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NFL Spreadex Super Challenge - Year 3

I’ll be playing again this season and plan to monitor and report on the game each week again. Is anyone else playing?

I think the Live Draft crew plan to enter as the ‘The Fantasy Pub’ Entry, sharing the cost of entry and hopefully winnings again at the end of the season.

Me and @Alan_Feelers and @markdimmock812 are doing a shared entry.
If a group on here are keen to do a group entry like last year, then I would get in on that, and I have a space if you need an account through which each to make an entry (each spreadex account can enter twice, and I am currently only using my account for one entry)

I lost so much money gambling I’ve really tried to cut down - almost had managed to give up entirely till last few weeks succumbed to a few odd footie bets - all losers.

However I said last season I would do this, this season and so I will.

Noel - this is one ‘gamble’ I think could pay off for you. The bet is effectively fixed at £250, you cannot lose any more, no chasing losses and it should last 4 months, giving you an interest week after week.

Obviously the top prize appeals to everyone but this gives players a realistic opportunity to win big (i’m guessing it will top £25,000 this season). That would give you enough firepower to do your Detroit Lions season ticket - it’s a nice daydream and one the whole forum will be following as a league table is published every Monday

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it should be great fun watching you rise and fall in the standings and if you’re in with a chance come weeks 16 & 17 I’m sure the whole forum would be rooting for you and monitoring your picks. (every players picks are published before the games commence on Sunday evenings).

Anyhow best of luck, I’m sure win or lose you will enjoy the experience, its a 16 week rollercoaster ride - even a ‘5’ point week can always be followed by a ‘0’ so its never boring.

The TFP will be represented again this season using the ‘team’ from the recent Northampton draft.
16 players will be paying £15.63 each to fund the entry which Jon Cartwright and Mark Dimmock have kindly offered to submit the weekly picks.

Here’s the ‘pickers’ responsible for each week - please note below if you are not involved but would like to do so.

wk1 - Daniel
wk2 - Shani
wk3 - Al
wk4 - Chris (2014 live draft winner)
wk5- Simon
wk6 - Kieron
wk7 - Sean
wk8 - Mark
wk9 - Alan
wk10 - Jon
wk11 - George
wk12 - Adam
wk13 - Ian
wk14 - Dean
wk15 - Gordon
wk16 - Jane
wk17 - Everyone, anyone with a 5/5 record gets final say

If any of the above decide not to take part, positions will be filled with players from the forthcoming Southampton Draft. It is yet to be discussed but it may be that both TFP Live drafts will submit an entry each. If so additional players may be required. Please post if you would like to be ‘part of the team’ and willing to pay the £15.63 entry fee.


Happy to take part, happy for my/Mark’s/Al’s account to be used for the group entry

I’m happy to take part but not sure what this is about? Any help would be appreciated

Shame you’re up first Dan as you would probably pick up the game within a week.

Essentially you can pick any 5 teams you think will win on the handicap.

Here’s a rough idea of week 1 (not official handicaps yet).

At New England -8.5 Kansas City
At Buffalo -6.5 NY Jets
Atlanta -7 At Chicago
At Houston -4 Jacksonville
At Washington -2 Philadelphia
At Detroit -2 Arizona
Oakland -1 At Tennessee
Tampa Bay -2 At Miami
At Cincinnati -3 Baltimore
Pittsburgh -9 At Cleveland
Indianapolis -3 At LA Rams
At Green Bay -3 Seattle
Carolina -6 At San Francisco
At Dallas -4 NY Giants
At Minnesota -3.5 New Orleans
At Denver -3.5 LA Chargers

Is there a link to Spreadex’s official rules and entry form for this yet - kind of want to pay up before i change my mind and get sorted ready to make picks when they announce handicaps - though I not been seeing much preseason other than Lions. So I really need do some studying - pod cast listening.


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Click - open an account, top right

Yes, I’m using for this doing this again.

I’m really in two minds about this Dean - I had a terrible time with Spread Betting in the past - not totally happy at opening a credit spread betting a/c - that’s Dangerous for me.

Why cant they do something different for people who just want to do this NFL game - I really am uneasy about opening an account - I’ve found it hard enough to close and stay off my regular sports books (fixed odds accounts) and even on them I’ve lost thousands. Also the buggers have started to charge me for inactivity on lots of them - I’m bad at keeping on top of things and pulling funds out so just leave them as is.

