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Tod Gurley

I reckon still top 10 in the draft?

He’s one of the players I wouldn’t mind the Lions picking at 23 although I would prefer us to pick running back Jeremy Langford in the third round instead. don’t think Gurley will go top ten, RBs just not worth it, Trent Richardson anyone, 20 onwards would be my guess, wouldn’t surprise me if someone traded up from the early second round to get him.

I don’t think Gurley is worth a top 10 - but RB scarcity might help him out. If you want a running back this year in the draft, then there is a fairly big drop off after Gurley and Gordon, which I think will be enough to spook a couple of teams into picking them in round 1. I would not be surprised if there are no other RBs in round 1

I disagree I think it’s a very deep draft for RBs even workhorse back you have Jay Ajayi, Tevin Coleman(who I’ve seen projected to the pats in the 1st), and the one I’d like for the Lions Jeremy Langford. And many more who should be littered all over the 2nd 3rd and 4th round, think that’s what’s pushing Gurley and Gordon down, cos teams know they can get quality RBs later on

Ha ha, I think we’ll have to agree to disagree George (at least until the actual draft proves one of us wrong!). I think Gurley and Gordon are round 1 guys, and definitely no other running backs in rd1.
I will agree with you about Langford looking interesting though - not so much for the speedy combine time which got the headlines, but more that’s he’s an ex wide receiver so he can catch and run and be a good dual threat.
Hope you’re in Gordon’s draft game so we can put our predictions on the line!

Cheers, Jon

I agree those two are the only 1st rounder’s, was just saying I saw a ‘expert’ mock Coleman at pick 32, but I think Gordon could slip to round two aswell, think the second round could have 4 or 5 RBs in it, which is why I say its a deep position

here’s another one, Duke Johnson, some of the runs on the video look electric


Johnson is awesome. Seen a few good tapes of him. Extra impressive that he came back from a broken ankle to have such a good year. Read two separate reports that give him Gio Bernard comparisons, and rated him as the 4th/5th best RB in the draft.

I would have some reservations about Gurley because of his injury.

3 possibly four RB’s in the 1st round. Don’t lose sight of Amer Abdullah from Nebraska. Teams will look at the recent success of run dominated teams and try to fortify their backfield. When you consider San Diego, Dallas, Arizona and possibly Minnesota all need to reload in the backfield. Gurley will undoubtably be the first chosen in soite of his injury. Teams see too much upside.

Don’t know how big a gambler you are, Drew.

“Gurley will undoubtedly be the first chosen” - Bet365 make Melvin Gordon the slight favourite, you can back Gurley at even money, i.e. Double your stake

“3 possibly 4 RBs in the first round” - Betway have set their line at 1.5 RBs, with odds of 1/2, i.e turn a £100 stake into £150

I’m not as confident as you on those calls, but they are the odds that are available.

Re: Amer Abdullah, if he’s the guy I am thinking of, he had a great combine in terms of measurables, but he’s on the smaller side and I think his occasional fumbles in his college games will worry enough people to keep him out of the first round. We’ll find out soon enough though!!

Todd gurley worries me !! It’s a risk any team taking him…the injury and his recovery are unknown and will he return the same…
I like him but a top ten pick in the draft I don’t think so…

Duke Johnson home run threat maybe however catching out of the backfield big issue…so again I never look at 50 yard runs those don’t happen much in the nfl it’s the every down plays that count…

I agree with all of that Sean

It will be very interesting to see where Gurley does get taken, and by what team.

The superhuman recovery from knee surgery from AP looks to have given a lot of people some unrealistic expectations for how everyone else will recover from similar procedures. If Gurley is starting Week 1, I’d be amazed. All rookies have a steep learning curve this pre-season, but if he’s missing practices, and pre-season due to the knee, on top of all the other challenges any rookie faces, then the start of the season must be OUT.

He could very well get drafted, and be immediately land on the PUP. I see a 2nd half of this season as the realistic prospect. So, that means a team needing to make an immediate SPLASH in the draft, will be put off by the time they’ll have to wait. Likewise, a team (such as my Cowboys) whose window is closing would have to be concerned whether the best of Gurley could come too late, if at all (if recovery is not 100%) for the closing window in Dallas. Whereas, if a team has enough RB talent there to carry him on PUP for half the season (and beyond?) then you have to wonder whether RB is really their 1st Round need at all.

It will be a very interesting story to watch on Thursday / Friday. Having said all that, I see the Chargers taking him, AND looking to trade Rivers, thereby taking this as an opportunity to reset their roster, and start building all over again.

Ive been playing around with my Draft challenge order, and have had him from the 11th pick (Vikings grab him, and trade Peterson for another 1st rounder) all the way down to the Cowboys pick, so hard to predict, wherever him and Mariota go will pretty much decide how the rest of the first round goes, if he goes high, say 14th to the Dolphins then could have, Gordon to the Chargers, and then Tevin Coleman could easily rise to the first round and maybe even another RB because of the Panthers, Cardinals, Cowboys, Colts and Patriots need for RBs.

as for Gurley playing week 1 I think its possible, it used to be that it took a year to recover from an ACL then Peterson came back in something ridiculous like 8 months, but Gurley tore his in November, which gives him 10 Months recovery before the season starts, I think that’s probably the average now, and when first drafted it will give him more time to just sit and go through the playbook, then maybe a month in preseason training no contact, then playing a quarter in the last preseason game, to get him ready for week 1, so I personally don’t think that’s an issue