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NFL London Super Bash

NFLUK are hosting another Super Bash on Feb 1st to watch the Super Bowl in London.

You can enter to win tickets here:

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I would love it if everyone from the live draft league made an effort to come out to this event!
I am going up to the o2 regardless of having a ticket in hand or not - trust me I have always got tickets somehow and others to so you just have to have faith guys.

Train booked, really looking forward to it - hope as many guys from our league can make it. I’ll aim to arrive at the Slug about 7pm

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I’ll be there at the Slug as usual, ticket or not! Can’t wait.

I’ll be there, assuming I can get a ticket or blag one with Noel. Just gotta make sure I don’t have to go into an office the following day, otherwise I could be a zombie.

Better to drive to the O2 and back or wait it our for the trains to start running again?

Submitted in lottery for tickets. Should I win, I will pass tickets onto you.

Not sure they will send them overseas and if they did doubt you would get them in time let alone have time to resend them on to me - but who knows we can try and I appreciate the thought. I will be rooting for your Seahawks to!

No luck winning a ticket for the Super Bash … hope you guys are more lucky than I was:-(

Rejection email as well

Won a couple of tickets today, which was nice. My extra one’s going to George I think.

No luck getting a ticket.

Not sure I fancy just coming along in the hope of getting my hands on one somehow. Seems a bit of a risk.

No luck in the draw today. But then again I’ve never won in the draw in the past! I’ll be hunting down that blue mohawk come Feb 1st at 6pm!

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It’s always worth coming as every year in the end I have gotten hold of enough to hook everyone up including myself - however this year no pre night nerves for me as I just checked and I had the congratulations e-mail I’ve won 2 tickets - first time since the Bash was at Evo I have won any personally in the lottery so stoked about that. Will keep entering the comps to try and win tickets to help my friends/game players out first and then genuine fans on the night as per usual. Also I know my brother applied and not heard how he got on so who knows could be hooking peeps up before the night. GET IN! :smiley:

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Excellent news Noel about time they finally gave you a pair. Hopefully someone can sort you out with VIP so that you can meet Golden Tate

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That would be to much to hope for but I’d take it if any one can arrange… :stuck_out_tongue:

No tickets joy for me, Don’t quite fancy going into London without a ticket in hand although I’m sure LM will do what he can. I’m getting together with a couple of guys and watching it in Reading Walkabout.

Keep entering all the comps there’s loads of chances to get tickets if you really want them… think positive!

Noel / Adam

Just to confirm I’ve sorted the Business Cards, they will be printed on Monday. To save postage I will bring them with me to the Superbash on Sunday. Adam can you bring a rucksack or something to put them in? Indigo allow you to store coats/bags free of charge on the night.

See you all on the 1st February :smile:

Nice! I’d imagine Noel would have given them all away on the night but I’ll have something to put them in incase :slight_smile:

Was lucky enough to get two tickets, so will be there for the first time!