I may still do this but would of much rather been able to just pay the entry fee and not have to go through the process of opening an account and be tempted by their marketing and open to hacking or worry someone else finding out my details (piece of mind) and could make bets etc. Also the chance to bet with credit is bad - especially a bad impulsive heart better like I can be.

Some serious thinking to do. :football:

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Hi Noel.

I hear you and understand what you’re saying - it’s really up to you whether you think the game is the right play for you.

You’re not alone in your struggle with the evil gambling issues. The bookmaking industry has never been so competitive and have been very creative in finding ways to make punters bet with them, there’s been lots of cases of gambling causing many problems for society.
If you call Spreadex (or any other firms), they should offer you an opt out. You can have the credit facility removed and the one-off payment of £250 should be all you’re allowed to submit. As stated previously, even if you go 0&5 one week you cannot chase a loss with more money, all you can do is try and get a ‘5’ every week.

This game is the only bet available which is 0%, so long as you commit to putting in your picks every week the percentage will actually move slightly in your favour, as both previous seasons some punters have failed or forgotten to submit their picks.

I’ll see you Saturday if you want to discuss in person.

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Yeah for sure - I submitted my application to open an account yesterday but feel uneasy - need to be careful when calling places as if you mention anything about a G problem they freak and block you - learned that with Betfred.

Also I hate how the bookies say if you don’t remove funds or bet they can charge you inactive a/c fees - what if you die and ya relatives don’t know what accounts you had or you get captured in a war zone or banged up in prison so cant make contact - boom they just claim your balance via these arbitrary fees.

Reason I moan is to try and kick the habit after big losses on Euros last year I just stopped dead didn’t do anything - been pretty good for a year… however in that time PC went on the fritz and repair shop first tried putting me back to W7 OS (I was on W10) didn’t work but as an aside it lost all my bookmarks, logins and favs - I had sports book accounts everywhere as used to try and shop around for best offers and odds with each bet using odds checker but having not bet much if at all for best part of a year and in that time losing all my links can’t recall all the bookies I had a/c’s with and which ones I still got funds in. Only reason I know they all do this is 3 - B’win, Hills and Corrals had the courtesy to tell me they was gonna rob me and why - so I had to start betting again with b’win to use or loose my balance £55 which alas is now down to £20 as I couldn’t comply with all their hoops to get my money out - Hills and Coral did at least help me withdraw before fees kicked in but wanted me to close accounts… which means I can’t rejoin with same e-mails etc. in future… again I’m bad at admin so not checked they actually have put the funds back in my a/c I withdrew to my debit card as they said I need to wait 3-5 days for it to show and well I never checked - keep meaning to but i’m useless with admin and paper statements. I need to get into online banking now PC is working again - really I do.

Any way goodness knows what other bookies I have funds with and which ones will nab my balances without even telling me. Shouldn’t be allowed.

Also I was worried do Pay Pal take a cut if i try to withdraw funds to my PP a/c - no one can tell me for sure - I certainly don’t want to loose more of my own money just for withdrawal from bookies - that’s why I left most where it was when I quit not realising they take it anyway if ya not gambling.

Any way yep post draft be great to have a beer and discuss the SpreadEx game and other gambling issues in general.

Provisional players, need funds before Wednesday to Jon please

wk1 - Daniel
wk2 - Shani - PAID
wk3 - Al PAID
wk4 - Chris - PAID
wk5- Simon
wk6 - Kieron
wk7 - Sean
wk8 - Mark- PAID
wk9 - Alan
wk10 - Jon - PAID
wk11 - George
wk12 - Adam
wk13 - Ian- PAID
wk14 - Dean - PAID
wk15 - Gordon
wk16 - Jane
wk17 - Anders - PAID

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Shani, Ian, Chris, Mark have paid now

Is there a thread to discuss this - I really can’t decide on my 5th choice… was tempted on the Pats tonight but KC on paper has a great Defense and -8.5 is hella big handicap.

Noel there’s a little bit of chat on the Discord site. Good to get your picks submitted early but remember you can switch selections at the weekend if you change you mind. Don’t forget to peep an eye on injuries & weather.

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