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Fan Pub Fun League 2017 weekly update thread

Wins for Ain’t got a Kalou, Bite my Shiny Metal Defence, Braavos Bankers, Grecian Toffee Bengals, Kung Suh Panda, Rickety Crickets and Zeke will be a big hit, to get this new season of the Fun league started

Biggest score was 115.80 by Bite my Shiny Metal Defence
Biggest winning margin was a whopping 47.30 by Braavos Bankers
Smallest winning margin was exactly 6 points, for Ain’t got a Kalou, over Andy’s Tight Ends - Daniel rode home on the back of a couple of nice scores on Monday night football

Only one team stumbled at the first hurdle… sorry, Otley Road Patriots! The other thirteen of us live on for another week of picking whoever the Jets are playing…!

Best of luck for week 2 - cheers, Jon


Ain’t Got a Kalou, Bite My Shiny Metal Defence and Rickety Crickets are the three teams left with 100% records after two weeks (all three play teams with 1-1 records this week, how many will keep their unbeaten stretch alive?)

Biggest score was a cracking 145.80 by Rickety Crickets
Biggest winning margin was a tidy 42.20 by my own Southampton Sprouts (Shane’s Kung Suh Panda really didn’t show up this week)
Smallest winning margin was a ridiculously small 0.65 points for Otley Road Patriots over Flint’s Marauders - Daniel was well behind after Sunday’s games, but squeaked home thanks to a pair of Lions players

All thirteen teams left in the competition made it through another week - a majority picked the Raiders to beat the Jets, which looked safe all the way !

cheers, Jon


Three weeks in, and Malc’s team ‘Bite My Shiny Metal Defence’ has the only 100% record (and is also the top scoring team in the league). Another seven teams crammed into joint second place only a game behind, so probably too early for Malc to relax just yet…!

Biggest score this week was Malc’s team - and not even close, he scored over 60 points more than the next best team
Biggest winning margin was …surprise surprise, Malc’s team!! 79 point winning margin over Kung Suh Panda
There were three games with a winning margin under 10 points - the closest were Sean’s Bi Polar Bears - scraping home by 2.45 points for their second win in a row

There were several upsets in the NFL this week, so I thought it might be carnage in the survivor game. Actually, we only lost four players - the nine who made it through all picked either the Pats or the Packers so all can consider themselves lucky!

cheers, Jon



Another week - another win for Malc’s Bite My Shiny Metal Defence’. They are now 4 & 0, and lead the way from a chasing pack of three teams on 3 & 1. At the wrong end, the Suh Tang Clan are rock bottom and the only team still waiting for a win.

Biggest score this week was Daniel’s Otley Road Patriots with 133.15
Biggest winning margin was Daniel again, coating home by over 50 points
And the closest call was for Connor’s team Flint’s Marauders - scraping past Sean by 3.35 points off the back of a solid Monday night effort in defeat by Washington QB Kirk Cousins

Another week with several high profile upsets. Both of last season’s Superbowl teams lost: the Pats defeat knocked me out, and the Falcons also took out one contestant, meaning we have seven players out, and seven who live to fight another day…

cheers, Jon

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The last 100% record in the league goes, as Bite My Shiny Metal Defence lose to Kicker Conspiracy… and the last 0% record also goes the Suh Tang Clan get their first win (just) against the Rickety Crickets!

Biggest score this week was Al’s Zeke Will Be a Big Hit - great kicker and defence scores propelling him to 139.55
Biggest winning margin was a 67 point crushing of Flints Marauders by Shane’s Kung Suh Panda
And the closest call was for Suh Tang Clan - getting his first win of the season by a mere 0.7 point margin

The Steelers, helped by Big Ben’s wayward throws, knocked three more players out of the game. Only four now remain…

cheers, Jon

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Daniels’s Otley Road Patriots and Malcolm’s Bite my Shiny Metal Defence are neck and neck at the top with a 5 & 1 record. Meanwhile Chris’ Braavos Bankers are rock bottom with 1 & 5 - hard to believe that they started the season with a crushing victory; nothing much has gone right since

Biggest score this week was the Otley Road Patriots - thanks to his running backs Lev Bell, Jordan Howard and Leonard Fournette stacking up points, while even without JJ Watt and Whitney Mercilus, his Texans defence still piled it on against the hapless Browns.
Otley Road also got the biggest winning margin, with a comfortable 48.30 victory.

