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TFP AUCTION DRAFT - (Year 3) online £50 Money League (2017)

The interest I have had from people telling me this was one of their favourite leagues or their only auction league has been incredible. So much so I think a few people mooted doing their own spin off ones (as they were so keen to get started).

Therefor TFP Auction Draft (year 3) is a go.

Pretty much same rules as last year - all players that were involved last year have auto right of return should they want to play again. If anyone drops out or draft date / time does not suit I’ll invite people off the waiting list first in Chronological order and then finally if any spaces still league will be open to anyone who’s willing to pay entry fee prior to draft night.

This is a money league with same entry fee as last year - £50 per team - so a serious proposition.

Sticking to using NFL.com’s default settings last season seemed to work okay for everything from scoring to roster positions with the exception we used WAB points for the waiver wire so propose the same again for this year. However this can be debated here in this thread and if need be some polls put up for some tweaks - like the setting used to decide tie-breaks.

The only change I made last season to the NFL.com default settings was going with a Waiver Acquisition Budget regards free agents.

This season I have amended the Defense / Special Teams scoring with regards to ‘Team Def 2-point Return’ as the NFL made this rule change in the real game so am just catching up with that in our fantasy leagues - it’s worth the same as in the real game - 2-points.

I hope the league will remain the same size as last year and as such will have 16 entrants in 4 divisions of 4 that will be randomly drawn by me - I will most likely make a video or use an online randomising service.

All settings currently being used in this league can be viewed here: TFP Auction league settings

DRAFT - 9pm UK time (4pm US ET) Wed. Sep. 6th.

  • Sunday 3rd Sep 9pm UK time (4pm US ET)
  • Tuesday 5th Sep 7:30pm UK time (2:30pm US ET)
  • Tuesday 5th Sep 9:00pm UK time (4pm US ET)
  • Wednesday 6th Sep 7:30pm UK time (2:30pm US ET)
  • Wednesday 6th Sep 9:00pm UK time (4pm US ET)
  • Thursday 7th Sep 7:30pm UK time (2:30pm US ET)
  • Thursday 7th Sep 9:00pm UK time (4pm US ET)

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So below is a list of those who sign up for this year and when they have paid they will be moved up the list on that basis and bolded - to show they have paid.

EDIT - Entry fee to be paid before live draft please - so anyone who has not paid by midnight Tuesday September 5th (going into Wednesday September 6th) could be deleted from the league and not be taking part. Also as this league needs an even number of teams to work should this mean an odd number of teams are left unfortunately I may have to knock the last team to have paid out as well - should this happen I will refund their entry fee naturally but them the breaks and so the fairest way to do it imho is the last to pay is the one who gets knocked. Just so you all know.

TFP £50 Online Auction Draft League

Sign Up List (Bolded when paid)

NAME (team name) / TFP Username

  1. Noel Symonds (Shak Attack) / bluelionman
  2. Wesley Lang (Auction No Scope Sniper) / Fragilezim
  3. Connor Clark (Glen Rebels) / BIG_C
  4. Daniel Carr (Deflate Me FC) / otleyroad
  5. Alan Roberts (T1tsburgh Feelers) / Alan_Feelers
  6. David Garcia Fernandez (The Knights of Santiago) / David_Garcia_Fernand
  7. David Dean (Harry the Hitmans Heros) / ccfcchris
  8. Robert McGregor (Viking City) / mconabike
  9. Iain Morris (Mozza’s Mob) / Mozza_19
  10. Gary Johnson (They are we thought they were) / ???
  11. Dean Poole (Warden Of The North) / Dean
  12. Nicholas McKay (Red Kites) / ndmckay
  13. Mark Dimmock (Coventry Packers) / markdimmock812
  14. Sean Connors (VooDoo Dolls) / Outsiders68

Further Info:

Waiver Acquisition Budget (WAB) - Each team is allotted a seasonal budget. This seasonal budget is the amount of points that each team has at their disposal to bid on available players. The team with the highest bid wins that player and is charged the amount of WAB points that they bid to obtain the player. If you bid on a player, but lose to a higher bid, you do not forfeit the amount of points that you bid. All of the WAB points that you bid will be returned to your seasonal budget. In the event of a tie, the team with higher waiver priority will win the bid. For more information, visit: Waiver Acquisition Budget (WAB)

PRIZES - assuming we have 16 teams then same as last year:

Winner - £400
Runner Up - £200
Third - £100
Fourth - £50
Highest Weeks Score - £50

Total - £800

TFP Auction Draft Official waiting list

OFFICIAL WAIT LIST (If you are sure you want in to this money league then ask to go on this official waiting list and when a current member leaves or hits 3 strikes or more the first person on the list will be offered the chance to claim that spot for the next season and so on down the list):

Name / TFP Forum Name (season started on waiting list for)

  1. Ian Jones (Kicker Conspiracy) / falbravo / (for 2018 season)
  2. Andy Smith (???) / Rick_Spangle / (for 2018 season)
  3. Chris Waterhouse (???) / Oselly / (for 2018 season)
  4. Mike Mark / YellowMoney (2018 season)

Current Vacancies = 3 (for 2017 season)

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Hi Noel, glad this is running as it’s a good league to be involved in. Hoping it falls on my preferred days as I can’t do the Tuesday or Thursday due to work.
Will wait till poll results before sending over joining fee

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Amped for this year as per usual! Would prefer a weekend but as long as it’s not a Tuesday,I’m flexible to make it easier for others!

