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SUPER BOWL SQUARES - Super Bowl 50 (£2 Grid) ***SOLD OUT***

Super Bowl Squares (S/B 50) - £2 Grid SOLD OUT - Grid Filled


For those of you that don’t know how this game works I am going to try and explain it now in words but I have also made some videos via my webcam to try an explain it which will be posted after this written attempt (so you may prefer to scroll down and just watch them). Also in those video I have filmed the random numbering of the first grid for this years Super Bowl (depending on demand my run extra ones).

How SQUARES works

I have a grids with a 100 squares on. Each square is £2 @ square with a total prize find of £180*.
*If I sell the grid out I do make £20 profit. I make no bones about this but this is a very risky and time consuming exercise on my part and can leave me heavily out of pocket (if I do not sell out all the squares on a grid) as I guarantee the prizes.

If you care to pop across to my Wild Card squares thread here: Willd Card Squares you will see I ran 2 grids (1 on each of the Saturday night Wild Card games - to try and create a bit more fun as a buch of us off of here - TFP - met up in London to watch those games). Sadly I did not sell either grid out and even worse for me is more of the winning squares were sold ones meaning I had to pay out more than I took in - resulting in a loss for me of about £50 pounds - ouch! This is why it can be a big risk for me not to mention a big headache running a squares game and that is why I don’t feel I am doing anything wrong in taking a little juice for the house on grids I do manage to sell out as some times like on the Wild Card grids I will take a hit, often a big hit! If you don’t think it’s fair that’s okay you are entitled to your opinion but people who have played my games for years will know how many hours I put into them - typing out e-mails, posts, explaining rules and how things will work etc., this hope most will not have a problem with me doing this.

Forgive my Digression - back to the game and how it works…

Now as I won’t see most people in person have adapted these grids as follows to make it random - I have numbered every square on the original grid 201 - 300 (Blue) and if I make any more grids up will use a different numbers on them (& colours). These numbers are to match the raffle tickets in the books I bought from Tesco’s.

I will place all the raffle tickets in a bag (repeating this process if I make more grids later on depending on demand).

Now this is the clever bit and how I can start selling the squares right now way before even the Super Bowl teams are known. On the grid (see link at top of this thread) I have put an AFC logo at the top as the AFC team will go here when known and be represented by the column numbers. Down the side I have put an NFC logo and again when the NFC team is known it will go here and be represented by the row numbers. Each column and row was randomly numbered between 0-9. I did this using playing cards and when I did the first grid I filmed it to show you all (see videos end of this post as mentioned earlier).

This system (using raffle tickets) allows me to sell squares to people I do not see in person and makes it totally fair (random luck). No one gets to pick their own numbers on the grid - they select a raffle ticket from the bag - or a proxy does on their behalf. The raffle ticket corresponds to the same numbered square on the grid and that becomes their square - they / their proxy or I will then write their name in the corresponding square on my physical copy of the grid. Later (ASAP) I will update the online grid with the same details. If I know their TFP forum name that will be used on the grid (but will also keep a separate note myself of who each entrants real name is so I can pay out the correct winners after the Super Bowl).

Doing it this way means people can know their squares numbers as soon as they have drawn them - or a proxy has on their behalf. People will have the chance now to see their numbers online from where ever they watch the game and at the same time be able to see every one else’s numbers and see who wins is prize as the game unfolds.

Using the raffle ticket system insures no one gets to pick their boxes numbers - it’s all still random luck what numbers you get and again is down to the actual scores in the real game at the pre-designated points - so even more luck as to which squares actually win.

In case you don’t understand how the game works here’s a synopsis:-

Each grid has a 100 squares, of which I randomly number the columns and rows by using playing cards.

Across the top is the AFC team (columns), down the side is the NFC team (rows). The scores at the end of the first 3 quarters and the final result of the game (to cover the eventuality of O.T.) decides the wining squares. Every score in the game changes the square it’s on but the winning squares are the ones it’s on at those predetermined points of the game (end of the first 3 quarters and final game score).

Now this is how the winning squares are determined:


If the score at the end of the first Quarter is AFC team 3 - NFC team 10 you would go to column 3 (across the top) for the AFC team and row 0 (down the side) for the NFC team - the reason for this is because you just take the last digit of a teams score if and when it reaches double digits. So in this case as the NFC team has scored 10 - the last digit is zeo you would go to row 0. Then where the two meet on the grid is the winning box for that Qtr. and this is how it works for the whole game. In effect (and it has happened) the same box can win more than one prize.

