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**New** Dynasty League 2017

New Dynasty League signup page:-

We are looking for 14 teams but we will see how signup goes. All teams must be a different NFL or College team.

£60 Entry(Split £40 for 1st year prize fund and £20 into a retainer/bonus pot) This is to cover people leaving after the 1st year as we are looking for people prepared to make a long term commitment. The bonus pot can be won in 2 ways. 1st way is a perfect season (unbeaten) and 2nd way would be to win the league two times. All monies will be paid out. Prize Money 1st £300 2nd £100 Division Winner £100 Highest Score £60 Bonus Pot £280 will be paid out when the criteria is met. If anyone leaves then their portion of the retainer spot may be used to entice somebody with a poorer team to join the league for half price but hopefully everyone is in it for the long haul.

There will be one division so everyone plays each other and the divisional champion takes home £100

We will be drafting by e-mail at the earliest possible date after the league is full. We will have a veterans draft which will be 20 rounds and a separate rookie draft 5 rounds which will be picked in the reverse order of the Veterans draft. We will do a live video drawing the draft positions. In busy periods up to 24hrs will be given to people who can’t respond to emails straight away so don’t worry but keeping the picking flowing is preferable as we have lots of players to draft.

Waivers will be WAB points and you will be able to trade WAB points, players and draft picks (for the rookie draft next year) if you so choose. The freedom is yours. Trading away your early draft picks for next year will mean you will need to pay the balance of next years entry up front. This is to safeguard the league for future seasons and to stop people dropping out.

Rosters will be:-
1 x QB
2 x RB
2 x WR
1 X TE
2 X Flex (RB, WR or TE)
1 x Kicker
No defense

Scoring is non ppr but bonus points are awarded for QB’s throwing over 300 yards and over 400 yards. 100, 200 yards receiving, rushing 100/200 and large scoring plays of 40 or 50 yards and kickers lose points for missing kicks but gain bigger points for longer successful kicks so check the scoring before the draft.)

Can you mix it with the best and take home the bragging rights plus the money? A perfect season could net you over £700

To signup and reserve your place in the league please PayPal £60 to alanroberts1987@live.co.uk.

  1. Alan Roberts Florida Gators
  2. Sean Connors Alabama Crimson Tide
  3. Jon Cartwright Kansas State Wildcats
  4. Shani Senaratne Tennessee Volunteers
  5. Ian Wray Stanford Cardinal
  6. Mike Lewis Michigan Wolverines
  7. Mark Dimmock Clemson Tigers
  8. Gordon Fraser Idaho Vandals
  9. George Bellhouse-Edwards Rutgers Scarlet Knights
  10. David Garcia Fernandez Ole Miss Rebels
  11. Chris Jennings Penn State Nittany Lions
  12. Chris Parkes Fresno State Bulldogs
  13. Pat Flynn UCONN Huskies
  14. Daniel Nichols USC Trojans

Any questions then let us know

Jon, Al and Sean

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I will do some research now but what do you mean by dynasty ?

A dynasty style fantasy football league is a league where you retain most, or all of your players, from year to year. This creates an environment that is very different from a redraft league. By enabling team owners to keep players and build a team over time, there can be a much stronger sense of team ownership, and success is achieved with a greater sense of satisfaction.

Mistakes or successes in a dynasty league can affect the fortunes of a franchise for years to come, just like in the NFL. A dynasty league also facilitates trades, including trading of rookie draft picks, and it encourages a deeper roster pool, so young ‘project’ players can be identified and groomed.


This is net testing, I like the entry price and the fact hat it’s online. Can I ask…

Which platform?
How will the retainer prevent players not returning next year after trading away next years 1sr and 2nd pick?

I think the concept f paying at least half of next ears entry in rider to race away early round picks next year is a solid preventative measure, would you consider that or do you feel the default retainer is enough?


Well nothing can stop players leaving I guess but at least the £20 retainer is dead money that they have contributed to the overall pot which can be used to entice a new player at half price if that is needed. The retainer is half of next years entry. But we would consider anything that the majority is happy with. Platform is Nfl.com. perhaps we could add a caveat that says if you trade away 2 or more of next years draft picks you have to pay next years entry fee up front as part of deal.

What’s the thinking by having two drafts?

One for last years players i.e veterans and one for the new rookie players. If you pick last in the veterans draft you get first pick of the rookies, We hope the evens up the possible unfairness of a late pick. Also it gets everyone used to the rookie only drafts which will follow from year 2 onwards.

Ok thanks for the late night response

My take on dynasty is that if you don’t put an additional fee on future draft picks people who trade them away willy nilly will often not come back. The retainer is good but most will consider just part of the initial entry. When you are literally forced to pay some of next years entry to trade away key picks next year as a player it’s a much bigger investment and your dragged back because a) your determined to see it work and b) you are already half way entered. Maybe your retainer works in a similar way, I’m not sure.

Yeah that’s the idea but we could enforce as part of trading multiple early draft picks that next years entry is paid in full to protect everyone in the league as I understand this can be he major pitfall for Dynasty leagues.

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If there is an additional cost for trading future first rounders please consider me in. I like it. The price is right, the platform is good, the concept is good and I think the online draft fits well for me.

Brilliant will be great to have you in the league and paying next years fee makes sense when trading away next years picks and the trade will not be put through if they don’t as a protection for all. Makes sense I think.

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Brilliant fella. Looking forward to the different challenge.

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Yeah me too, I’ve always wanted to play in a good one and hopefully this is it!

I’m loving the commissioner group so that’s a great start :+1:

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Thanks mate we spent hours believe or not coming up with the format we though everyone would like.

You guys are all about the football, all you need are numbers and it shall be a hoot

Yeah I think we have five already with you and Shani coming on board… That’s a great start. Trustworthy enthusiasts are ideal. Not bad we’ve only been open 2 hours!

paid now :grinning: team name Tennessee Volunteers

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Excellent thank you Shani. Send me your email address so I can invite you to the league. You can do it privately if you wish on here or Discord. Also can you confirm if this is the e-mail address that you want for the draft e-mail picks etc

Yes you got the right em
Another question - does it work like the NFL draft year 2 ? Lastvteam gets first - need to know the trade values