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Any night bar Wednesday for me

Hi Noel - sorry I left voting so late, wasn’t sure of work patterns. Typically, about half an hour after I voted (for Thursday, the only day possible for me), something’s come up for that night as well, so I won’t be able to make any of the potential draft times. So I’m afraid I’m going to have to give this league a miss this year.

I can´t make it Sunday 3rd, any other day is fine.

May I suggest a poll on wich day we can not make it,
because I can vote on preference but don´t care between multiple days and may be hurting other players.

Thanks for letting me know Andy - will disregard your votes.

That’s an idea David but think it would get confusing - so many polls and were running out of time. Equally if people vote all he ones they can do it kind of does the same thing as I’d be picking the one that works for most players.

Now I have decided to extend the voting by 24hrs as disregarding Andy’s (Rick_Spangle’s) votes the top two options would be tied with 5 votes each.

Am hoping more Prospective GM’s will vote in the next 24 hrs to make a clear winner - thought more players from last year would weigh in with a vote.

Hey Noel. I’ve voted!

Just FYI I didn’t receive an alert / email about this post until 01:30 local time early this morning (so didn’t know about it until this morning proper). That might explain why you haven’t had as many responses as you were expecting?


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Hey Noel, I’m not in this league so i wont vote, but i am next up on the waiting list (i think). If needed I can step in on any date except the sunday. cheers

Edit Cant do Tuesday either.

HI All I intend to participate again so theres another £50 in the pot for you lot!

I voted 9pm Thursday but am available any day except Saturday.

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Hi Noel, can we have a decision on draft date as it’s getting close and we need to know, looks as if Sunday and Thursday are tied

Looks like Thursday is the winner with 70% on the poll

Sorry all I was sorting this out last night at about 1 am when my net went down - every-time I tried to post said server error (frigging Virgin Media) by 3am I gave up and went to bed. Again at 9am this morning still down but now with 30mins before I’m due to leave for work it’s working.

@otleyroad - yes you are indeed correct disregarding Rick_Spangles votes (as he posted he could no longer make it after voting and asked us to discount him) it is indeed a tie.

@Alan_Feelers - see above regards tie.

EDIT - It has been brought to my attention that another TFP league has already been set for this Sunday at the same time so hosting this one then would clash and result in any many GM’s pulling out of this one as can’t really do 2 at the same time. I would of liked to do a run off poll and adjust the time of Sundays option but to be fair there just is not enough time left to do that so reluctantly I agreed with Al to call this one as it stands counting all votes as cast. Not ideal and really need to find a better way next year - but conscious when I try to set up early drafts many people indicated they are not willing to partake in money leagues because of pre-season injuries that draft to early.

Hopefully everyone who’s listed in league from last year can re-confirm if they are in or out now a date and time has been set. I know a few indicated on last years thread they had gone a different direction and was dropping out. I will check who’s confirmed on Sunday and then go recruiting to fill up the vacant spots.

Yeah but with him out doesn’t that put Robert in who can’t make Sunday

Breaking news guys - NFL.com wont let me set a draft for the proposed date/time on the Thursday night - the date is greyed out - I’ve sent them an enquiry as to why as there’s plenty of time before first game but at this point system wont let me - latest time it offers is 1:00am ET on the 7th which would be 6am UK time. No clue how many people would be up that time of morning or be prepared to do a draft before work but as I can’t set the times wanted have no choice but to run a new poll - however time is short so only 3 choices and come what may at midnight tonight will close poll and go with the leading option. Please vote if you want in to this league this year - many from last year will not be coming back so please don’t think you cant vote if not involved last year - this is for this year - and it’s what time works to get max amount of participants - having said that please only vote if you want in and one or more of the options would work for you.

  • Sunday 3rd Sep 6pm UK time (1pm US ET)
  • Wed 6th Sep 9pm UK time (4pm US ET)
  • Thursday 7th Sep 6am UK time (1am US ET)

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Not sure if Thursday at 6am is a mistake. If its a mistake and its an evening time i can do Thursday also.

Thursday 6 am no good I’m afraid

Its not a mistake - I wanted 6pm but NFL.com won’t allow any drafts that day other than the 1am one which I guess they class as night before and is like 24hrs before first game - I dunno why but maybe its to do with being so close to first game they don’t want extra traffic on their site or something but with technology no idea why that’s an issue?

Okay it was close - I am sorry it doesn’t work for all but we have a narrow winner.

Wednesday 6th September - 9pm UK time (4pm US ET)