23/24 Draft FPL Non-Pyramid + Pyramid w/ Promotion/Relegation (EPL)

Hi all,

This is a 2023/2024 season post of my league set up (2022/2023 season post: 22/23 Draft FPL Non-Pyramid + Pyramid w/ Promotion/Relegation (EPL))

My Draft FPL operation is on Discord (Invite Link) - if you join Discord, please look for me, user ID: @arsenalfcjun14)

If you have any inquiries you can also send an email to fpljyj@gmail.com, I can send you the PDF league docs I created for these below -

  • Pyramid League - has vertical structure with promotion / relegation feature.

We launched this project in 2021/2022 season, and currently have 4 divisions set up (conveniently named Premier League division with 1 league, Championship division with 2 leagues, League One division with 3 leagues, League Two division with 4 leagues = 10 leagues total so far)

We’re currently working on setting up the 5th division, National League up to 5 leagues (as of July 23, 2023 we have 2 leagues nearly set up) and we’re looking for about 30 more managers to set up another 3 leagues

Buy-in is $30 but $20 goes to prizes for this season, $10 goes to deposits for 3 seasons (details in the league doc)

What we have so far - Premier League to League Two

**We’re building National League division - Looking to set up 5 leagues

Placement mapping between divisions - to be updated for League Two D (Promotion/Relegation)

We need to add promotion/relegation mapping between League Two and National League this season

Non-Pyramid League

  • horizontal structure, much simpler set up

Below are the leagues we have going so far:

$300 - 1 league full, taking waitlist
$200 - 1 league full, taking waitlist
$100 - 2 leagues full, taking waitlist
$50 - 3 leagues full, no longer taking waitlist
$40 - 3 leagues full, no longer taking waitlist
$20 - 2 leagues full, taking waitlist

Except $50 and $40 leagues, don’t be shy to express interest as there’s a waitlist going and we will set up more leagues if we reach 10 (all leagues are based on 10)

Other competitions/features

  • There’s lot more than just the leagues above

Both Pyramid and Non-Pyramid leagues are connected via a manually operated competition called Draft FPL Champions League, which is a merit-based competition and there’s also cup competitions, named conveniently as FA Cup and League Cups, and Managers of the Month awards

Overall Competition Set up

Draft FPL Champions League is optional with $10 buy-in, simply winner take all
Champions League is merit-based, you have to have performed really well in the previous season to qualify for it

Draft FPL Champions League, showing Groups A and B from last season (I didn’t make it out of the group last season lol) (there will be Groups A - H this season with 32 managers)

Not much explanation needed here - @WorldCup82 is the 2022/2023 season champion!

Probably a little hard to see but this was the 100-manager FA Cup from last season

Also, there’s Coefficients assigned to every manager (think of UEFA Club Coefficients or FIFA Coefficients), mainly used for Draft FPL Champions League currently, along with other features

Showing top 30 managers for Coefficients, based on Coefficient mapping

Showing top 20 managers for Points Per Match (PPM) Ranking table

All leagues currently already have tentative draft date/time set-up

Prize tables for both Pyramid and Non-Pyramid Leagues are work-in-progress as we’re still building out leagues, but up-to-date as of July 23, 2023**

Before moving on to Prize tables, there’s one new feature in 2023/2024 season. We’re getting rid of most activity prize category and replacing it with “League Strength Indicator” category

As you can see below we came up with a methodology to measure league’s relative strength based on average points and spread of points in each league.

Non-Pyramid Prize table

Pyramid League Prize table

Again, for further inquiries, please join the Discord server (Invite Link) and look for me (user ID: @arsenalfcjun14) or send an email to fpljyj@gmail.com

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Hi guys - quick update from the original post

all 5 leagues within 5th division have been filled!
now the pyramid looks like the below:

I’ll try to update the prize and other images from the original post soon

Also, last of the 28 leagues (i think) being set up right now is $100 C non-pyramid league, please lmk if interested!