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I'm so excited already!

Is it wrong that I’m already excited about our draft? I’m spending some of my Sunday in building round 2/3 of my draft board already. Cant get enough of it!

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Not in the slightest… by way of preparation, I’ve been doing a 23 round 12 team dynasty start up draft the last few days :football:

Haha I have something similar starting at the end of the month, will play second fiddle to Noel’s league however. :smiley:

Been planning since it finished

:wink: That’s expected of you coach!

The first 3 rounds of my draft board are complete, the easy 3 lol

It’s tricky when you factor in each coach had there own thoughts!!

There are several different strategies to take for sure, that choice is one of the hardest to make. My first 3 rounds include a few names that might appear over rated and don’t include a few names that some would expect to see.

You guys make me feel so flakey - I just wing it in on the day - as second guessing who everyone else will pick plus not knowing your draft position till the day makes there to many variables to be worrying about it in imo!

I am so glad the draft spot is random and not known in advance as you guys would be way ahead of the game with your war like planning where as I like to just go with the flow on the day - it’s a gut/feel thing for me! :smile:

Don’t get me wrong perpetration is important but going with hunches are critical as well.
I have always said the one thing about drafts that has always been true is " you can lose the whole season with a bad one"
Also never listen to experts !!

Hunches and projections, if not the same thing they are v close. You can’t
build a board purely on last year’s form so hunches/projections are a must

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It’s all good fun!
My draft board has changed overnight - with the new PAT rule announced, inevitably some teams will go for 1 point less often and will risk a 2 pointer more. Which devalues kickers even further, and makes you wonder who will benefit - Beast Mode pounding home a few extra fantasy points a game while Steven Haushka sits and watches… who knows?!

Mostly going to take it easy in June, but I expect in July and August I will tweak my board most days and do a mock draft most days (is that too obsessive?!)

Everybody has their way Jon, I love studying player data, the fact that I
have a draft to attend just gives me an excuse.

Now, if I could only stop trading for IR players the study might do me some
good ; )

Gordon came by on the weekend to help me put up a fence in the garden. We obviously had our NFL talks and that has started a ‘fire’ in me that I don’t know how to put out lol. I have done lots of mock drafts and research since and I just can’t get enough of it. This has obviously all paid off and I’ve finally nailed down my first pick: Tebow @ Eagles - how is that not a win/win :wink:

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That looks like a top pick there dude, no need for a backup I would imagine ; )

Is the fence still standing? hehe

Any idea how many of the original 16 are playing again in 2015?

Dean - I think it is 14 of the original 16. Everyone but Seagull Tim and James Kemp?

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This is my understanding too, was not sure why Tim earned the name Seagull but then recalled him being from Brighton lol

Where do the two new people come from (geographically)?

Assuming it’s the same two that Noel announced earlier in the year : Chris Waterhouse from Norwich, and John Clavering from Australia! (surely not flying in from Oz just for the draft… it was wild enough when Drew travelled here last year!)