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‘TFP ORIGINALS’ 2017 - £100 Live Fantasy Draft in Southampton

To any of our returning players from last year - welcome back! To any new players - welcome!
This is now the main league thread for the 2017 version of the Originals League - the fourth year of TFP’s original fantasy league with its live in-person draft day.

Will @eiskrap, @Dean or @mconabike be able to win the League for a second time, or will we have a fourth different winner?

It all gets underway with the draft day in Southampton, on Saturday September 2nd. You will find lots of information on this link, but feel free to ask any questions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxnrOLHfLtnpOXBaYlJNdHRPZnM/view?usp=sharing


Here is the list of managers for the 2017 league - names will be added as and when they have paid


NAME - TFP Username (if known) - Area coming from (if known)

  1. JON CARTWRIGHT - JonCartwright - Southampton, Hampshire
  2. NOEL SYMONDS - bluelionman - Merstham, Surrey
  3. ROBERT MCGREGOR - mconabike - Dublin, Rep.of Ireland
  4. SEAN CONNORS - Outsiders68 - Daventry, Northants
  5. SIMON LIU - TheOnlySimon - Kingston, Surrey
  6. ALAN ROBERTS - Alan_Roberts - Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
  7. CHRIS JENNINGS - chrisj2812 - Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
  8. ADAM PHILBIN - neonadam - Kingston, Surrey
  9. IAN WRAY - grecian2010 - Weybridge, Surrey
  10. DEAN POOLE - dean - Wakefield, Yorkshire
  11. JAVIER APARICIO - roookie - Milton Keynes, Bucks
  12. KIERON CONNORS - London
  13. SAM DEVEREUX - Slough, Berks
  14. JANE SPEAR - London
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We are taking entries from returning managers first - until the end of April (or until all returning managers have confirmed they are in or out if that is sooner)
After that point, we will be offering spots to people who have asked to be on the waiting list…
And then, if there are still spaces available, we will be opening them up to the wider world!

FIRST REFUSAL / WAIT LIST to get into ‘TFP ORIGINALS’ (for 2018)

NAME - TFP Username (if known) - Area coming from (if known)

ANDY SMITH - Rick_Spangle - Hove, East Sussex
DREW JOHNSTONE - scrumhalf - Florida, USA
ALAN ZREIK - Alan_Zreik - Gidea Park, Essex
MARK DIMMOCK - markdimmock812 - Barnsley, Yorkshire
MIKE MARK - YellowMoney - London
Dan Abrey - Oxford
James Taylor - jrt55555 - Bristol


League Rules and Regulations

£100 entry fee
The cost of the draft board and stickers for draft day, plus the cost of room hire, plus any other odds and ends needed for set up will come to about £200 etc - everything else will go to prizes.

Winner : £500
Runner up £300
Semi final losers: £100 x 2
Highest weekly score: £100
Toilet Bowl winner: £100

League Set Up
14 teams in the league - so every team will play every other team once and once only during the season.Scoring and roster set up will be the default taken from the NFL.com fantasy league unless specifically noted otherwise
(default roster is : QB, 2RBs, 2WRs, 1TE, 1DEF, 1K, 1 Flex RB/WR, 7 bench spots)

After a 13 week regular season, the top 6 teams will compete in a playoff for the title of TFP Originals Champion.
The two teams with the best record over the regular season will get a bye through week 14. Week 15 will be semi finals, week 16 the Final.
The bottom 8 teams will have a post season knockout (the “Toilet Bowl”: quarter final week 14, semis week 15, final week 16) - to ensure all teams have an interest through the season. The winner of this consolation knockout will get their £100 stake back.

There will be a £100 prize for the team with the highest single-week team score (weeks 1 to 16)

The only difference to standard scoring is: individual offensive players will score 6 points for any touchdown they score, including punt returns and kick off returns. So if Antonio Brown catches a punt and takes it back for a score, both Brown, and also the Steelers defense/special teams will score points for this

We will go with WAB (Waiver Acquisition Budget) in 2017, but we need to get a firm agreement as a group as to what we do going forwards as we have struggled to pin this one down! For anyone who hasn’t used this before, the NFL fantasy site has an explanation (at http://www.nfl.com/fantasyfootball/help/custom-WAB)

All managers will have 200 waiver points for the season, and 3 ways they can use them:

  1. On draft day, each manager will submit a sealed bid of 0 to 200 points. The manager with the highest bid gets first choice of draft spot, next highest has second choice etc (two or more managers with the same bid will draw lots for priority). Each team will then have the amount of their bid deducted from their 200 points, to leave their remaining budget for the season
  2. During weekly waivers all managers can use any or all of their budget to bid for unowned players (as detailed on the NFL.com fantasy site)
  3. During the season, all managers can use any or all of their budget as part of a trade deal (for example Manager A gives Andrew Luck to manager B, in exchange for Andy Dalton and 40 waiver points)
    (We will see how well this works, and how much extra effort it causes the commissioner, before deciding whether we go the same way for future seasons)
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Delighted to say we have 5 managers so far confirmed to return for season 4 ! Sean, Simon, reigning champ Rob, and of course Noel and me.

I’ve also heard from a few of last year’s managers who aren’t able to commit at this point - hopefully will be able to talk some of them into the trip to Southampton, but it is looking like there will be spaces available for those on the wait list :thumbsup:

Anyone from last year’s competition that hasn’t been in touch yet… would love to hear from you!!

I’ll be in Jon. Ill send the money before the end of the month for both of your leagues

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Nice one Al, great to hear that - haven’t started planning the Fun league yet, but I think I will be moving from 25 to 30 quid - hope the extra fiver doesn’t put you off!

A player that can score td on a punt or kick off can also fumble it does happen.

Some nice ideas I will consider them then add some input

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…yep, this is the point you made re The Beast last year, so I will be putting return touchdown scoring into The Originals and The Fun League from 2017, as it isn’t fair that you can lose points on returns , unless you can also gain points

Kieron will be returning jon


I like the added tactics with WAB being involved on draft day. Great work lads!


Not in this league simply because I’m locked into enough already but really excited to see what Noel and Jon can do this year as joint commissioners, a great team and unless something comes up I shall absolutely be there to watch the draft unfold and get a beer with you all. Until then, have a great summer y’all!


You’re welcome to come and watch - but you will get roped in to help out as my glamorous assistant ! :dancers:

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well with these melons, of course… :grinning:

We’re now up to 8 returning managers - which is great news as that is the minimum threshold to confirm that the league will definitely go ahead :thumbsup:

This league will be opened up to the folks on the waiting list from tomorrow, and then to the wider world shortly after !

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Be great tos see it get back to full strength

We’ll be one closer once your boy opens his wallet :laughing:

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Jon - stick me on the wait list for next year. May be able to come down if you are desperate this year but was really a case of not being able to afford both this and Challengers this year (not just the £100 it’s travel and accommodation too). If you’re still low on space in a month or two I may still change my mind.

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Afternoon all !
Just giving this thread a bump as a lot of the TFP people have been focussed on the ‘Kraken’ dynasty draft which has now completed. To confirm:
1 - we have enough people who have signed up and paid in, that the league will be definitely going ahead
2 - all previous team managers and folks on the waiting list have had a chance to sign up, so the league is now open to all-comers, first come first served.
3 - Noel and I will be chasing possible sign ups in a few different areas over the summer - with 3 months to the draft day we have plenty of time, but it’d be nice to get the league filled early so that we can turn our attention to planning the social side of the weekend!

Let me know if you are interested :smiley:


Hi Jon

I’m afraid I will be away on the draft date this year so won’t be able to make it. A real shame but happy hopefully the date will work next year and I can join back in.


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