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22/23 Draft FPL Non-Pyramid + Pyramid w/ Promotion/Relegation (EPL)

Update: There’s 1 last spot left in $300 League and 3-4 spots left in Pyramid League Two D (4th division)

$300 League draft date/time:
Thurs, Aug 4
at 12:30 PM - US/Canada West Coast
at 3:30 PM - US/Canada East Coast
at 8:30 PM - UK
at 1 AM - Sri Lanka (Fri, Aug 5)

Pyramid League Two D draft date/time:
Wed, Aug 3rd
1 PM - US/Canada West Coast
4 PM - US/Canada East Coast
9 PM - UK
10 PM - Germany
1:30 AM - India/Sri Lanka (Fri, Aug 5th)
6 AM - Australia Canberra (Fri, Aug 5th)


Hi guys!

My Draft FPL operations are run on Discord (Invite Link) but I just found The Fan Pub and posting my stuff here for the upcoming 2022/2023 season!
(if you join Discord please look for me, user ID: @arsenalfcjun14)

If you have any inquiries you can also send an email to fpljyj@gmail.com, I can send you PDF league docs I created for these below -

  • Pyramid League - has vertical structure with promotion / relegation feature.

We launched this project last season, and have 3 divisions set up (conveniently named Premier League division with 1 league, Championship division with 2 leagues, League One division with 3 leagues = 6 leagues total so far)

We’re currently working on setting up the 4th division, League Two up to 4 leagues (as of today we have 2 leagues nearly set up) and we’re looking for about 20 more managers to set up another 2 leagues

Buy-in is $30 but $20 goes to prizes for this season, $10 goes to deposits for 3 seasons (details in the doc)

What we have so far

Placement mapping between divisions - to be updated for League Two D (Promotion/Relegation)

Non-Pyramid League

  • horizontal structure, much simpler set up

Below are the leagues we have going so far:

$300 - up to 2 spots left
$200 - Full but taking waitlist
$100 - Full but taking waitlist
$50 - Full but taking waitlist
$40 - Full but taking waitlist
$20 - Full but taking waitlist

Some of them are already full but don’t be shy to express interest as there’s a waitlist going and we will set up more leagues if we reach 10 (all leagues are based on 10)

Other competitions/features

  • There’s lot more than just the leagues above

Both Pyramid and Non-Pyramid leagues are connected via a manually operated competition called Draft FPL Champions League, which is a merit-based competition and there’s also cup competitions, named conveniently as FA Cup and League Cups, and managers of the month awards

Overall Competition Set up

Draft FPL Champions League is optional with $10 buy-in, simply winner take all
Champions League is merit-based, you have to have performed really well in the previous season to qualify for it

Draft FPL Champions League, showing Groups A and B from last season (I didn’t make it out of the group last season lol) (there will be Groups A - H this season with 32 managers)

Not much explanation needed here

Probably a little hard to see but this was the 100-manager FA Cup from last season

Also, there’s Coefficients assigned to every manager (think of UEFA Club Coefficients or FIFA Coefficients), mainly used for Draft FPL Champions League currently, along with other features

Showing top 20 managers for Coefficients, based on Coefficient mapping

Showing top 20 managers for Points Per Match (PPM) Ranking table

Again, for further inquiries, please join the Discord server (Invite Link) and look for me (user ID: @arsenalfcjun14) or send an email to fpljyj@gmail.com

Edit - happy to announce all draft date/times are locked for the existing set up
Also note, there’s 3 spots open for $300 league, 1 spot open for $40 league ($40 A) and 1 spot open for $20 league ($20 A)

Non-Pyramid Prize table below (Pyramid Prize table being worked on)

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Holy cow - that’s intense.

thanks man!! been running leagues for about 10 years and it’s my 3rd year (I think?) on Discord

got about 150-200 hardcore draft FPL managers duking it out every season!!

