Fantasy baseball 2024

That time of year again already…?

Roll of Honour so far:
2021 - @Rick_Spangle
2022 - Me !
2023 - @JordanA24

Will we get a fourth different name this time? Entry fee will be £25 same as last year (PayPal to

Planning to have the online draft at 7pm, Sunday 17th March. As always, it’s Bestball, so once the draft is done, you can relax and just watch the points roll in over the course of the season.

Sign up list

  1. Jon Cartwright - Montgomery Biscuits
  2. Sam Devereux - Savannah Bananas
  3. Jordan Allaway - Sugar Land Space Cowboys
  4. Javier Aparicio - Portland Mavericks
  5. Dan Nichols - Omaha Storm Chasers
  6. Andy Duenner - Spokane Indians
  7. Iain ‘Mozza’ - Amarillo Sod Poodles
  8. Malcy - Great Lakes Loons
  9. Andy ‘Rick Spangle’ Smith - Albuquerque Isotopes
  10. Shani Senaratne - Tennessee Smokies
  11. Paul Bedford - Las Vegas Aviators
  12. Chris Jennings - Twin and Bear It
  13. Gary Johnson - Louisville Bats

Iˋd love to join again this year!

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Happy to have you back Andy - I think last year Noel paid your entry fee? Same again, or will you be paying for yourself this year?!

@JonCartwright - I have a chunk of funds on account for Andy (@duenni) so as soon as he gives me the word he wants me to pay you out of those funds I can send his entry fee no worries there - he won McBears NFL game for 2023/24 season and 2 Super Bowl LVIII Squares so has topped his account up nicely to cover any games he fancies doing in 2024 with UK peeps.

Edit: Just sent you £25 Jon for Andy Duenner to cover his entry fee in this league as he confirmed he wanted me to pay you.

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Draft order now set !

See you all Sunday!

Last minute 13th team - welcome Gary @gazj885 . I’m afraid the draft order is set so you will slot in at the end of the draft with the 1.13 pick

Prize pot is now:
1st £200
2nd £100
3rd £25

Well the draft seemed to have fewer technical hitches than usual? I’ll put that down to Sam’s calm influence at the helm…

Some odd looking roster set-ups, though I assume auto-drafting was partly to blame for that

  • Spokane only taking 1 First Baseman, 1 Catcher, 1 Short Stop. Could be a big risk of not being able to put out a full line up due to injuries
  • Almost as risky: Amarillo and Sugar Land going solo at two positions, Chris’s Twins going solo at one
  • New team Louisville only drafted 5 Outfielders - fine for now, but might get harder to get 3 into the line up as injuries stack up over the season (Great Lakes and Montgomery went heavy with 9)
  • Pitchers were all over the place (definitely an auto-draft thing…) - several teams have single-figures, while Amarillo, Spokane and Sugar Land all have a battery of 15 to choose from
1B 2B 3B C SS OF P
Albuquerque Isotopes 2 2 3 3 3 6 11
Amarillo Sod Poodles 3 1 2 2 1 6 15
Great Lakes Loons 2 3 2 3 3 9 8
Las Vegas Aviators 3 3 3 3 3 6 9
Louisville Bats 3 2 3 2 3 5 12
Montgomery Biscuits 3 2 2 2 2 9 10
Omaha Storm Chasers 2 2 2 2 3 6 13
Portland Mavericks 3 3 3 2 3 8 8
Savannah Bananas 2 3 3 2 2 8 10
Spokane Indians 1 2 3 1 1 7 15
Sugar Land Space Cowboys 2 2 1 2 1 7 15
Tennessee Smokies 4 3 3 2 2 7 9
Twin & Bear it 3 2 3 1 3 6 12

A wide spread of players from real-world teams: 17 Twins and Rays were drafted, just ahead of 16 from a whole load of other teams. Down at the bottom, both the Rockies and the White Sox only have 6 representatives (and no Rockie was taken in the first 60 picks) - there were also 4 players drafted who, at the time of writing, are still free agents. Could be a draft steal… or a wasted pick!

