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The Scottish Open DK golf competition

Hi chaps

O.K. so it’s the Scottish Open this week and I’m setting up a DK competition that George and I will take part in. Entry fee is going to be $20 and it’s Winner Takes All format.

A lot of the US players come over the week before The Open to take part in the European Tour and get some practice in. This should make it an interesting tournament and it’s a good opportunity to see how it all works/runs before The Open competition that Gordon and I are setting up for next week.

Just ping me your DK username if you’re interested and I’ll add you to the competition.


I’ll be making my Draft Kings debut in this - hope it’s a beginners luck competition

Great news Dean, looking forward to playing you.

I’ll be sending out the invite tomorrow morning, as I have to know how many want to take part when creating the contest. If it doesn’t get filled up, it will be cancelled. Also, I don’t get the option to add on extra participants, so that’s a bit annoying.

Anyway, check DK for an invite tomorrow morning.

So far we have George, Mark, Dean, Jon, Gordon and myself taking part.

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Looking forward to this - and to taking money off all you guys ! !

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there is just about enough money to cover my entry into Sean’s league here, count me in. :grinning:

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Ha Ha Ha you guys are so funny. What you don’t know is that you’re funding my girls’ college education :grin:

Glad you joined Gordon … my revenge will be sweet!!!


The downside to the way DK leagues are set up means once the invite is sent you can’t add anyone else in. On top of that, if all places aren’t filled the game gets cancelled. Bit crap but that’s the way they have it set up.

Have read Fan Duel are launching this summer over here so will have to see if their private leagues are set up a little better before the NFL season when we’ll likely have bigger games.

DK is great generally though.

How did it work out for you last week Anders???

Hi Mark,

You are absolutely right. This is something Anders raised today. I have created a simple excel workbook which in theory gives players the ability to formulate a game plan without actually having them be in the league on DK. This in turn means we can leave the creation of the league until later without affecting the players planning rituals. I have just sent the workbook to Anders for his seal of approval.


Any chance I could have a sneak peek too? My email is just markdimmock812@gmail.com

The one big catch is that people will need to be on the ball with joining.

Yes absolutely, right now I have put Tuesday night at 9pm as close of casual entries. Followed by Tuesday night DK invites being sent out… Giving the players 24/34 hours to get their lineups in and entry paid.

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We may change this to Monday night if needed.

We’ll all have to make sure we chase each other. Maybe have a short ban from participating for anyone who doesn’t join.

hehe, i think if it gets going in the way we think people will get he hang of it.

I’ve created the contest and you should hopefully have received the invite. Let me know if you haven’t. Good luck chaps - let the fun begin!

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Well I’ve had a go, not entirely sure of the right approach to take. I guess you really need all your guys to make the cut if possible, so maybe better to get 6 decent players rather than a couple of stars and then have to economise of the rest of your team…? Not holding out much hope, but ideally I can at least use this week to figure out a tactic that I can use in The Open next week.

This exercise has confirmed I definitely know more NFL players than golfers!! :golf:

Best of luck all - at a wedding Saturday but hopefully able to chat a bit as we approach the grand finale on Sunday

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Absolutely right Jon, it’s crucial to get as many players through the cut as possible. That said, it’s important to not underestimate the value of having someone challenging at the top of the leaderboard.

and at the same time avoid the dudes that go high, they will prevent any good in your team making a difference