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Super Bowl 2015

So it’s decided - the New England Patriots face the Seattle Seahawks at Superb Owl 59.

Looks like the bookies think Seattle are the slight favourites (at 1.87 whilst New England are 1.95). Personally I think the Patriots are the stronger team and the guys I’d put my money on. Seattle have the two-in-a-row thing going in their favour, but New England just have a way better offense and an equally rock solid defense. Plus Belichick is clearly evil and will find a way to win it.

Suspect the Seahawks will be playing in a home field advantage situation with the game in Arizona. Similar to the Pittsburgh-Seattle Superbowl in Detroit where the Steelers had a distinct home field advantage. Phoenix is only a hop skip and jump from Seattle and all those 12’s will be taking advantage cheap airline tickets.

I fancy Seattle myself but after the last round of games not confident at all!

I’m with Adam on this one. The Pats look really strong and if Sherman is a bit injured and does play 100% I think Seattle is going to suffer. The Hawks just didn’t look themselves in the last game and it should have been a clear win for the Packers. Having said that, it’s the SB and anything can happen … flat balls or not!

Seahawks aren’t going to turn it over five times again, and the fact they can do that and win makes them favourites for me. I don’t think any other team would have come through that. I can see Lynch being a big impact and Seahwaks winning 24-14.

Plus I can’t get behind any Belichick team!!!

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I’m quite surprised that the Seahawks are favourites, as I strongly favour the Pats.

Seahawks look like a team that you can effectively game plan for, and there is no-one better at devising a game plan for a specific opponent that the guy in the hoodie. He will draw up a plan to stuff the run, contain Wilson in the pocket, and make him pass through them from there … and I don’t think he will do it.

It’s by no means a walkover, of course not, but it’s looking like a game too far for the 2014 Seahawks, whereas the Patriots are getting better and better.

I’m gonna be on the Pats, probably take an alternate spread and go with them -6 or so

I’ll be on the Pats - for the sake of the sweepstake ticket with their name on it that I bought from Bluelionman at the start of the season!

You should of taken that draw as a sign and put a few quid on them… maybe next year whomever you draw… lol!

The Pats win, & comfortably. Seattle’s D will get shreaded by Brady & Gronk. They won’t get any gifts from Belichick, he’ll go for the throat.

New England needs to watch out for the “Pedestrians with Attitude”. Seattle players will have a rather large chip on their shoulder. While the Patriots may have gadget man as a coach, they have shown the last few visits to this game that they don’t have the same drive as their opponents. While I believe the game will be close, Brady will have another receiver failure a la Wes Welker to let the side down and lose.

@scrumhalf - I hope your right Drew - I’m scarred but still gonna go with my gut and plonk for the Hawks plus back them to the hilt money wise!