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'TFP ORIGINALS' 2016 - offline £100 Money League

I thought I would get this going - will do all the rules and things later with agreed adjustments just have people asking to go on a waiting list and all manner of other things and everyone seems to think their first refusal so to avoid arguments am making this the OFFICIAL place where the waiting list is kept along with a list of current GM’s. If you are not showing on this list then for whatever reason you never asked to go on it officially or maybe got taken off as you went in to a joint team or something - so need to ask to be re-added if you really want to be a sole GM of a team. However this is the order and that’s that. If the list gets big enough (I would say 10+) then someone is welcome to do a copy cat league and run it themselves - I would not be mad at all and not consider it poaching as tbh I am maxed out with the 6 leagues I run currently and possibly will be joining in JonCartwright’s new one to make 7 leagues and then I have all the other NFL games I run so am kind of maxed out!

If you want to do it under the banner of being a TFP league then best run that via Adam as we care about our reputation here, so this may only be granted if someone known to us here on TFP - an Original or regular we have met. If not then not to worry just don’t use TFP in the Leagues name - but we will still help you all the way sharing rule sets we use and you can clearly see the prize positions we pay out in our Originals league by logging on to this thread when I get it done for the new season. If you want help importing a draft kit from the US that can be arranged to - it’s not cheap but I think really adds to the look and feel of a live offline-draft.

Saturday 3rd September 2016 - 16 team standard scoring £100 NFL.com random re-draft league
£100 entry @ team x 16.
-£300 set aside for draft kit, winners ring or trophy (winners prerogative) plus a carvery for McBear (helps with draft).

Any way here is the list of current GM’s for 2016 and after the waiting list:


NAME / TFP Username (if member / when known) (area coming from) All info in bold when entry fee paid

1. ROBERT McGREGOR / mconabike - (Dublin, Republic of Ireland)
2. JON CARTWRIGHT / JonCartwright - (Southampton, Hampshire)
3. ALAN ROBERTS / Alan_Roberts - (Leamington Spa, Warwickshire)
4. SEAN CONNORS / Outsiders68 - (Daventry, Northamptonshire)
*5. CHRIS PARKES / eiskrap - (Basingstoke, Hampshire) S/B 1 winner
6. JAMES TAYLOR / jrt55555 - (Bristol)
7. SIMON LIU / TheOnlySimon - (Kingston, Surrey)
8. CHRIS WATERHOUSE / Oselly - (Norwich, Norfolk)
*9. DEAN POOLE / Dean - (Wakefield, Yorkshire) S/B 2 winner
10. ADAM PHILBIN / neonadam - (Kingston, Surrey)
11. NOEL SYMONDS / bluelionman - (Merstham, Surrey)
12. CHRIS JENNINGS / chrisj2812 - (Leamington Spa, Warwickshire)
13. ALAN LOVERIDGE / Asdral225 - (Farnborough, Hampshire)
14. GEORGE BELLHOUSE-EDWARDS / UkDetroit3Lions - (Manchester, Lancashire) & KIERON CONNORS / ??? - (Daventry, Northamptonshire)
15. SHANI SENARATNE / Shani - (Enfield, Middlesex)
16. MARK DIMMOCK / markdimmock812 - (Barnsley, South Yorkshire)


Name / TFP Username - (Location)

1. ANDY SMITH / Rick_Spangle - (Hove, East Sussex) passed on for 2016 [date didn’t work]
2. DREW JOHNSTONE / scrumhalf - (Florida, USA) withdrew for 2016 [date didn’t work]
3. ALAN ZREIK / Alan_Zreik - (Gidea Park, Essex) passed on for 2016 [2 money leagues @ £100 1st year to much]

This year I have planned a group lunch for those that want it prior to draft in same venue - a Roast Carvery is £6.49 a head and so we can all sit together I have booked a table (I said I would get back to them with final numbers so below is a list of those who have committed to this group meal and will arrive by 1:30pm at the latest.

Attending Roast Carvery TFP Originals meal at 13:30 confirmed list

  1. Noel Symonds
  2. Jon Cartwright
  3. Dean Poole
  4. Douglas Hay
  5. Shani Senaratne
  6. Simon Liu
  7. Chris Waterhouse
  8. Adam Philbin
  9. Alan Loveridge
  10. James Taylor
  11. Sean Connors
  12. Chris Parkes
  13. Alan Roberts

Mark from the Whatsapp group has been asking to be on the reserve list since last year.

