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In my 40's, been watching NFL since 1985, and love it, can't get enough of it. I spend hours watching games, researching the draft, planning and playing FF .... you'd think I should spend some time with the family, really.

Cowboys fan, but always had an eye on the Browns as well. When we all chose teams for random reason back in the day, I chose the Cowboys because I'd seen their stadium before (opening titles of the soap opera), they were famous for their cheerleaders, and they had a CB whose Christian name is the same as my surname, Everson (Walls). Job done, I'd chosen.

Browns, because they keep pulling at my heart strings. Whether it's the passion of the Dawg Pound, the play of Jim Brown, the tragedy of Ernie Davis, or how - like my football team, Brighton - they suffered at the hands of their owner, before getting a team back in Cleveland after a number of years away.