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Interesting bit of news

Just came across this article in the Guardian yesterday NFL games at Spurs new stadium

Not sure if you had heard anything about those plans but they sound interesting.

I hope White Hart Lane doesn’t become the permanent home of a UK NFL team, it’s in a pretty shitty location. Somewhere with easy motorway and rail access would make a lot more sense rather than a stadium that’s just designed to serve north London - Twickenham or Wembley are basically ideal.

It read like a fairly loose chain of thought that got them to this conclusion. It all seemed to revolve around a space in the opposite stand that would make a larger locker room, as required by NFL teams. Hmm, needs more to go on than that.

I really can’t see them moving away from Wembley, as it has delivered to date, is known around the World as an iconic venue, and the transport links and tailgate parties have also been shown to work.

I always thought the only genuine alternative would be the Olympic Stadium, as it has fantastic transport links, is also an iconic venue, and has all the space around it to house merchandising, and pre-game events. However, that doesn’t seem to have been discussed much. Presumably West Ham have got such a great deal, that they don’t need the money from a few extra events taking place there.

Wembley it is for me.

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My company did an exhibition at Wembley a few days before one of the IS games, we were told the issue of using other venues other than Wembley, is the Changing room facilities. Very few British stadia could house a huge roster of Offense and Defense.

Wembley also has very high security in place.


Don’t understand this at all
2nd Venue Has to be out of London
Would season tickets cover both venues?

Really interesting fella. Well done Tottenham!

Particularly liked Boris’ comment…

“Anyone who has seen American Football at Wembley Stadium cannot fail to have been thrilled by the spectacle, and the wise heads that run the NFL have clearly not missed the fact that Londoners are going absolutely gangbusters for Gridiron,”

And the bit at the bottom…

“The International Series to date has contributed to increased NFL fan interest in the UK, with a current fan base of 13 million, including more than three million avid fans, a 50 percent increase in the past three years”.

Avid fans, thats us lot of maniacs! :flushed:

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Hi Shani

What is it you don’t understand fella? The fact that its within London? Somebody may correct me but the NFL is a city driven proposition and I understand that the NFL have at some point stated the city needs to be London.

Not saying its fair to the rest of the country but the NFL want to ensure they can pull of the International move and I think strategically it makes sense to test and focus efforts on the target city.

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That exactly what I don’t understand Gordon
Wembley is in London, what are they achieving by hosting more games in a smaller stadium in another part of town?
I’m not quite sure how this leads to a franchise that wouldn’t have worked with Wembley as the venue
If they want to try something out that they could learn from try out of London
London is tested and its primed through Wembley
I think some things are taken for granted here by the NFL that’s all-
I know not on the same scale but isn’t this the route NFL Europe went too…

Fair points fella.

The NFL seem to be taking their time with testing the interest here, they got it wrong before so it would seem for good reason. I think they are still testing London. This season they are bringing back teams that came over last, it seems they want to see what a divisional match-up does for fans in the UK too and they are pushing 2 games in the space of a week… I imagine all this is on purpose and to ensure that the interest here is football fan interest that can be counted upon years down the line and not just a mixture of fans and London funnalots!

Taking games to other cities would be good for the country and help spread interest which is no bad thing but it actually does nothing to help them test London as a host City. I also believe that the NFL are very aware that upon opening a franchise here the numbers will drop and for that reason alone a new stadium that has the facilities to cope and yet an approx 60k capacity rather than wembley’s 90 thousand seats would be clearly preferred.

Sometimes I wonder though how much of where we are is by chance than design and for the opportunism of a few key people
I also believe that attitude has taken us here so continue and plan for success not failure

If they want to know if a franchise would work here before doing it use the strongest base possible which they have already

UK fans are unique in that they support their own teams but they also love the game and they’ll attend I’m sure of that

I hope your right fella, most fans I speak to sound half arsed (for their own reasons) about the great game being played out each season on our own turf.

White Hart Lane? Really??

I think I’ve probably said this before :smile:

But it’s such a crappy stadium, tiny (feels half the scale of Wembley, no arena scale or booming atmosphere) and in a crappy location - both in terms of transport links and the surrounding area being a bit of a shithole.

Hopefully they’re still playing in Wembley too, as it’s the closest thing we have to an ideal stadium in the UK. Twickenham has a similarly good scale and location too. Both are completely proven. If you had to pick another London stadium, the Olympic Park and Emirates would clearly be the other good choices. I don’t know how you’d go from them to White Hart Lane - I smell some money changing hands under the table.

The draft, opening weekend, building a team (if expansion more so than relocation), the playoffs the actual players who knows what talent and 8 opposing teams at least in a season you’ll get with a franchise here- to me that’s progression from what we have now, you don’t need to drop your team you support but if that’s on your doorstep it will be hard to ignore
With regards to a second venue I’d rather they took a look elsewhere - why? Because it just may surprise them…,…,

Partly, there is a limit to how many events Wembley can stage, so it has to go elsewhere as well, and elsewhere in London is automatically smaller.

Could it also be that they want FULL stadiums, sold out very fast, so games like the Jags which are slower sellers will get played in a smaller stadium?

I’m fairly confident the crowds shall shrink (eventually) when we get a London team and so a smaller stadium is ideal imho.

A lot depends on what happens on the field in the long run but in my opinion Wembleys price rather than size is probably the real issue
If a team does end up here it won’t be my demographic that fills the majority of the stadium - It will take some doing to nurture a new generation of fans, good branding , the right talent and investment in youth to me are key to growth and survival of a franchise here
And again if it is to work I feel they have to throw the dice and think big as conservatism and half measures just won’t work