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TFP Originals 2018


To any of our returning players from last year - welcome back! To any new players - welcome!
This is now the main league thread for the 2018 version of the Originals League - the fifth year of TFP’s original fantasy league with its live in-person draft day.
Will @eiskrap, @Dean, @mconabike or @chrisj2812 be able to win the League for a second time, or will we have a fifth different winner?
It all gets underway with the draft day in Southampton, on Saturday September 1st. We’ll be in exactly the same venue as last year (the Hampshire Room, at the Ibis Hotel, just near Southampton Central railway station). In case we have any newcomers to the league I’ll post some more details with directions, local hotels etc later on.

Here is the list of managers who are confirmed for the 2018 league. Names will be added as people sign up and then set to bold as they pay up

1. Jon Cartwright – Southampton, Hampshire
2. Sean Connors – Daventry, Northants
3. Ian Wray – Weybridge, Surrey
4. Chris Jennings – Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
5. Noel Symonds — Merstham, Surrey
6. Robert McGregor — Dublin, Rep. of Ireland
7. Alan Roberts — Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
8. Javier Aparicio — Milton Keynes, Bucks
9. Adam Philbin — Kingston, Surrey
10. Toby Nash — Surrey
11. Sam Devereux — Slough, Berks
12. Simon Liu — Kingston, Surrey
13. Drew Johnstone — Florida and the High Seas
14. Andy Smith — Brighton, East Sussex
15. James Taylor — Bristol, Avon
16. Dan Abrey - Oxford


I am taking entries from returning managers first - until the end of April (or until all returning managers have confirmed they are in or out if that is sooner)

After that point, I’ll be contacting people who have asked to be on the waiting list (and feel free to drop me a line if you want to be added)

And then, if there are still spaces available, we will be opening them up to the wider world!

(a) Last year’s managers: Adam Philbin, Alan Roberts, Chris Jennings, Dean Poole, Ian Wray, Jane Spear, Javier Aparicio, Jon Cartwright, Kieron Connors, Noel Symonds, Robert McGregor, Sam Devereux, Sean Connors, Simon Liu

(b) Waiting list (in order they were added to the list): Andy Smith, Drew Johnstone, Alan Zreik, Mark Dimmock, Mike Mark, Dan Abrey, James Taylor.

League Rules and Regulations

£125 entry fee
The cost of the draft board and stickers for draft day, plus the cost of room hire, plus any other odds and ends needed for set up will come to about £200 ish - everything else will go to prizes.

The exact prizes will depend on how many managers join the league, and will be confirmed here in good time well before the season. The majority of the prize fund will go to the winners and runners up, with a few smaller prizes on offer to keep everyone in with a chance of getting something back.

League Set Up
There are 16 teams signed up to the league.

There will be a 13 week regular season. At the end of that time, the top 8 teams will reach the playoffs (teams are ranked on number of wins - where two or more teams are level, total points scored is the tiebreaker).

For week 14, the number 1 seed will choose their opponent from the other 7 playoff qualifiers. Then the other six playoff qualifiers will be paired off automatically (highest remaining seed plays lowest remaining seed, second highest plays second lowest etc)

For week 15, the highest seed still in the competition will choose their opponent from the other 3 remaining teams. Then the other two remaining teams will be paired.

The roster will be : QB, 2RBs, 2WRs, 1TE, 1DEF, 1K, 1 Flex RB/WR/TE, 6 bench spots.

Scoring will be the default taken from the NFL.com fantasy league except where noted below.

  • The only difference to standard scoring is: individual offensive players will score 6 points for any touchdown they score, including punt returns and kick off returns. So if Antonio Brown catches a punt and takes it back for a score, both Brown, and also the Steelers defense/special teams will score points for this

As with last year, we will use WAB (Waiver Acquisition Budget) for making in-season player pick-ups. For anyone who hasn’t used this before, the NFL fantasy site has an explanation (at http://www.nfl.com/fantasyfootball/help/custom-WAB2)

All managers will have 200 waiver points for the season, and 3 ways they can use them:

  1. On draft day, each manager will submit a private bid of 0 to 200 points. The manager with the highest bid gets first choice of draft spot, next highest has second choice etc (two or more managers with the same bid will draw lots for priority). Each team will then have the amount of their bid deducted from their 200 points, to leave their remaining budget for the season
  2. During weekly waivers all managers can use any or all of their budget to bid for unowned players (as detailed on the NFL.com fantasy site)
  3. During the season, all managers can use any or all of their budget as part of a trade deal (for example Manager A gives Andrew Luck to manager B, in exchange for Andy Dalton and 40 waiver points)

Love it really looking forward to another season


Just weighed you in Jon. You did a fantastic job last year. Looking forward to a another great day but maybe leaving the beers to after the draft - don’t wanna select a wrong player again! SeaBass - I hate you! :football:

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I’ll be back.


Hi Jon

I’ve mentioned it a few times previously, but please could I be put on the waiting list?


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Hi James - yep, you are already on the waiting list. Hope we can get you back in - and congratulations to your Eagles!!


An update on the Originals League:

  • 8 of last year’s managers are coming back and have paid me
  • 4 of last yea’rs managers have confirmed they intend to be back but haven’t paid yet
  • 2 of last year’s managers won’t be back (Jane can’t make the date. Dean is committed to the Northampton and Leeds live drafts, and will sit this one out unless we get stuck on an odd number of players.

This means we have a maximum of 4 spots on offer:

  • I have contacted @Rick_Spangle but he can’t make the date
  • I have contacted @scrumhalf and @Alan_Zreik and @markdimmock812 but haven’t heard back yet - I will be sending a chaser to each
  • I’m about to contact @YellowMoney as he is next on my list
  • I will be continuing to contact other names on the waiting last as soon as I know whether there are spaces remaining
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Don’t forget James, he’s been a regular and just couldn’t make last years date @jrt55555


Yep, James is also on the waiting list - suspect both he and Dan will get their chance soon!


Thanks, Alan and Jon

Please do let me know!

I am happy to commit and rejoin the league for this season. I will be in
the UK in early May and would to catch up with the two of you. When my
travel dates are secured I will let you know.
Remind of how much the league fee is?


Drew that is great news - league fee is £125 and the draft day is Saturday 1st September

Is Noel still a member of the league? If so I will ask him to pay my entry
fee as I have several hundrede in winning stashed with him.

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Yes he is , Drew

@scrumhalf @JonCartwright - Sorry for the delay for some reason Drew’s e-mail to me requesting this got buried in my less used private bluelionman e-mail inbox and not my blm fantasy games e-mail inbox.

However I have just done this and sent the money across by Pay Pal in the last 5mins to Jon.

Edit: Wow - I see Rick Spangle is highlighted in bold - I didn’t think he was going to make it this year as last time we spoke he told me he was going away the very next day with his band and would be to busy. Great if he has decided to fit drafting in The Originals in. :football:

Money received @bluelionman - I have marked @scrumhalf in bold as he has now paid!

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Hi Noel - yes, tour has fallen through so I’m down a certain amount of earnings, part of which I will try and recoup with some dynamite drafting!
Jon - if you want to edit my location in the initial post, it’s Brighton, East Sussex.