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Ok biggest surprises of the draft "originals league"

What was the biggest surprise in the draft looking at the board to you!.,

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For me it would have been Randle round 2… but since it was Adam, I’ll go Rodgers with your 1st pick

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Actually I’ve changed my mind, I’ll go with Demarco going off the board at 6

It was us taking CJ Anderson in the first, and then both of us saying it was the other one who wanted him to everyone who asked why.

I think Charles Johnson and Tevin Coleman for my money.

In terms of team rostering, I was and still am very surprised by how many teams picked up multiple TE’s. For me it’s the most throwaway position this year (even more so since we can’t flex them) and the guys under the top 3 or 4 (maybe even under just Gronk), let alone under the top 16 are all so negligible in their difference and ceilings.

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So if you draft two and get one that pops then you have an advantage over most of the other teams. Plus last year it was hard to pick up a free agent TE that would get you more than 2/3 points…

Understand your viewpoint but think there are a couple of ways of looking at it.

That’s true of anyone on your bench that pops, difference is the ceiling of a WR/RB that pops is likely to be much higher and we can use them in mulitiple starting spots

How do I dislike a post? :hushed:

Lol Gordon I’m not saying he won’t do well just surprised me.

I agree Charles is a projection pick, my thinking was…

8 in the box with Teddy on fire, the guy has size, speed, hands and up side… I will accept 1100 and 8 TDs, its possible he goes higher tho.

Coleman was an early 4th round pick on my board, the guy has it… just not at altitude :grinning:

I love when people have a strong feeling about a player and are prepared to back their judgement. I hope he works out for you mate.

I said it before dude, if we all had the same opinions and therefore draft boards the game would be boring, each to their own :wink:

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I had the same feelings about C Patterson last season however :disappointed_relieved:

The number of defences and kickers going before the last two rounds

Yep exactly mate. I will actually be rooting for him to do well, unless you’re playing us

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To answer the original question…

I was surprised by the following…

Quick being drafted before Britt!

That anybody would draft a Panthers runner this season!

That Cutler got drafted at all!

… Love a spicy division :hushed: :kissing_heart: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I hope it’s not the same feeling you have about Karlos Williams :pensive:

For my money I picked Rogers above luck because that’s how I view them plus from a fantasy perspective.
I felt if I could get him and Cobb together it could be fantasy gold!!
I did say could only time will tell on that.

Karlos was my number 1 sleeper, I just cant see McCoy taking the beating that division will give him… hate that I had to let him go.