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Online NFL Fantasy Draft

I hope I’m not stepping on anyones toes here, but can’t seem to find a online NFL fantasy draft so was looking to start my own.

Hoping for 8-12 teams, £20-£30 Entry, standard scoring using NFL.com fantasy site.

Looking to draft a week or so before the season starts.

Just looking to see if there was any interest, or if someone would mind me jumping in their money league.




I’d join an online draft league most definitely. +1

Hi Mike, Malc - I was planning to set up an online fantasy league shortly, as my original plan to host a live draft here in southampton fell through. Intention was to have 14 teams (so we all play each other team once over 13 weeks - then a 3 week play off). Was aiming at 20 or 25 quid entry.

Im happy to set up and commission if you guys are interested, i would advertise on this site to find other players. Draft would be online one evening during pre season and would be on the nfl.com fantasy site. Probably cant find time to organise this for a couple of weeks yet though

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Count me in guys

Assuming I’m available when you draft can count me in.

Hi Jon,

That sounds good to me, happy to join your league.
The one I play at the moment has 2 flex positions (WR/RB & WR/RB/TE) not sure how other people feel about that.

I’m happy with £25 entry


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Awesome - i was intending one Rb/WR and one WR/TE, but I am sure we can sort something out to suit everyone. I will alert everyone on this thread in a couple of weeks when i get this started

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Excellent. £25 quid sounds good. I’m easy on rosters, will go with the majority. :slight_smile:

I’m in and welcome to the tfp

Jon - I’m already committed in too many leagues but happy to vouch for you as a reliable Commissioner who can be trusted :thumbsup:


Same as Dean, I’m already over committed with Sean’s league and my recently added ffpc league. I am sure you will do a great job guys and it will be a great contest im sure.


Put my name down please, the sooner the draft the better. Got itchy feet for fantasy football

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OK, so just to confirm to all -

  • I will post suggested details of a league format, price, possible draft dates, on this thread, in the next week or two, when I have a free evening to do it justice.
  • It will certainly be small stakes and drafting online in late August / early September, but this thread will give us a chance to fine tune the rules of the game to suit us all
  • Once we are agreed, I will set up the league on NFL.com and at that point will also open up the league to other people who are interested

Looks like we have half a dozen in for this game after half a day’s chat, so I am sure we will have enough interest to run this league :thumbsup:


Great stuff jon

I second (and copy) Dean’s words literally “Jon - I’m already committed in too many leagues but happy to vouch for you as a reliable Commissioner who can be trusted”

@JonCartwright - I hope perhaps you try again next year your Bargate Bowl idea but think to pull it off you need to advertise it now - put the feelers out to people as they pop up looking for leagues - that way you find the people now and forewarned them to clear their slates so they can plan for next years attendance. I came across someone from your neck of the woods in a group or forum looking for a live draft so I sent him to your cancelled Bargate Bowl thread telling him to post as you may look to do it again next year if the people was there but alas seems he didn’t do that (post)… but it’s kind of lay the ground work now for finding the players then build it with confidence next off season.

Also for those that was in it I will re-run the £50 Online Auction Draft TFP league I did last season via here on NFL.com and think there may be 1 or 2 spaces.

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cant join but as others have mentioned that Jon is top notch and would endorse any league he gets going

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Keen to join if there is still space?


Plenty of space. Keep an eye out on here the next couple of weeks and Jon will provide details.

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Count me in guys!


Hi Lee. Welcome to the tfp and there should be plenty of room

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