Obviously not to the right people I see him of late in there saying he was on it but that was a had scratcher to me as I went to various sources where I might of had a waiting list and only one I found had the above 2 on - I’ve not been in that watts app group that long so he not been asking me to add him or going through official channels - he’s not the only one as many others have also done like wise and I have had messages passed to me third hand saying so and so wants to be involved - even Sean said his son should be on the list in watts app the other night but again that was news to me as was never told that once he jumped from my other league and shared a team with George. That’s why I decided to make this thread up - this is now the oracle and I would say to anyone if they are serious and want to be on the waiting list for TFP Originals they post on this thread asking me to add them - they tell me their full name and area of country there based in and I add them. If the list gets big enough I did say I was happy for someone from the waiting list to set up a copy cat league for them all rather than wait years for a space in the original league as lets be honest I don’t see more than 2 drop outs per year - if any at all some years!

If we reach the 32 player mark, would be cool to have 2 x 16 team leagues - basically the original 16 in League One, and a new 16 in League 2, with week 17 of the season used for the head-to-head between the winners of each league (but the winners of week 16 in each league being the real, big prizes, as week 17 is a bit shitty fantasy-wise).

If there is enough call for a second league I will be happy to be the commissioner . It will be a carbon copy of the original league in terms of scoring rules ect.
With a few tweaks around flex position
Draft order
Once the league is up and running that’s league two or the COPYCATS as I will call it.
Then we can gather the owners thoughts more
For this league to work will require support and pushing from those on the waiting list…


As your doing it and we all know you I’m cool and if Adam is to then hopefully can use the TFP fore tag as an officially approved TFP league so perhaps ‘TFP COPYCATS’ or something similar for the league name.

I will certainly help with recruiting as I did field some serious interest from people for my TFP ULTIMATES league which in the end failed to get off the ground but some of those that was seriously interested did indicate to me they preferred the format of TFP Originals so should be well up for this copy cat league. Fact is some only withdrew as my TFP Ultimates draft date didn’t suit them due to other commitments. Will defo try t re-establish contact with them to let them know about this venture.

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Yep, all seems like a great plan!

Though might be worth giving it a more equal name… An AFC to the original’s NFC, an Eastern to the Western conference, etc - something that sounds a bit less B Team :smile:


More like the old AFL - NFL.

TFP Rivals? TFP Challengers?

The New Originals

(bonus point if anyone gets the film reference!)

No but I’ve heard of The New Avengers.

Stick me on the waiting list please Noel. I’m Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

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I’ve added you buddy.

Hi I’m Jon’s friend and was wondering if I could be added to the waiting list please. My name is Alan Zreik and I’m from Romford, Essex.

Hi Alan,


While it’s up to the commissioner to put you on the waiting list (which I am sure he will) I thought I should just let you know that there has been so much interest in this league that one of our community members has set up similar league called the challenger league. It’s picking up nicely and will get you involved in a great league this year. There is a thread in this forum all about it, check it out if interested fella.

Welcome aboard

Here are some details about the second league we have set up so people don’t have to wait.

It drafts on 6/08/2016 at noon on that day.

If you have questions please ask.

It’s filling quickly

And enjoy our community.

Thanks @Outsiders68 and @CitrusPlayer, I’ll take a look!

Sorry Alan been taking a break in the off season - concentrating on fantasy games on other sports - but certainly will add you to the list unless you have found enough other leagues now in which case just ask me take you back off if you no longer want in to this one.

Do we have a confirmed date for the 2016 game yet…and two replacements for Anders & Gordon?

Date was confirmed long ago buddy - Saturday 3rd September 2016 - and don’t sweat the replacements as waiting list is bigger than two spaces so when the times right I’ll get stuff nailed down - trying my best to get a Premier League live draft re-boot off the ground but alas last years champ - Jon Cartright just has to be unavailable for my proposed date of July 30th for it and I can’t knock it back a week as Jon pointed out that’s Seans NFL Challengers draft date August 6th. :unamused:

You up for a live face to face fantasy Premier League draft game Dean (I sent a proposal e-mail out to all in my BLMFG contacts list that I thought might have an interest in such a thing but not many responders yet)?