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Weekly pick 5 comp?

hi guys. I’m thinking of running a NFL pick’em competition
probably week 6 to 16.
picking 5 games against the spread each week looking to recruit 20 lads at 100 a head, 100% cash payout
where we compete against each other’s results …
so in a nutshell if u pick 3 winners 2 losers week 1 , you are 3-2 moving onto week 2, etc etc.
I’ll be running this on a website called
www.runyourpool.com keeping it legit and all above board.
lets me know if your interested. at
letsbet@eircom.net or
sean.mc.namara01@gmail.com or

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i forgot to add i am an independent bookmaker with a passion for the NFL,


Yeah I’d consider that if a few of the guys from here are in

I’m interested - please give us more info (eg who you are!)

Is NFL big in County Clare?

Sounds interesting - as I missed out on the SpreadEx thingy - especially like the idea if it’s mostly guys from here. A question does the site your thinking of using charge - take a percentage?

If this is a goer not long till Week 6 starts - might be worth getting as many TFP bods to look at this thread as possible see what they think. I’ll mention it on the wall in my fantasy leagues.

I’m also interested if you get the numbers however as Dean asked, I am also keen to understand who you are and why we should trust you? Being an independent bookmaker I would expect more than a face book page, sorry… just saying. One of your links does not work and the other looks good but as a non FB user it offers me no follower or contact information…

Kind Regards


hi guys. couple of things.
about me. my name is sean mc namara
I own my own betting office. in a town called newmarket on fergus in co clare. I’m in business 10 years. i don’t have an online presence, it would be financial suicide for me giving the costs involved. both links for my Facebook page do work. One is a business page. my Twitter handle is @oldbean40 , check it out. if lads a sceptical I understand and we can park it there. but if your interested we can plough on. I rekon we should get the 20.
also week 7 to 17 Would be better , that makes it a next week start. my mobile is 0877986863 if anyone wants to contact me that way. failing that I answer all mails and messages.

Guys, he’s been on Betfair forums for 10 years+
I think the runyourpool system protects players.

I’m happy to play from week 7 if we get half dozen of so?

Sean sounds like the type of guy we need on here :heart_eyes:

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Yep, I like the idea of the game, and if Dean knows the guy from elsewhere that’s good news. Agree that we can’t get started in time for week 6, so if we can get details of how the game will work, I am ALL IN and prepared to start week 7!

I’m turning in for the night. I’ll be in the office at 11am. I’ll post to you guys then. anyone is free to call my office after 11 and I’ll chat to you. 35361700930 it’ll give u a feel for me. sean mc namara

Hell seems some TFP guys are in so count me in from week 7 if it’s a go. Just need more info of how it all works as in what I do to make sure I’m entered each week… but sure the lads here will help me to start.

One question you being in Ireland are you talking about Euro’s as opposed to GBP?

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couple of Qs i need answering guys,
the site charges i think 50 dollars depending on how many enter, , ill take care of that,(a kind of a guarantee that im genuine) we’ll run it in euros if thats cool with u guys, ill be recruiting guys from my local town/county, so i presume the majority will be in the euro zone,
regards payment, i accept all major CC, and i have a paypal account, and also bank transfer, whatever suits…

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These two statements confuse me. Where is the money being held, with runyourpool.com or you?

I will opt out but I wish you all a shed full of fun. The cost of owning a domain name and sticking up a web site is minimal for a business. Not all bookies need a web site that supports online gambling but yet a web site with business information would go a long way to give us something to work with. The FB page image of a bookies could be any bookies in the UK or Ireland.

Good luck to you and all who play.


the site doesnt handle any monies, at least i dont think it doesnt, if it does we can go that route? maybe someone can have a closer inspection for me, i am running a survivor pool on at the minute… i totally understand everyone issue with a stranger holding the monies, i get that, but as perviously stated, i am 10 years in business and am of good charachter, despite my bad spelling… sean

no problem sir, best of luck going fwd…

Sean - I’ve had a look and I don’t think that it does hold money. Just a thought you could get Noel to hold the money for the first season? Noel (BlueLionMan)has over 10 years plus at running all manor of fantasy games and is highly trusted throughout the NFL UK community.
Just an idea…

Forgot to welcome you to the The Fan Pub community, the website is in it first year but is great for lively debate and running betting ideas past each other. As far as I know we also have the largest established off-line fantasy draft for NFL and hold sporadic meet-ups throughout the season. There has been chatter about a Cheltenham meet-up in March so perhaps it would meet you then (I’m guessing you will be there :yum:)

I would be happy with Noel holding the cash for the first year if there is no other way for Sean to prove his 10 years in the business.


ya, ill be happy with that, ill still pay the admin cost of the website… re. cheltehman, since i opened here i havnt been, too busy to take that wek off as u can imagine,

ill give u my tax returns for that period, lol , no i take your point… sean