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SUPER BOWL SQUARES - Super Bowl 50 (£5 Grid)

Super Bowl Squares (S/B 50) - £5 Grid

Due to some requests and my crazy nature for taking on the impossible I have relented and decided to take on doing a £5 squares grid as well as the £2 one. If you need to know how the game works please refer to the £2 Grid thread and read the info there and or watch the videos I have linked in the first post there: Super Bowl Squares £2 Grid Thread

The only difference with this grid is each square is £5 a pop and the prizes are as follows:

1st QTR. - £30
2nd QTR. - £60
3rd QTR. - £120
Final Result - £240

Also the numbering of the grid (rows and columns) will be different to the £2 Grid as it is done randomly. Here is the video of me numbering the £5 Grid:

Randomly Numbering £5 Super Bowl Squares Grid

To buy squares Pay Pal me using this link paypal.me/bluelionman

Just click on it and send the funds that way - DO NOT CHECK THE BOX as if you do PayPal will deduct a fee as it will assume it is a business transaction (and I will then have to chase you for the extra to make good the prize fund).


Grid is now updated with winning boxes if you care to click link at top of this thread (in blue) but the lucky players were:

Quarter 1 - £30 (Denver 10 Carolina 0) - bluelionman
Quarter 2 - £60 (Denver 13 Carolina 7) - macca24
Quarter 3 - £120 (Denver 16 Carolina 7) - Alan_Feelers
Final Result - £240 (Denver 24 Carolina 10) - CitrusPlayer

Sent you a tenner, let me know if sales are struggling and I’ll do what I can to help

Cheers Dean but the best help is spreading the word and vouching for me so if you could tell people you know that like NFL or gambling about the game that would be awesome. Especially contacts I don’t know so people in your other fantasy NFL leagues, bet fair exchange forum people and on threads in NFLUK as the more people that see it the more know about game - post links to thread at TFP. Cheers.

Sent you 20 LM, cheers

How are you getting on with this by the way? I’m happy to tweet it?

In fact, tweet it and I’ll RT it for you!


Stick me down for £20 @bluelionman - and possibly poke me if I haven’t Paypal’d you by Saturday, busy week/month/year at work and a ton of end-of-Jan deadlines plus a baby imminent so I might burst into flames or something.

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Thanks NFLGirlUK I will, only just got this launched today - took some ground work to be ready so kind of kicking off later than would of liked and thus only started selling today so long way to go. Just about to go plugging away now across the internet so will tweet something. :ok_hand:

I have sent money across for both £5 game and £2 game, also have shared with a few other nfluk forum memebers. So let’s get these squares filled up.


@bluelionman have you got any squares left mate? After my success with this last year I think it might be worth a punt once again.


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£2 grid is sold out but £5 grid has plenty of empty squares still (though must point out prize structure is different to what you had last year so please take a look at that first - don’t want you disappointed). :sunglasses:

Hi, can you stick me down for 4 squares and let me know payment details. Cheers

Yeah plenty left right now @Steelers84 (I did reply to you by e-mail). But with less than a week to go am stepping up the pushing of them so hopefully will start to really shift now.

Can you stick me down for 2 squares please mate. I’ll have a look if still got payment details from last year if that’s ok?


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Sweet and if you not got details my PayPal pay-me link is included in first post. :sunglasses:

Hey dude, put me down for tenner please dude, I’ve sent money but forgot to add note, let me know if not clear which one is my payment. shame I won’t actually get to see ya this year cos of cancelled superbash.


Nice one shaggytrist I got payment fine - will get a work colleague to draw your squares later today at work and update when I get home on the online grid. :sunglasses:

Shaggy - I think there’s a spare going at HippoBash, would be good to see you there buddy

Hey Steelers84 not seen anything in my PayPal from you yet?

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Hi Noel,

Sorry about that. I have just checked and it did not go through for some reason… Wonderful technology. I have re sent it now and it should be there soon.

Really sorry about that.

Just had a check buddy - still nothing in my PP from you - you sure your using my PP link or using correct e-mail addy?

edit - Actually is your surname Brown?

If so then I got it… I mistook it as being for something else from someone else - comes with the territory with a common name - have three David Browns in my contact list now. :neutral_face: