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My fourth video is up "sleepers"

Enjoy coaches!! Please comment like and share

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Really smooth Sean, enjoyed it. How about a vid on Arena Football?

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PS Lets catch up soon.

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I will give you a call over the next 24 hours!!

Great topic Sean, In a 16 player game Sleepers are very important.

In one of your next ‘vids’ I’d like to cover the Waiver Wire, it didn’t work very well in our game last year and I really think the budget idea could be even worse this forthcoming season.

ooh interesting Dean, would be good to understand why you think so. I like the idea personally but that said I cant fully foresee how it will unfold yet.

Thanks dean good idea will do this next…

Yes the new system is interesting and useful to a planner like me !! However great to discuss both sides of this…

Hi there, apologies for the slow reply to this post - on holiday and internet has been unreliable!
Another enjoyable video. Sleepers are always a great topic for discussion, everyone has their own favourites for their own reasons, and no one agrees what they mean by a sleeper anyway!

For what it’s worth, I define a sleeper as someone whose ADP makes them a late round pick, in your league’s format, who you think has enough upside to risk moving for them a round or two early. A DEEP sleeper is someone whose ADP is low enough that they would be undrafted in your league’s format, but you think they have enough potential to make them worth a late round grab.

Obviously this means the same player may be a sleeper or deep sleeper or neither, in different leagues with different roster sizes or number of teams

…hit enter too soon…!

There’s plenty of meat on this bone to do a second sleepers vid:

  • which positions make the best sleepers
  • using your list of sleepers for mid season pick ups rather thandraft picks
  • the value of sleepers in different formats (dynasty v keeper v redraft etc)

And the time of year is key too. Last year I would have got Travis Kelce for a steal based on watching KC training camp video, but by the time of the live Redhill draft, the secret was out!

Keep em coming, Sean!d

Taking your last point a little further Jon, is anybody up for moving the draft to before the pre-season next year? Having a draft before the pre-season takes the requirement of self made knowledge to the next level.

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Great point it certainly does and there are injury issues that will happen as well!!

Like it!!

I like your definitions and agree with them…

Bank holiday suits me for the live meet-up, but perhaps an early draft is worth exploring for an online game, perhaps the new Auction where any sleepers will be a cheap buy.