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NFL Pick ‘Em (£10 Money League) - 2022



After a one-year hiatus I noticed on Monday (very last minute) UK NFL.com launched this game - which I’ve not seen since the 2020 season!

UK NFL.com have re-launched their Pick’Em game with a new sponsor (888 Sport as opposed to Sky Sports) so I have set up a small stakes private money league like I have in past years (when the game has been run). Despite the late time frame, I do hope I can get a decent entry pool (so feel free to forward this e-mail on to anyone you think might like to join in). We need a decent entry pool to make it both competitive and decent prize pay-outs as I’m paying top 3 at the conclusion of the game.

So, my private money league is £10 to enter with a top 3 pay-out as follows:


1st - 60%

2nd - 30%

3rd - 10%

Prizes are given as percentages as I don’t know how many entrants, I will get but all entry fees go back out as prizes so the bigger the league the bigger the pay-outs.

So that’s it, please spread the word and get your mates involved. All I ask is everyone who joins to have paid before the first game of NFL Week 2 starts.

The league name is: BLM NFL 2022
The league code to join is: 6JRFMYX2

If you know you want in clicking this link should add you directly to the league:

BLM NFL 2022 / auto join league

Link to game site (without joining my league): NFL Pick 'Em

If you don’t know the score regards how to make payment just contact me to ask (either e-mail me at my fantasy games addy or PM me from here on the TFP forum).

That’s it, hope to see you in my league soon.

bluelionman / Noel Symonds

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Well we are past the start of NFL Game Week 3 and still Dean Allen @Yorkshiredragon has not coughed up the massive entry fee of £10 so I’m gonna work on getting him deleted from my league. Alas this means our already small league will be even smaller now (just 8 souls) and the prize pot reduced by a tenner. But 3 weeks in is plenty long enough to pay your entry fee if you had any intention of doing so! :rage:

Meaning Prizes will now be as follows:


1st - £48
2nd - £24
3rd - £8

Dean Allen @Yorkshiredragon has been added to my BLM FG welchers list:

hes going to win itv7, could he not pay out of them winnings

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You know I never connected the dots, didn’t click to you made this post he was in other on-going live games of mine. Yep, as I have been unable to remove him from the Pick 'Em league I will most certainly take the tenner entry fee out of his prize money for ITV7 and then re-advise the prizes here (once ITV7 has resulted). Good shout!

Do remind me come end of December to do this though, in case I have forgotten!