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After yesterdays FA Cup shocks, I expect today’s Prem teams to go at their opponents from the outset. No more shocks today. Coral have a special treble on West Ham, Arsenal & Aston Villa @ 7-1, I think this looks like a great value punt.

Looking pretty good now Dean!
I had a double on West Brom and Aston Villa so I can relax now :smiley:

Hi Jon, I’ve laid Arsenal on Betfair for £150 @1.04 so i’m looking at a three figure return either way now.

Hope a few others followed me in, 7-1 was hell of a price. I think the true price should have been around 9/2

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Hi Dean,

I did read this but don’t currently bet on “soccer”, nice picks and hedging!


Thanks Gordon.
Will always try to post any ‘value’ bets I see. Suggest any of our team do the same.

I fucked up - had a over a grand on a treble that went bang - don’t know what came over me but in that treble I had Bournemouth - ouch… crap weekend lost on horse racing (work mates tips), lost at poker and had a shit day out today - family domestic so all in all can’t wait for next weekend - need a good night out. Don’t even want to work out my true losses of late as its serve - think I must be working for a couple of months now just to replace those losses… so in other words gratis - arr well its only money / beer tokens!

For the first two weeks of January I did a load of small bets (started with £60 split into £5-20 bets, then the winnings similarly re-bet again and again) and kept track of them all in a spreadsheet to see what my actual winning percentage was. Ended up in the 60-65% range but that didn’t fully take odds into account (some bets were at 1.3 or 1.4, some at at 2.0 or above).

Only thing that really came out of it, is the thought that it might be worth me developing an app for it. In the end I cashed out about £250 from an original £60 stake and just stopped there and forgot about it.

One thing that seemed noteworthy, was the amount of NBA bets I won. It seems such a predictable sport at times, it’s the only time I think accumulators are almost justified. Likewise in December I won a few hundred on small NBA accumulators (e.g betting £10-20 on a 5/1 to 10/1 bet), oh and that 100/1 bet I won but only had a quid on (attached here).

In the NFL this season I accurately predicted about 78% of the results, but I’m not sure it’s a sport worth betting on - NFL accumulators are a terrible idea as there’s bound to be one big upset each weekend, and individual game bets often aren’t worth the odds. Likewise over/unders and spreads are just coin tosses. I actually made some ok money on NFL betting, but that basically followed my “bet on the Texans and Cowboys!” strategy for the season, where both teams were originally predicted to be mediocre at best. Of course, as a Texans fan I knew they were unbeatablel! ahem

Also I might just give up betting on soccer-ball. Too many draws. Although the Champions League is still fun to be on, as teams actually play their best rather than fielding their reserve squad.

I know nothing about NBA so wish those who like it or having luck would post there ideas here before hand so I can follow if I feel like it… :smile:

Think I’ve found a nice punt.

Betfair (main site not the exchange) are doing a special enhanced treble Liverpool, Man Utd & Man City @ 15/2
Liverpool should take care of West Ham at Home (both teams seem to play their best football at home). A full strength Utd should destroy Leicester at Old Trafford. Then Man City play Chelsea late on. By that time you could lay the bet off for a profit or even better, Paddy Power have a generous money back special on that game, if a draw (up to £50). So happy days if Man City complete the treble and £50 on Chelsea with money back if a draw is nice insurance.
Best of luck if any of you are following me in

@Dean - Sounds good - I not got my head around laying off and what have you yet - defo need to chat more on these things in pub - if you or anyone else coming down earlier I have decided to go up to the o2 earlier than usual (hope to arrive between 4-5pm) and go for a meal with my brother in there before laying up in the S&L. Any ones welcome to join us.


Game on, Liverpool & Man Utd are doing the business. Need Man City for a decent recent.

I so much wish I took this bet now. Hope Man City comes in for you now. Nice to have insurance though.

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Just had a punt on first touchdown scorer. Thought it was worth a go, with Sky Bet. Thought odds were ok.

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Didn’t know you could do either ors - may look into this - had £50 on Marshawn Lynch alone elsewhere at 7/1.

Let’s hope for Marshawn Lynch and we both win. Although if I win I am not talking to anyone :slight_smile:

Andy - I’m on this too, fair odds and will give us a winning chance no matter who receives in the first quarter.

@AWNFL & @Dean - I can still get on this just curious how much you guys risked I normally do to much was thinking £46.25 to round my a/c down or should I just do a score or a tenner?

What do you think guys - like to know what you guys stake to see how different and silly/crazy I am in my punting compared to other gamblers to try and modify it before it kills me?

Something like this I would only bet a score max. I don’t bet big anyhow.

You are still likely to be throwing your money away betting on first touchdowns. I just like to have a few different bets on the game I will be watching.

Quite often do half-time full-time bet on a team as well just to get the odds up a little.

Had a few fun bets - nothing serious, just to enjoy the game with:

1st TD: Jermaine Kearse £4 @ 18/1, Tim Wright £3 @ 33/1
MVP: Kam Chancellor £4 @ 33/1, Earl Thomas £3 @ 50/1, Darrelle Revis £2 @ 100/1
Double result: Half Time TIE, Full Time SEA £4 @ 14/1

£20 I’ll probably never see again - now to go and spend the same again on beers and doritos!!

Enjoy the game everyone :smiley:

Just been bored at work lately with nothing to do but look at some potential bets all night, found a few interesting ones I thought I’d share

Like the look of New Zealand to win the Cricket world cup at 9/2 one day very much there game, and you can do them each day at 1/3 of the odds

Tommy bowe to be the top TRY scorer in the six nations as a sort of outsider, was 4/1 is now 12/1 just cos he didn’t score in the first game, should end up with 3 or 4, which would give him a chance.

England to win the triple crown during the six nations 6/5 already dispatched the hardest team in my view in Wales, should beat Scotland with ease, then only a Ireland team that struggled against Italy after that

PTIT ZIG in the 3:50 at Ascot 9/4, TEAFORTHREE at 8/15 in the 5:05 at Haydock and KITTEN ROCK at 4/7 in the 3:20 at Gowran park, all tomorrow, Saturday the 14th of Feb, as a treble, pays at about 6/1

Not done any football, don’t like FA cup weekends
Of course now I’ve posted these they’ll all lose haha
Wish you guys luck if you follow
And sorry for the long post, but I’m really bored at work haha