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Join the 20/21 Fan Pub Fantasy Premier League Season

Come on, join in if you like. Ian won last season and bagged the prize.

It’s free to join, winner gets their choice of the latest FIFA or £50 cash alternative. Apart from Ian we’re mostly a bunch of schmucks so your odds of winning are pretty good

Join up here and feel free to share the link - https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/d8sthq

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I’m in - and if it’s the same Ian and I rather suspect it is as you can put the same team in multiple leagues he grecian2010 (Ian Wray) also won my ‘Winner Takes All’ Classic league worth a two hundred and seventy smacker-roonies!

Not bad going - he’s defending his crown in my league to but if any one wants to take him on details here:

BLM’s FPL - WINNER TAKES ALL - 2020/21 (£10 Money Leagues)

18 people in the league so far this season, two days left to get in for the start of the season!

Use invite code d8sthq

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