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Places to watch the NFL in London

Originally posted by Gordon on the old forum

A quiet day in the office today, here is a list of places that show NFL action and that otherwise seem half appropriate. There are obviously other bars, cafe’s and clubs that stay open late but those that I have found did not list showing sports on big screens as a selling point so are not included…

Rileys (re-opened)

80 Haymarket
London SW1Y 4TE
0207 9300 393

Will email me some details, they suggest booking a table and generally close at 3am on sunday mornings but can run later.

The Hoop & Grapes

80 Farringdon Street
0207 3538808

Anders & myself tested this place out mid season, it advertises itself as a big multi screen sports pub with a great beer garden. The truth is it is a small, poor mans wetherspoons and it has only has 2 screens which are standard size and the beer garden is a far cry from anything amzing or beautiful. That said the beer was good, the foood was good, the staff were super friendly and the prices were fair. We sat out in the beer garden which we had to ourselves on the Sunday night so we ramped up the TV sound. It was good foor 2/3 guys but a bigger group might find it annoying and on a Saturday night I would expect the garden to be too busy to enjoy the game. They will stay open for 9-30pm games on Sunday nights but not for the late late games.

Number 1 bar
1 Duke Street Hill
London Bridge
London SE1 2SW

I have never been on the basis of them point blank refusing to entertain the prospect of turning up the volume unless we have a huge group. At least they were honest when I called.

Belushis and The Dugout

161-165 Borough High Street
London Bridge
London SE1 1HR

I have to say that I would like to try this place some time, I dont know why other than online adverts suggest that the NFL is big burgers for this place, they apparently stay open until 4am and I guess possibly stay open until the late late games finish. The one problem is that when I call them, I keep getting through to somebody who is either inept or is too busy licking the chocolate of the finger that just came out of their own ass to answer any of my simple questions.

Maple Leaf

41 Maiden Lane
Covent Garden
London WC2E 7LJ

This place sounds great, apparently it has a great atmosphere and food but it only stays open until midnight.

Jetlag Sports Bar

125 Cleveland Street
London W1T 6QB

I would like to test out this sports bar, the name however is a red herring… the place keeps standard open hours so would not accomodate our need for late games. Apparently they do stay open for bigger events like the superbowl.

The Carlsberg bar at the empire casino

5-6 Leicester Square
London WC2H 7NA
020 3627 0425

We tested this place out, a good location and a single v large screen for good viewing and some seriously hot chickken wings!! On the night we went (a Thursday) it was busy with drunk young folk, a french group mainly who made a bunch of noise to the point that we could not hear much of the game sound until they went. Its a good venue as its 24 hours and has a single huge screen. There is a bank of about 10 seats right in front of the screen, if we booked those seats it would be ideal.

The Hippodrome

Cranbourn Street, Leicester Square
London WC2H 7JH
Open 24 hours
020 7769 8888

3 screens that I know of, maybe more. One of which sits in a room much like a small cinema and the screen is extra large. Aother by the busy bar and yet another tucked away in a different room. It has been said that it is a busy place, true but assuming we can get there early’ish and secure good seats or book some seats this is up there with any of the above Its open 24 hours.

Forgot to mention the sports bar and grill at Piccadilly, we tested this out a couple of times now, as did Mcgrrrooowl. Its a great venue but it does shut at about midnight. Due to its location this is not a huge problem as other late night venues are within a stones throw… Nice ribs…

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Are any of you guys going to Superbash for the Superbowl? I can get a cheap train down if I book within the next few days

I’ll be going if I can get tickets, which is always a bit tricky for the Superbash.

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I don’t think I’ll be going, as I’ll struggle to get the Monday off work. Will still try to get a ticket through nfluk to give to Noel to pass on if possible

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Are there any additional venues in and around London (Kent?) that you know of who are showing the Superbowl - other than the O2 of course.

You would imagine that more places would show the Superbowl than regular NFL games, but in the past I’ve always been amazed at how few places spot the opportunity to make a special event of it.

One I know about is the Tuesday Morning Football Super Bowl party at Bloomsbury lanes.

I’d have considered going there if I wasn’t going to the Super Bash. Generally there’s a few places around Leicester Square and Marylebone that are pretty much guaranteed to be showing the Super Bowl, like the Sports Bar & Grill.

There is a Sports Bar and Grill at Victoria Station … I wonder if they are showing it.

That would be very handy, especially if they stayed open, allowing people to drink all the way through until the 1st train rattled out of Victoria on the Monday.

always the Hippodrome too of course

Yeah, I know. I just find it surprising that places that don’t normally show the NFL don’t spring up and make a bit of killing on Superbowl night (apologies to any Ray Lewis fans out there, no pun intended).

You would think loads of places would show it for that one night only. I regularly intend to travel up to town to watch a game, but in the end it feels just a bit too far to watch it on telly with a bunch of strangers, and decide on my sofa instead.

Just hoped somewhere closer to home (DA13) would show the Superbowl.

I know what you mean, spent two years at Uni watching in my room alone, before they decided to do a super bowl event at the SU last year which was great, think more and more will start having events as it grows here

Just to update this - the Sports bar and grill at “Marlyebone” is the only one in the chain to stay open for the late late games…