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I am speechless how you found so many players in a money game - I always struggle on recruiting for my games - I think it’s hard for people to trust complete strangers especially if they ever fallen victim to a scammer or unscrupulous commissioner/chairman in past.

Also seeing you mention $ am guessing your either American or Canadian. Even more impressive making Premier League a foreign sports league to you.

haha thanks man, yes I am American but I’ve been a gooner since 1994-ish (my memory is a bit blurry as to exactly when)

Since you mentioned “scam”, the whole reason why I started running my own league (with 6 of my college friends) about 10 years ago is because I got scammed playing in online FPL league (only classic FPL back then!) It is not a lot of money for me now with full time job and all (was only $10 buy-in) , but at the time it was a lot of money being a poor college student (my winning was about $250… I really could’dve used it).

It has grown steadily since then, we used email and text initially, then started posting on reddit, etc. friends were bringing friends, some left due to life situations (new job/marriage/school, etc) and came back and stuff but kept growing slowly. Never thought it would get as big as it is now. now we actually have managers from every continent, Americas/UK/Europe/Asia/Australia, coordinating draft date/time is a nightmare but it’s part of the game!

If you’re interested, I can send you the PDF/PPT deck of all the features I have.
What I’ve posted here covers a good chunk but there’s more to it.

For example, In coming days we have a charity event based on the mini-game event on the outcome of the Charity Shield/Community Shield match between Liverpool vs Man City where there will be a small donation ($45 this season) made to the charity of the mini-game winner in the name of the winner

lmk if you’re interested! or you can find me on the discord link above!

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oh i’m also one of the moderators of r/DraftEPL on reddit haha

I would like to support you man but I genuinely have enough on with my own leagues and games - and a recruiting headache. You sound passionate and TFP’s Discord chanel is a good place to discuss things man we not the biggest website / forum but we sprang up from being Brits/Irish fans of your football - American Football to us - NFL.

We used to have a forum the NFL paid for over here called NFLUK but NFL (cost saving) shut it down but luckily before they did we had been doing online NFL drafts for years and money leagues and I tried to get a bigger stake (£100 buy in) league off the ground done in person. Ordered a draft board from the States and much to my amazement 14 people from all over the UK and 1 from R.O.I. actually sent me £100 each to secure their place and they all travelled to my local town for the inaugural draft in a bar/restaurant.

I am not the best organiser of a live event but that league is still going strong and this year will be it’s 9th continuous season.

The buy in is now £125 and is commissioned by another guy and hosted in his city. I am still a player and as it goes just booked my train fares yesterday to get there and back - prefer public transport so can drink and not worry about drink driving.

League thread TFP Originals

One of the original players (and still a player) created this forum for us to all stay connected year round and he created the discord chat group which most use more and prefer.

The event proved such fun that another player created his own league called the Challengers league and hosts it in his city which now means we have 2 live face to face TFP NFL drafts annually one in the South East of England (Southampton) and one in the Midlands (Northampton). There was talk of doing a 3rd in the North (Leeds) but the person who runs that one did it himself via Facebook and not under the TFP banner nor advertises it in here.

But it’s a great community here - small yes - but tight.

Forgive me I digressed - I love NFL - it’s my favourite sport but close behind is soccer (football to us this side of the pond) and I for my sins am a Crystal Palace fan and follow the England mens national team live. Many years ago I used to have a season ticket to Palace but fell out with the way the club turned so much into being all about the money - priced me out and some of the policies made me so incensed I gave up my ST. There’s a waiting list now so they didn’t miss me or my ££££’s. I still follow them via TV, streams and radio coverage but now follow the national team and when I was more affluent - I did go abroad to. Not interested in going to Qatar but the next Euros in Germany (2024) and next world cup in Canada/USA/Mexico (2026) I hope to attend if England qualify. I know last US World Cup in 1994 I planned to go to and then England didn’t make it (failed to qualify) so that was aborted.

Any way bro - I will spread the word about your league as best I can via contacts I know.