I first encountered this game on the champ train from Chicago to Champaign, Ilonis the season the Bears played at the University of Ilionis stadium while Soldier Field was being renovated. I got the people on the train who sold boxes to teach me how it worked as it was nothing like what we run on our sports over here. There they do it in office pools and in bars or what have you on regular season games - or any game if there’s enough interested parties to sell out a grid - however they do it for bigger bucks $10 or $20 a square. NICE!

The prizes for my Super Bowl 50 grids are:

1st QTR - £15
2nd QTR - £30
3rd QTR - £45

So that’s it - all that remains to say is do you feel lucky - do you want some?

Just Pay Pal me using this link paypal.me/bluelionman

Just click on it and send the funds that way - DO NOT CHECK THE BOX as if you do PayPal will deduct a fee as it will assume it is a business transaction (and I will then have to chase you for the extra to make good the prize fund).

Good Luck

Now as I mentioned earlier a few videos to try and explain how the whole game works plus me randomly numbering the first grid I am doing for Super Bowl 50 (link top of this thread):


Grid is now updated with winning boxes if you care to click link at top of this thread (in blue) but the lucky players were:

Quarter 1 - £15 (Denver 10 Carolina 0) - Dan Meadows
Quarter 2 - £30 (Denver 13 Carolina 7) - Alex Woodford
Quarter 3 - £45 (Denver 16 Carolina 7) - Ricky Pearce
Final Result - £90 (Denver 24 Carolina 10) - CitrusPlayer

Not watched it all yet but I can confirm that this is excellent fun, well it was once Noel explained it to me…

I actually think that a set number of squares should be left blank so that the banker has a chance of a scoop as well. Like blackjack, the house verses the people.

Great stuff Noel!

Especially for @CitrusPlayer & @Dean


Thanks Dude, nice one!

My buddy Dan, who is coming to the SB wants 5 squares also. I shall send you the coin tonight. No video required ; )


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Okay mate - just checked PP nothing from you there - perhaps you forgot?

Sorry peeps - the £2 Grid is now complete - if you wan’t any squares there is only the £5 grid left open.

SUPER BOWL SQUARES - Super Bowl 50 (£5 Grid)

EDIT: The online Grid is now fully updated follow the link at the very top of this thread to see yours (if you had any) and everybody else’s squares. Thanks for having a go and I will try to upload a picture of the original physical grid here to before the big game. :football:

Okay peeps all grids online updated with winners details - gotta say how lucky is CitrusPlayer on this game - if I remember correctly I think he also won a prize on one of the Wild Card grids I ran on a TFP meet up in London to watch some Saturday play-off games this season!

Your correct Noel, I did win a quarter on Wild Card Saturday :smiley: To win both Jackpots on SB Sunday is just insane, when I was celebrating in the Hipp at winnning the 5 grid I had no idea I had also snagged the final score on the 2 grid too.

It was a crazy good night for me what with the Bronco’s winning, Sanders getting over 5 receptions and being the most effective WR on the night by 3 yards. Top that up with both final scores on the grids… Its absolutely crazy that I had Fowler in the golf @ 17/1 who sadly lost out in the 4th extra hole! What went wrong there?? lol

Indeed, extremely lucky on the Squares. I will probably never win a quarter again. For now though your squares game gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “The Beautiful Game”…

I buggered my bank card in the hippo Sunday night getting my PIN wrong 3 times - must be a combo of not using it much in ATM’s these days and alcohol - so as the winnings I need to send your way CP is above what I have left now in PayPal (after paying out so many winners today) will need a few days… reason is I phoned up my card people today and they said all I need do is take it to a MasterCard ATM and enter the right pin and follow the unlock PIN protocols to make card work again. Until then not sure if it will pass MC secure protocols using my card to pay via PP online money to peeps so rather than have the hassles Simon gets using PP think I best just unlock card first before trying to use it. Was meant to go to town today but time got away from me so will make a point of going tomorrow. Hope that’s okay with you fella - you said you were in no rush to get paid out Sunday so being conscious of that fact did kind of put you to back of queue today.

Lastly I am hoping your successes on this game means your partake in this again next Super Bowl (or live TFP meet up for games if earlier than that).

Thats all absolutely fine Noel, I know your a man of your word and have no hesitation about waiting a little dude. Hell yes I will be playing next time, just stop me ; )