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TFP AUCTION DRAFT - (Year 7) £50 Money League (2021)

TFP Auction Draft 2021 Play-Off tree

TFP Auction Draft Super Bowl VII - 2021

(Winner) Dean Poole (Team DeanWestYorkshire) / Dean - 138.54 (£230)

Highest Weeks Score - 2021 (Year 7)

(Week 11) Derek Neuapuer (Team Dezzy125) / dezzy125 - 201.32 (£50)

Hey all - I was contacted by someone believing I missed out their highest score prize from Week 17 so need to make a clarification about such.

Clarificaton - to earn a highest weeks score prize you must be involved in an actual game - not on a bye. Also as this was my first year using Sleeper I noticed they display things rather differently to NFL.com so to clear things up for future reference I wish to make it clear you have to be involved in a game that displays as an official matchup for that week for your score to count towards either a weekly or season long highest score - as that is what I use to check for each weeks offical highest score. So if your on a bye or do not have a game - due to elimation, your score does not count. This is because you have zero risk to who you start - there is no jeapordy. However ‘Toilet Bowl/Cosolation’ match-ups still count - as long as they appear as an offical match up on the match up’s llist for that week.

So here is a screen grab of the only official match ups displayed for Week 17 of the 2021 TFP Auction Draft Season on Sleeper:

Cheers for running this league Noel!
The money came through earlier in the week.

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