NFL - SUPER BOWL CHALLENGE 2023 (£10 Money League)

Link to game site (without committing to my league) : SUPER BOWL CHALLENGE

The NFL post season is almost here and this is a game I came across in 2018 and have done annually ever since (and will continue to do so until such time as it disappears). It is just a prediction bracket game. You fill it in before the playoffs start and that’s it (though you can come back between rounds and change your picks if you want - but this negates your times (x) bonus.

Here’s a quick video that explains how to play the game:

The game is free to play but allows you to make up private leagues so you can compete just amongst your friends. So, I have taken this opportunity to make up my own private money league for those who like to play games for money. If you would like to join my money league it is £10 to enter and is Winner Takes All - however should more than one player finish joint top - points wise, then the prize pot will be equally divided by all those who tie for the greatest number of points scored after the Super Bowl. I spell this out specifically here as I discovered last year the game site uses a non-skill tie-breaker to split positions arbitrarily using nothing more than who entered first which I do not think is fair. So, in my private money league it is a tie if you finish on the same number of points.

If you don’t know how to pay me just contact me via PM (private message) from here (TFP Forum) and include your e-mail addy so I can send payment deets directly to you.

Anyone who has not paid their entry fee by the end of Saturday night’s Wild Card games on January 14, 2023 will be deleted from this money league and not eligible to win the prize pot (and added to my welchers list here: BLM Fantasy Money Games WELCHERS).

Be careful the following link will add you into my private money league…

Join WINNER TAKES ALL - £10 Money League

In case the link to put you into my league doesn’t work then my leagues manual details are as follows:

Good Luck.

bluelionman / Noel Symonds

Fan Pub Founding Member

My Money League History for this game


2018 (S/B 52) - NOEL SYMONDS - bluelionman - 46 - £60
2019 (S/B 53) - ANDY SMITH - Rick_Spangle - 18 - £30
2020 (S/B 54) - MICHAEL MARK - YellowMoney - 34 - £100
2021 (S/B 55) - CHRIS CARR - 32 - £120
*2022 (S/B 56) - {*Tied} JON CARTWRIGHT - JonCartwright - 28 - £45
… - {*Tied} JORDAN ALLAWAY - 28 - £45

To let people know state of play I will bold and American Football :football: you when I have received payment for your entry:


bluelionman - Noel S : bluelionman :football:

ukarrowhead - Jon C / JonCartwright :football:

brfcfan - Barry J / brfcfan :football:

paulie bedders - Paul B / pauliebedders :football:

Killermancarro - Chris C :football:

The Donothings - Daniel H :football:

JordanA24 - Jordan A :football:

duenni - Andy D / duenni :football:

DeanWestYorks - Dean P / Dean :football:

Sam Dev - Sam D / s.devereux :football:

MikeYellow - Michael M / YellowMoney :football:

delstone - Dale E / Delstone :football:

markp - Mark P :football:

I am ok with Rihanna. She will put on a good show and has nice catalog to draw from. My only surprise is that she (I don’t think) has a new album out. She has doing fashion stuff so that fits well with a lavish Super Bowl 2023 show as well.

@nourontao Always good to see new peeps here but not sure this post will get much response here as not about the fantasy game this thread is advertising - try American Sports Talk.

Or for live chats check out TFP’s Discord server: TFP Discord :football:

Country restrictions won‘t let me join this league! Does anybody know how VPN works?

Yeah it changes your ISP address to show you as being in another geographic location - so you would set it to GB/UK and then when its active load the site and the site will think your in GB/UK.

How does VPN work?

There are paid services out there with live support and free ones. Just do an internet searchg and ask people you trust what they use. Some browsers even have free ones these days - think Firefox does.

Try getting on TFP Discord channel and asking the guys their to help you as some of them work in computers and are whizzes with tech stuff - if you need some help. I am sure they will school you - myself I just do an internet search for free VPN’s and read about differnt ones - then try some find one that works for me - trial and error.

I joined

Can i enter more than one team?

@duenni - no afraid not pal.

I fell asleep last night at half time during the late game feeling assured my pick of the Chargers was vindicated, woke up with about 8 mins to go in the game to watch the Chargers miss a FG and the Jags looking like the Chargers did before I fell asleep. Sickner! :sob:

:football: Prize Conformation :football:

Okay all, I can confirm we had 13 entrants this year and all have paid so it’s £130 in the prize fund for either the winner or to be shared amongst the winner(s) if there’s a tie points wise when all is said and done!

I can login to this game but all my picks have disappeared and so has the league I signed upto?

Anyone else having the same issue?

I can still sign in fine, and can see that you are currently in first place, Barry !

I just checked after seeing this post and my picks are fine and league is there and I’m almost last - 11th out of 13. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Maybe try a differnt browser - but if you can recall who you picked to win Super Bowl and they still there it won’t matter as ya picks will be saved. But for piece of mind maybe send them a message - after all looks like the same jokers that messed up my entry in the Weekly Pick’em that cost me cashing!

Cheers Guys, I will try again tomorrow but still no joy on my phone , hope the laptop will work.

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Tried accessing it on my mobile phone, laptop, using Microsoft Edge, IE and Chrome and still nothing.

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Have you tried clearing your cache, cookies and what not - will be a pain in the butt doing this as it will forget you at many webpages and such but could solve this?

Also try contacting them for help here: Contact Us (if form loads as it’s also a part of the games website).

Been in contact with them for 2 weeks. Still not got access and contact has dried up.

I am fucking livid with them. Not playing these games ever again with these incompetent twats.

Sorry Noel. You do a great job mate.


Is there anyone else you trust you can give your login details to who can try login to your account for you from another location?

Hi mate I have tried that already.

It’s the lack of response that pisses me off.