Also may I suggest this Forum to you - full of serious minded UK fantasy game players: FISO

I will be all over Eze and Olise this season!!

but yes, I also still remember when the footy (and all other sports) were not so commercialized… pure passion in all the players, coaches, owner/board/directors, fans… now it’s all about money

look at all these criminal ticket pricing on fans, and cancerous agents mugging clubs

I do follow NFL and I used to play NFL fantasy on top of Draft FPL (and bundesliga, serie A, and Championship fantasy) before I got full time job and had kids… but now I can only focus on my draft FPL league haha

with World Cup expanded to 40 or 48 or whatever countries, I have no doubt England will make it. they are expanding it so that China and Qatar can qualify. Corrupt FIFA at its best

I myself am Korean-American, so I hope to see South Korea in the mix for 2026 world cup as well (I have no doubts on this as well) I hope to cross path with you somewhere in the north America then!

I have not explored the entire community/feature on The Fan Pub yet, I was so excited to find this forum and was busy making this post haha

In terms of the user experience, the interface is very crisp, slick and smooth, it is very pleasant.
I will explore TFP Originals post in a minute.

I had just noticed your user ID now! I hope detroit can win the super bowl soon, to your joy my friend!


Wining a play off game would be a start, think last time was 1991.

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I have been sharing links to your original post on this thread and happy to hear on Discord one of the guys in my contacts says he has signed up for your pyramid league. Makes me feel your time posting on here was not for nothing. Maybe more will follow suit.

yes he did mention it!! thanks so much really appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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2022/2023 Draft Schedule

After 3 weeks of intense discussion, all of draft date/times are now locked!!

Please note, currently there’s 3 spots open for $300 league, 1 spot open for $40 league, 1 spot open for $20 league
And trying to set up 2 more Pyramid League Two channels (about 17 more managers needed)

$300 League has 1 final spot open!
$50 League may have 1 spot open in a day or two, some moving pieces there

Please find me (@arsenalfcjun14) once you join the Discord server! (Invite Link )

hi guys non-Pyramid prize table is done, going to be working on Pyramid prize table probably some time over the weekend

it assumes $300 league being full (still 1 spot left)

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Pyramid League has received so much love past few days, we’re actually working to set up League Two D!! this will surely be the last league set up for 2022/2023 season

$30 buy-in overall, please find me on Discord (same user ID) once you get on!


You’re really tempting me - but when would draft be - for final pyramid league?
Also what if you can’t or don’t want to play in future seasons (as circumstances can change)?
You just lose the deposit ($10 - I’ve no issues with that)?

hey man!

so there’s few things/features that are not mentioned on this post (but explained in the PDF docs I made) -

One of the biggest things I picked up from the failed launches of pyramid leagues in the past (I tried launching it back in 2010ish and 2015ish and those fell apart within couple of seasons for various reasons) are:

  • Premier League division has to be special. There has to be a special desire to get to the top, almost a need to get to the top. While this can depend on the managers themselves, league organizers can influence this in various ways also (like anything in life really)

  • Wild fluctuations / mass exodus of managers is bad for the stability of the pyramid structure. 2010-ish pyramid I launched was a free one, no friction cost, managers dropped out without notice lol.

So what are some of the ways we came up with to achieve both?

  • Deposits - the $10 deposit is a 3 season commitment, mass exodus prevention mechanism. If you stay for 3 seasons, yes, you get it back and if you wish to continue on because you like being part of it, it will be 2 season commitment roll over from thereafter (instead of 3 seasons). Now to your question, if you leave within the first 3 seasons, yes you lose your deposit of $10, which isn’t exorbitant if you work full time in any of the G20 countries - but what we do with those deposits is the next point below

  • Premier League Division extra prize pool (from attrition) - those deposits from the early-quitters are swept into the separate prize pool for Premier League division managers. When I created this category, I had Premier League’s TV revenue payout package in mind.
    This is the actual figure - after 2021/2022 season, 13 managers left us, which comes out to $130 (13 managers x $10 deposit) so in 2022/2023 season, Premier League division managers have a separate extra prize pool of $130 which they voted (I call them Premier League Manager Association, PLMA lol) to take as guarantee payout - meaning all 10 managers in Premier League division will receive equal payout of $13 regardless of where they finish in the league ($130 / 10) on top of their usual prizes from their $20 prize part of the $30 buy-in.

So with this I created the friction cost where only the really committed and dedicated managers will join (and it’s not anything exorbitant such as $300 or $200 leagues) and made extra benefit to those who make it into the PL division or survive/avoid the relegation.

What are some of the other ways Premier League or upper divisions have special perks?

  • There’s monthly manager of the month award - I need to workout the actual $ amount per month in coming days (will be posted here) but the award will be given to 1 manager per division
    Meaning - In Premier League division you have 1/10 chance of winning it, in Championship division you have 1/20 chance of winning it, in League One you have 1/30 chance of winning it, in League Two you have 1/40 chance of winning it (if League Two D goes thru that is), so some benefits from MOTM award standpoint

  • Premier League division is the only division which offers entry to Draft FPL Champions League.
    Below is the actual 2023/2024 Champions League qualification table - in the highlight area of Pot 1, only Premier League division supplies placements to CL (except for pyramid FA Cup), so some benefits from CL standpoint

  • Better Pyramid FA Cup odds - Last season we had all 60 managers (100 managers for non-pyramid league) enter FA Cup all at the same stage. This season, upper divisions will have the advantage of seeded entry into Pyramid FA Cup. League Two teams (40) will enter the first round, followed by League One teams (30) then Championship teams (20) then lastly, Premier League teams (10) - just in real life where PL teams enter FA cup from 3rd round proper.

  • This last point is ongoing - couple of seasons ago, I found an online retail coffee bean shop owner who sponsored my leagues with some $$ amount as well as special coupon code for the winners at the end of the season. It was going well til the owner disappeared on me at the end of the season making me look like an absolute ass lol
    BUT this did not deter me from keep trying to obtain external sponsorships, I am always asking around if there’s any passionate draft FPL managers who happen to know or run online retail shop of some sort themselves who can sponsor my leagues/competitions (we can name it “XYZ Store Draft FPL Champions League” for example") with some kind of award be it small $$ prize or special coupon for Premier League champion or Championship champions, etc.

Coming back to your question about the draft date/time -
We just had a breakthrough in consensus for the draft date/time for League Two D, which is:

Wed, Aug 3rd
1 PM - US/Canada West Coast
4 PM - US/Canada East Coast
9 PM - UK
10 PM - Germany
1:30 AM - India/Sri Lanka (Fri, Aug 5th)
6 AM - Australia Canberra (Fri, Aug 5th)

Also, not really of interest to you but we just reached consensus on $300 league draft, which is:

Thurs, Aug 4
at 12:30 PM - US/Canada West Coast
at 3:30 PM - US/Canada East Coast
at 8:30 PM - UK
at 1 AM - Sri Lanka (Fri, Aug 5)

Let me know if you’re interested!

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Thanks for such a detailed breakdown.

The draft time works for me - it wouldn’t of when I used to have a job as I worked a late shift here 2pm-10pm (in UK) but I’m a man of leisure currently. Who knows in future seasons - so if a draft time does not work can one auto draft?

I’m thinking down the line?
As we’re committing for 3 seasons sort of thing.

But okay you’ve sold me - you take Pay Pal for payment?
First time I’m the one gonna be working out the fees to make sure you end up with $30 USD. Usually it’s other way round when non UK peeps do one of my games or leagues. :soccer: LOL :soccer:

Edit: Shocked how depressed the UK pound (GBP) is right now, where it cost me nearly the same in GBP to send you $30 USD - okay there was a dollar and a half in fees to but damn now I understand why things costing so much over here of late. Anything imported costing a ton. What has the UK Government done (or not) make our currency so weak. :thinking: :rage: