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Short NFL Tour Stateside

Just wondered if anyone has done this, and who they booked it through.

There seem to be a few “Sports Tours” companies out there, although as yet, I haven’t found exactly what I’m after. Sports Travel do a Thanksgiving Tour, which hasn’t been announced for 2015 yet, but I think last year it was about 10 days covering 2 weekends of Games as well as Thanksgiving.

Well, I have a degree of leeway with the missus, but 10 days is a bit on the hefty side. 5-7 days would be ideal, starting with a TNF, going through to a MNF game, with a Sunday game as well. Throw in some Friday Night Lights, and a Saturday College game to make it a PERFECT trip.

Anyone done something like this, and who did they book it with. Or has anyone seen this sort of package, and is thinking about doing it?

I’m going to head over to the States around October for a couple of weeks, probably as a Man vs Food road trip but with a couple of NFL games along the way too. Plan was just go buy tickets on Stubhub or whatever. Only wondering if I should delay it till November to catch some NBA games too…

I not been over since 2012 - but before then I went every year for over 10 years straight but I always did it independently - don’t believe in paying a middle man plus was on a budget so I did it from the back packing stand point using hostels and last few years when net became big new things like couch-surfing etc. Great fun - though could do all the same but use hotels instead these days - just shop around for cheapest flights once you have worked out what dates you want to go and what games / events you want to see and work from there. Contact the teams direct and see if they will play ball as your from overseas - they may sell you a ticket direct as a one off… if not then try those secondary sites. However book your flights first ASAP and then search around for accommodation to suit your budget and requirements (standard).

I am happy to help if you go that route. I have travelled inside the US extensively flying, Greyhound busses, Mega-Buses and Amtrak - where there’s a will there’s a way.

Gordon, myself and a friend of mine are flying to D.C. the day before Thanksgiving. We’re going to have a nice turkey platter and watch all three Thanksgiving games at a sports bar. The following Sunday we’re then going to watch the Skins kick Giants’ arse - it’s going to be the RGIII show. We’ll fly home the following day on the A380 (can’t wait -let’s hope there are available seats) and land in Heathrow early Tuesday morning. All in all a 6 day trip.

sweet Jesus, its really happening… already got our amazing game tickets… although I still need to pay for mine ; )

I think the phrase “well jell” is appropriate here. Hope you have a great time guys.

lol @ “well jell”…

We may end up doing it ourselves. The games I’m looking at trying to take in are:

Packers @ Lions - Thursday Night
Colts @ Steelers - Sunday Night
Cowboys @ Redskins - Monday Night.

But what I have absolutely no idea about is what it is like getting to and from the stadiums? Is it like being at Wembley with decent public transport to jump onto, or is it like coming out of Millwall, and looking over your shoulder at South Bermondsey wondering who is about to wander up to you, while all sensible fans have jumped in their cars and driven home.

Anyone been to Ford, Heinz or FedEx Field, and can give me a heads-up on what it is like getting to and from the stadiums?

I haven’t but have been to lots of other stadiums and it’s always easy as he’ll they generally lay on special buses at the minimum America is just very well organised at getting to games

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I have been to FedEx Field and it’s very easy to get to from D.C. Just get the metro to Morgan Boulevard Station on the Silver or Blue Line and there’s a pleasant walk up to the stadium (less than a mile). Make sure you go early so you can enjoy the very friendly tailgate party - when we went we mixed with home and away fans and without any problems what-so-ever. They also have an excellent Redskins shop at the stadium - lots of things that you can’t always get online.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Out of them 3 only been to Ford Field (many times - last time 2012). Now it all depends where your coming from as the stadium is in downtown Detroit so walkable from anywhere downtown and pretty safe (don’t believe the hype) downtown is really quite safe imho - rule of thumb don’t cross any bridges over highways on foot and ya be fine - ya be fine doing that also (I have) but at night that’s like a natural border for downtown as you have I95 and I75 plus the Detroit River as natural borders - other side of river is Canada. Are you staying in a hotel in Detroit of just coming in for the game and if so how - Greyhound station is a bit of a walk and last time I was there a bit far out now as it’s run down - the casino over there closed and a bit grotty so best get a cab. Mega Bus sets down at Rosa Parks bus terminus so that’s fine and walkable. Amtrak that’s a bit out of downtown and looks a horrid area especially at night so again from there get a bus for a few dollars or if not wanting to wait about get a cab. The airport - Detroit Metro - bus don’t run late at night anymore (last time I was there) but day time and early evening you can get a SMART bus all the way to downtown for £1.50 though as it stops all over the place and goes through many malls and neighbourhoods think it takes about 1h 45mins from airport to last stop in Downtown.

#125 Detroit Metro - downtown

Really if you can let me know where your setting off from then I can advise better - if driving many lots in downtown to park in but they ramp up the prices on event days and you could easy spend $40 or $50 bucks - nearer the stadium more folks charge - it’s private people doing what they can to make a buck… and they max it out. Lastly there is the Detroit People Mover that does like a 2.5mile loop of downtown so if you park anywhere near a station then it’s only like 50cents to ride it and you can get off at Grand Circus Park (nearest station) but really any station from Greek Town onwards is all easily walkable to the stadium - Ford Field and Comerica Park (baseball) are next to each other so follow signs for either.


We have tickets, we’re GOING!

We have changed the week and therefore the games, opting to go Week 10:

Weds : London to New York
TNF : New York (Bills @ Jets)
Train down to Washington.
Sunday 1pm : Washington (Saints @ Redskins)
Then taking in an internal flights to Ohio for;
MNF : Cincinnati (Texans @ Bengals).
Then back to NY for
Weds : Fly back to New York to London

Ruddy marvellous. All that is FIXED thus far is game tickets and transatlantic flights, so any pointers / tips / general advise you good people can offer would be greatly appreciated regarding getting to and fro stadiums, where in the cities are good, bad, or simply MUST be avoided, or not to be missed.

Sunday we are in Washington for the 1pm game, so if anyone has a recommendation for the evening, such as a Sports Bar to catch the late game, that would be PERFECT.

All VERY exciting.

Looks like I’ll be going to the states for a week in September (probably game week 1, but maybe week 2/3, or if the work schedule’s manic, mid-Oct). Can’t quite decide whether to see the Chiefs @ Texans or Giants @ Cowboys if it’s week 1, but basically intending to head over to Texas, maybe with a stop off in Miami on the way over.

The longer road trip I was planning for Oct/Nov might have to be postponed awhile due to various events.

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For New York games if you go to the Port Authority in Manhattan you can buy return coach fare and specially laid on coaches take you out to the Meadowlands and bring you back. Last one leaves coming back I think about 45mins after end of game.

Also planning an NFL trip in October with some CFL flavour :-

Have flights booked to arrive in Toronto on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, so will be able to soak up the thanksgiving experience and watch the CFL thanksgiving games at sensible times!

Then the next weekend travelling down to the US for NFL Week 6 - going to NYC and have tickets for Washington Redskins @ NY Jets on the Sunday, then hopping over to Philly on the Monday and have tickets for the MNF game NY Giants @ Philly Eagles (my first live Eagles game so psyched for that!)

Then back up to Toronto and have tickets for a CFL game on the Friday - Montreal Alouettes @ Toronto Argonauts (my CFL team).

Roll on autumn!

Top tip, thanks! That sounds ideal. Does it just run from the one central pick-up point, or are there pick-up points across the city?

No just to / from there but I haven’t been since 2011 it was same in 2002 though when I went to old stadium. Port Authority is like a transport hub has subway station and bus terminus in it greyhound etc.

Noel - do you have to book tickets / pay in advance for the shuttle bus or do you literally just rock up and jump on the bus?

They must have a website these days but no times I done it (3 different times) just turn up find correct windows selling coach tickets and queue up and pay cash - loads of people do same so follow jerseys or ask fans.

The other thing your notice is when your on the coach you go over the New Jersey Turnpike like in the beginning credits of The Sopranos! :oncoming_bus: