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I figure there will be many of us staying up to watch the first round of the draft on April 30th. I therefore had plans to setup some sort of text based chat group for the night, probably via Skype (as its free and easily available to all). This would give all us off season nut jobs the place to rant over the picks to people who… well, are also off season nut jobs.

Then I figured that might get boring as the night unfolds so I am planning to add a new fantasy concept/game to the night whereby people can pit their war room, coach, squad, college ball, draft & combine knowledge against each other.

Basically it would be £10 entry, each player would be supplied with a spreadsheet which they use to list their idea of what each team might pick, all players would be required to upload their completed spreadsheet 30 mins before the draft starts. All entry money will go back into prizes which will be split depending on how many entries we have. The winner will be he/she who has obtained the most points through correctly selecting franchise draft picks.

This only relates to round one and the winner will be announced by the evening of June 1st on this site. Ultimately I’m trying to create a friendly but competitive night for people who enjoy the game/off season instead of us all sitting at home alone, picking our noses.

So…If interested in either or both the Skype group chat / the War Room Challenge please let me know by the 23rd. If we get enough interest I shall send out more info.

Kind Regards


Love it mate, sounds like fun!
Definitely in for the predictions - and I will be up for draft night chat provided Iam awake (think it’s a work night, but there’s a high chance I will stay up for at least part of it anyway)

Will have to stop being a Luddite, and figure out how to use Skype I guess!

i would be up for the war room challenge but am allergic to skype lol

Sounds like a plan! Only problem with Skype is that you need people to already be connected (i.e. add their accounts to each others’ friends list) before joining in chats. Not sure if there are any good alternatives though (other than possibly hosting it on a webpage), in which case Skype’s still fine just needs a bit of organising ahead of time.

Last season about half the league were chatting on Whatsapp every game night, which still goes on a bit but has got a lot quieter in the off season. Same issue as Skype though, and you’re stuck tapping away messages on your mobile.

Hi Adam,

I for one will be using Skype on my PC which is easier for all night chat sessions. All those taking part will need to send me their Skype names ahead at point of payment so that I can add them to a group at my end. What’s app does not support being run on PC’s that I am aware. Skype obviously goes across all device types.


Do you just want text chat or voice chat too? If voice is necessary, definitely stick with Skype. If you’re only using it for text, I think Slack might be a good alternative - it runs in your web browser but has mobile apps too, basically like a modern day IRC chat, so we could setup a Fan Pub Slack account/website and invite people into it, to chat anytime they like.

But the voice chat in Skype, and the fact that it doesn’t really persist - it’s just a group setup for an event that disperse after - might actually be useful.

Totally want in on this

Jon and Sean, glad your on board gentlemen, that makes 4 of us (myself and Anders). I will need at least 8 to run it. Adam are you on board? Mary, sorry but if we move from Skype to another platform I shall post here.

Adam, Just need a text function that works well for groups of people. If you can inject that into your site I’m happy to run it there chap.

My eldest son (21) Kieron avid nfl fan wants in as well

great Sean, welcome aboard Kieron.

Gordon this is already an exciting Draft for a New Orleans Saints fan. Count me in a for a tenner please

Yeah I’m in.

If you want to run it as a Slack channel or something, rather than Skype, I can registered a Fan Pub account for that and link it on the forum, or maybe just Google Hangouts - whatever software’s best really.

Great, nice one Adam!

As for the software, well I’m afraid I’m not yet familiar with slack so cant really say. Whatever it is we use it should run across all devices and be freely available and easy to use. If you can show me slack in action I could offer you my thoughts on it lol.

Nice one Dean, glad your aboard. By the way I appreciate Jon may not make it to the end, anybody else not staying up the entire way?


I have created a slack team, name = War Room Challenge.

Its looks good actually, can you inject it into the site here at TFP and still have it available across all devices?

Let me know if you need any details.


You can’t inject a Slack account/chatroom into another site, I can only link to it from here. To use it people have to go to the Slack site or download the Slack app on their mobile.

That makes sense, I guess I did not read your earlier suggestion correctly.


We have 7, I need one more to run it…

Where is George these days?

I’m in, sorry for the lateish reply, I don’t seem to get any kind of notifications or anything when something new happens on here. If ever you need to get a hold of me then google+ or whatsapp/phone is the way