarantee I’m committed long term

1 Like

@UKJAG15 Welcome - you need to send me by PM your name (first and last), the NFL team you support and if you qualify for which side of the pond (USA or UK) - by your user name I’m guessing your a Brit and pretty sure know what team you support. Lastly I need you to include an e-mail address I can invite you to the league directly from NFL.com to take over a team when a space arises - most likely this coming off season. I look forward to hearing from you by PM soon.

Week 16 Strikes (x2)

Sad to report the following strikes are awarded for NFL Week 16:

Tyron Webb - THEGMEN - UK x2 for:

x1 Started DL - Joey Bosa - (LAC) who was ruled out before his teams actual game day.

Published: Fri, Dec 25 at 5:27pm by Rotowire.com

Ruled out Week 16

Bosa (concussion) has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Broncos.

Analysis: The 25-year-old sustained the concussion during the Week 15 win over the Raiders and will be sidelined for at least one game. The Chargers have indicated they don’t intend to shut Bosa down for the season, but the team is likely to remain cautious heading into the final week of the regular season. Isaac Rochell is poised for increased work at defensive end for Los Angeles.

x1 Started LB - Leighton Vander Esch - (DAL) who was ruled out before his teams actual game day.

Published: Fri, Dec 25 at 5:14pm by Rotowire.com

Officially out Week 16

Vander Esch (ankle) has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Eagles, Michael Gehlken of The Dallas Morning News reports.

Analysis: Coach Mike McCarthy indicated earlier this week Vander Esch could miss multiple weeks after suffering the high-ankle sprain Week 15, so it’s no surprise he won’t be suiting up. The 24-year-old could also be forced to miss the final game of the regular season next week. Joe Thomas could have an increased defensive role for the Cowboys.