MIN 17
TB 17
ATL 16
BAL 16
CIN 16
LAD 16
PHI 16
TEX 16
NYY 15
ARI 14
DET 14
HOU 14
NYM 14
SEA 14
STL 14
TOR 14
BOS 13
CHC 12
CLE 12
LAA 12
MIA 12
SF 12
KC 11
SD 11
MIL 10
WSH 10

Enjoy the season - and I’ll post updates every couple of weeks as usual!


And we’re off! Everyone’s played a few games now so here’s the first fantasy leaderboard

2021 champ Andy S is off to a flyer, hitting 250 points very quickly. Meanwhile, reigning champ Jordan is taking it easy, letting everyone else get a head start. Rookie Shani has had a respectable first week and sits in sixth at the first checkpoint.

Week 2 - a marvellous weekly win for my Biscuits, just ahead of Sam’s Bananas. The Spokane Indians were rock bottom

Week 3 - Chris and his Mighty Mussels led the way - just ahead of the Aviators and Sod Poodles - all three teams passed the 300 points mark for the week.

Three weeks in, 2021 champ Andy, and his Albuquerque Isotopes, lead the way. Me and Mozza aren’t far back. ‘The Other’ Andy has built up a comfortable gap at the bottom - already 200 points behind his namesake! Plent of time to go…

Week 4 - the Isotopes won the week, edging out the Storm Chasers by just 1.5 points. I was last…

Week 5 - a big win for Mozza’s Sod Poodles - rookie Gaz and his Louisville Bats also broke 300 points for the week. Portland Mavericks finished last this week

Overall - those two weekly wins lift the Sod Poodles and 1st and 2nd overall. Spokane remain last, with reigning champs the Sugar Land Space Cowboys just a place ahead of them

Week 6 - a comfortable win for Andy’s Isotopes, 25 pts clear of second place. And another last place for the other Andy and his Indians…

Week 7 - a comfortable win for Andy’s Isotopes, 17 pts clear of second place. And another last place for the other Andy and his Indians…

Two weeks of glory has rocketed the Isotopes up to first overall. Andy has a healthy lead over the Loons, and then another big gap back to the Bananas. Unsurprisingly, the Spokane Indians remain adrift at the bottom. Long time to go, of course…

Week 8 - a heroic win for my mighty Montgomery Biscuits, edging out Gaz’s Louisville Bats. Reigning champs the Space Cowboys continue to struggle. Albuquerque’s recent hot streak peters out, rock bottom this week.

Week 9 - back to back good weeks for Louisville: this time just beating Sam’s Bananas to the weekly win

Overall - one bad week doesn’t alter the fact that the Isotopes are still top dogs. Only the Loons and Bananas within 100 points. Spokane continue to own the rock bottom spot…

Week 10 - big week for Dan’s Storm Chasers, narrowly pipping me to top spot. Spokane doing reliably badly!

Week 11 - that good form didnt last long, Dan goes from first to last in the space of a week. Gaz and his Louisville Bats have a great week and soar past 300 pts.

Overall - Albuquerque still leads for Andy - Sam and I are the nearest challengers.
<> Spokane still rock bottom…

Week 12 - was a big one for @roookie and his Portland Mavericks, top scoring with 328 points, over 40 ahead of his nearest rival. Overall leader Andy had a stinker though, the only player not to hit 200 for the week

Week 13 - much closer this week, with Chris’s Mighty Mussels narrowly edging out Malcy’s Loons. Andy doubled up with another last place!

Overall - two bad weeks for the Isotopes has seen them drop from 1st to 4th. Mozza’s Poodles are now third, a little behind Sam’s Bananas and my own mighty Biscuits!

Sinking like a stone - now 6th :anguished:

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Week 14 - ultra close at the top this week - Mozza’s Sod Poodles got the weekly win, but the Aviators, Mussels and Bananas were all within 3 points.
No drama at the bottom, with the Cowboys and Indians sharing their usual fight for last place

Week 15 - another decent week for Chris’ Mighty Mussels - 35 points ahead of any other team, and definitely in mid-season form.
Indians last again, Cowboys next to last again

Overall - Mozza and his Sod Poodles now have a narrow lead from me and Sam - but there’s still under 200 points from top right down to 8th place, and we’re not at the all star game yet. Lots still to play for…