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An exciting Oppurtunity - 1 space available in high stake live league £125 entry (Southampton) September 1st

We have had one spot open in our live league in Southampton. This league has been full since March but someone has dropped out recentrly. These leagues are so much fun. The draft is in Southampton. It’s a 16 man, high stakes live league and it’s probably the ultimate challenge. The draft takes place on 1st September.

Draft day is like Christmas day, if you like drafting, fantasy and are up for the challenge then this is for you.

Don’t expect the place to last long. If you want more details then reply and myself or Jon will answer any questions you may have.

Don’t miss out!

More details can be found here TFP Originals 2018



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I’m going to speak to a work colleague today - I know he would love it and has done my online fantasy NFL leagues for years but just not sure if £125 would be to steep for his tastes but can ask and he used to attend a live in person football draft game I ran with McBear in that Toby Carvery (Redhill) once a year which he loved that was £25 entry. He loved the social part and he likes a drink so if we’re all going for a group meal post draft again think that a be a good selling point.

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We will certainly be doing a beer and a meal after the draft Noel

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The space is now taken - thanks to those who helped publicise it!

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