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Video (6) running back 1st (why)

Continuing the discussion from College Football:

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Continuing the discussion from Video (6) running back 1st strategy (why:

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Very good Sean, it shall be interesting to see how people play it this year with the league being in its second season.

Cheers mate absiolutly going to be fascinating.

I think there are changes in the NFL too, last year I was hot in the rookies in my draft particularly at WR - from what I saw last season and back to our bet which you won Sean I still believe the top RBs will be protected and will be spelled more than before- in a league of 16 I will predict 6 won’t go with a RB first

Man I can’t wait for things to KO !!!

I can’t disagree with you shani around the numbers

But the first round will still be dominated by running backs!!

I’ve never gone into a draft with any particular strategy in mind. While data from the video shows that if you draft RB in the 1st round you are more likely to win the league, we also know that most teams draft a RB in the first round (12/16 in our league). So I wouldn’t necessarily say that the strategy is any more successful than any other it is just more prevalent, and you are just a likely to win if you draft WR/TE/QB as long as it is a value.

I don’t look at ADP or experts rankings. I have an excel sheet that helps me create projections for the top 350 players and then I rank them accordingly based on that. In the first couple of rounds I’ll try to pick who I think is the best player available without a specific strategy and then try to fill in later. When it comes to first round picks I think the majority of it is down to luck and draft position, I’m sure we would all have a similar 10-12 players in our top 16 and some of them will perform and some will not or get injured. I’m not sure you can reliably predict that.

Agree the league is changing and that makes it more interesting for the 2nd year.


The evidence is based on every strategy and 260 leagues of serious players.
I agree thou that it’s not an exact science but the point eviedence does agree with the experts.
Does that mean I’m picking this way year two "what do you think"
And the league change and the nfl is changing as well means you can be more adventurous and not follow the pack…

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