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I don’t have an account with SpreadEX and after dropping 8K on the Super Bowl alone no mood to get into anything new betting wise as am still hurting but some of you TFP originals that I know are seriously into your stats think you might want to look into this - maybe group together if £250 is to much alone. I’ve just seen a post about it on Facebook and think it might be up some of you guys ally that back yourselves - so thought I’d point it out but also told the guy to come here and post about it to, here’s a link:

Noel - I’m all over this. I do have a Spreadex account and will be submitting an entry. If we fancy doing a joint entry, can I suggest we try to get 5 members to stump up £50 each?
We could agree about how we do the weekly submissions at a later date but I think 5 or 10 people in the syndicate would be good.


Count me in Dean.

Twist my arm then - count me in as well!

I’m a sucker but I trust you guys is not so despite what I said in the OP I like lumping in with others - who may be more skilled and on an even keel than I - so if you need 5 at £50 why not - maybe I can start to get some bread back from my reckless punts - so I’ll join in.

Count me in I’m game

Thats five, given that the syndicate chooses 5 games per week is this the right number?

Hey fellas - just had a quick read and it looks good. Probably sensible to have 5 people in this as there are 5 games per week, but if any of you guys have second thoughts about taking part count me in as first reserve!

You never know Jon - as others read this there may be another 4 interested parties and a second group of 5 can also do this.

Jon, £250 / 6 = £41.67 simples.
Not sure if running a pure 5 man entry, one player choosing a team each week would utilise our combined brains in the right way. I would prefer it it we all analysed EVERY game, then decided which games to steer clear of, then narrow down our collective 5 picks.

I have submitted our interest. I will most likely submit a sole entry of my own.

Personally for me, I think it would be good to get 2 teams of five, we could even have a money down team v team contest then. Either way any more interest please???

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Gordon - that sounds good, but how would we split down?

North V South (thats only me & George I think?)
Young V Old (me & Sean?)
Male v Female

short and long straws on draft day

alternatively I’m happy to head up a team and you can do the same, players can choose for who they want to play for. I may be setting myself up for a loss in saying that but hey…

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Gordon - We may have to do a draft to get our running mates, do you think Sean will go first overall :smiley:

Count me in. I’m up for this!

I received the following e-mail from Spreadex for anyone thinking of doing this comp’
Details can be found by following this link:


In order to enter you need to deposit £250 in to your account, please notify us when you have done so.

Best regards,

Shaun Howells
+44(0)1727 895090

As it limits entries to 2 per a/c (person) I am of the opinion that perhaps people who really think their skilled and want to hog the kitty do their own entry like Dean said he wanted to also but perhaps we have one TFP entry via Dean or whoever that is not using there second entry allowance and then we allow as many as want in - cause like Dean says rather than we each pick a team I’d rather a discussion weekly and someone who unlike me is on the ball and wont forget to enter are choices by deadline each week and those who are more adept than me can on here put forward there cases and we come to a consensus to get best 5 teams / picks each week. Okay some may do more work than others but everyone who puts in equal entry fee gets equal piece of the pie if we end up placing in the prize positions - so say if we get 10 interested parties in the TFP joint entry that would be £25 each and 1/10th of any winnings?

Just my two’penneth worth…

But if that’s not to every ones liking then I am in the original 5 so happy to chuck in £50 and take 1/5th of any prizes! :slight_smile:
Any way when you have all decided the plan of action just let me know when to divvy in and how much plus who to send it to and I will make it happen.

Do we still have spaces or are you guys set?

Simon - more the merrier in the syndicate I’m proposing. Not sure how we’re going to ‘agree’ on the weekly picks yet though??

That’s 8 so far…

Another 2 would be great.

Just my 2 pence, I’m not entirely sure how well it would work if people are not committed to making a selection each week. Would it not just seem rather drab, no responsibility, no challenge… I think potentially it just fizzles out and you end up with 5 or 6 anyway. The pressure of making a weekly pick and being able to look back on how you helped or did not help the team over the season really inspires me. Am I the only one or am I being overly competitive again ; )