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Thefanpub.com Fantasy Podcast

The first episode of thefanpub.com podcast is now available to watch

link for the channel is here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCycTjJHPgXyaGiJjscvMkaA

link for the video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOYZ0ZwM6Q4

If you would like to leave us some questions for the next show then reply to this thread.

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Alan and Sean


Hi guys - watched the first half of this last night. Good stuff - look forward to seeing more!

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I listen to a lot of podcasts and I thought for a first attempt you guys did a good job. There was good chemistry between you and perhaps most important of all, when producing a podcast on fantasy advice I felt you did just that, give good advice. The Jaguars back field discussion I thought you nailed. It was a good start. I liked the trade/keep/cut segment and I think over time if you can inject some more humour into the show with perhaps some different features that would be great. I appreciate you guys are meeting up one night a week to do this and so there is much to discuss. Perhaps further on down the line you could split the show into 30 minute segments as that is the ideal length for a Podcast.

Thanks James

Yeah we intended to last around an hour and got carried away. I couldn’t believe it was an hour and a half.

Hopefully we can get it uploaded to Itunes as well to give people another way of listening to us.

Thanks for the kind comments hopefully we improve as we go.

Also please leave a like and subscribe if you can. That will help us reach more people.

Any questions greatly received.

Plus any suggestions for a segment for the podcast are welcome.

Without offending anybody perhaps there is room for chat about teams that are (despite their ability) just a bore/turn off or exciting/turn on to watch…?


Evening chaps - just got through to the end of the podcast.

First things first - really enjoyed it (apart from Al’s blatant spurning of the Chiefs defence in the mock draft !!). You both seemed very well prepared and there was a fair bit of variety in the podcast, which will only get better still as you get used to it and as you get other guests on the podcast.

The video format isn’t perfect for me personally - I can always listen to an audio podcast at work or at the gym or just generally when out and about, but a video one is kind of limited to what little time I have in the evening. If this makes it onto iTunes or similar that would be a boost from my point of view.

Also, the length was too much. I would rather have had 3 self contained smaller shows, with the same content. but broken into easily digestible pieces.
My favourite two bits were (a) the news round up with a view on what that might mean from a fantasy point of view, and (b) the mock draft. Both of those could be a short podcast in their own right maybe. I would be keen to hear other mock drafts - maybe with different league sizes, different draft spots, different roster set ups, different draft strategies even? And if you could post the draft board on this site afterwards, even better!

Great work though, and look forward to what you do next :clap: :clap:


Everyone’s points are valid we will work to a structured show over a certain length.
We do have plans for taking this forward and will do so thanks for the feedback.

Thanks Jon great feedback. We will hopefully be going on ITunes. We just need to utilise one of Adams servers and he’s in Germany currently. Sl

I’ll add my general agreement to the points made by Jon above.

My personal opinion would also be to ditch the Facebook live stream. I think most people will watch/listen after the event anyway and I think it created a slight distraction with checking who was watching and keeping an eye out for live questions. It might even make it easier to stick to the hour as could allow you to edit slightly and cut down if necessary.

Few minor points…

  • Could maybe try to centre the TFP page behind you better. Also, not sure if could zoom a bit to make it clearer?
  • Can’t remember if you did this but don’t forget to direct people to this site to join our growing community. :grin:
  • When you have guests join, will you be using the screen behind for Skype?
  • Keep any questions for a questions and answers section.

In general a great start though. Really enjoyed watching it. Will be even better once can get it on ITunes. Keep it up guys.

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Guys well done
Got wifi in the hotel so caught up a bit
Don’t need to say you’ve got the knowledge and deliver your messages well - it’s goidvthatbits not too intense and keep the humour going
My suggestions
As a consumer I’d say 30 mins is good and wouldn’t put me off as a first time listener
It will mean you’ll have to pack it all in but also leave us wanting more
I’d segment the show and give names to each segment - excuse me if you’ve done that
Do a poll or something like that (live?) get it interactive - just a simple yes no percentage question where you can see the results changing as the podcast continues
Competitions are always good

And again well done

Thanks Mark yeah we will sort out the video so we are more central and probably a bit further from the camera. We did give the site a few good plugs and will continue to do so. Haven’t worked out how to do guests etc yet but may do some complimentary videos offline instead.

We want to be ineractive but maybe we can check the questions from our table and be logged on to seans Facebook page so it negates the need to leave the table. Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback Shani. I think we will limit the time to an hour max. Most segments had names but yeah agree with that. still finding our feet so doing a poll is something we will need to figure out but a good idea. Any ideas for new segments or games etc to keep it fun and varied always welcome.

If you could get Skype working through the big screen would be great, assuming can hear well enough.

Looking forward to next week’s edition :grin:

Couple of segment name / ideas

‘it’s gonna be a long day for…’ Who is gonna have a rough week
’Monkey of my back’ who finally has a change in fortunesCleveland for example
’How do you like me know ’ who will show up the analysts this week -

Ålan Sean and guests could run through their choices for each of those ?

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Episode 2 is now up on youtube

good stuff - bit long to digest in one go
ill finish watching on commutes this week
actually it feels like ive got to catch this live
not sure if others found this but on you tube on my machine audio kind of dropped of in volume from time to time - technical thing!
keep the good work up

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Im going to need to find some time to watch it guys but looking forward to it.

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Great effort this week. Much more polished than last week which is amazing. Still not keen on the Facebook thing as feel it can occasionally disrupt the flow and is generally the cause of the drop off in volume Shani mentions, but that’s a minor thing and very much a personal preference. One thing that would help, if it’s possible, is to increase the recording volume. Found I had to have my phone on full volume to hear well and at the times volume did drop off (which from video is when one of you either moves away from microphone or turns away slightly) then couldn’t hear anything.

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