The narrowest win this week was Ain’t Got a Kalou - who spoiled Ian’s birthday celebrations with a 7.2 point win over his Grecian Toffee Bengals

We have a winner !
In a season of odd results, this week saw the Falcons throw away a lead against Jay Cutler’s Miami, while Denver came off a bye-week only to run into the New York Giants’ running back stud…err…Orleans Darkwa :dizzy_face:

Connor’s pick of the Texans means he is the last man standing! £60 will make its way to you in the next few days (would be appreciated if you can let me know you’ve got it)

cheers, Jon


Haha nice one Jon, that was a pleasant surprise when the prize popped up on my phone, thought I was down to the last 2 then remembered the Broncos result. Thanks again pal :+1:



Daniel goes marching on ! His Otley Road Patriots are the highest scoring team in back to back weeks, and are now clear at the top with a 6 & 1 record. Three teams are level a game behind him. With two teams getting a bye in the first week of the playoffs, those four players are now in a really strong position. At the wrong end of the table, there are five teams (myself included :disappointed_relieved: ) stuck on 2 & 5, who probably can’t afford another slip up all season if they want to make the post season…

The other Daniel had a good week too - as Ain’t Got a Kalou beat Suh Tang Clan by a very comfortable 34.15 points. Narrowest win of the week was exactly 3 points, as Chris got the better of Sean

cheers all, Jon



The Otley Road streak is over - they lose in the Battle of the Daniels, to Ain’t got a Kalou, who got the week’s highest score, and who join them on 6 and 2 at the top of the table. Al’s Zeke Will Be a Big Hit (just not for the next six weeks) is also level with them at the top.

Biggest winning margin of the week was the Braavos Bankers - Chris hasn’t had a stunning season, but a 53 point winning margin makes a week to remember.
And the closest call was the 2.1 point victory for Lee’s Suh Tang Clan

cheers all, best of luck for week 9, Jon



I’ll get my own self-congratulation out of the way first: I managed the week’s narrowest win, scraping past Daniel’s Aint Got a Kalou by exactly 1 point :smiley:

There were some right thumpings in other games though… Malcolm’s Bite My Shiny Metal Defence won by 55 points, but even that wasn’t the biggest win, as Sean’s Bi Polar Bears won by 56 ! Malcolm did however get the highest score of the week.

Zeke Will be a Big Hit and Otley Road Patriots are neck and neck at the top of the league with 7 and 2 records, and in pole position to get the valuable bye week in the playoffs.

Week 10 already? Wow, enjoy it while it lasts…

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Oh my… another good week for me :smiley:
The week’s highest score (although less than a point higher than Malcolm’s Bite My Shiny Metal Defence)
The week’s biggest winning margin, whooping Chris by 45.6 points
And after a slow start, I’ve sneaked into the final playoff spot…

Closest call of the week was Shane winning by only 2.3 points against Daniel’s high flying Otley Road Patriots. That defeat means Otley is dragged back into a 4-way tie at the top, with Al, Malcolm, and other Daniel.

Down at the bottom I think that Connor (Flint’s Marauders) and Sean (Bi Polar Bears) now look to be out of the running - everyone else has still got at least a chance.

Best of luck for week 11 (except for Michael, whose Rickety Crickets are playing me…!)



Congratulations to Al, Daniel and Malcolm - their teams Zeke Will be a Big Hit, Otley Road Patriots and Bite my Shiny Metal Defense all won this week to reach 8 and 3 records, and all are now guaranteed a place in the playoffs. If I’ve done my maths right, even if they lost the last two regular season weeks, the worst they can finish is 6th overall.

Quite a high scoring week, as 7 of the 14 teams went over 100 points - top of the pile was the Rickety Crickets with 126.15 so well done to Michael for that.

Biggest winning margin of the week was for Otley Road - as Daniel beat his mate Andy by over 30 points. Meanwhile Lee’s Suh Tang Clan edged home by just 1.65 points (Matt Ryan’s Monday night comeback fell agonisingly short for Chris…)

All the best for week 12 folks !

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Congratulations to Aint Got a Kalou - Daniel is the 4th manager through to the playoffs. Andy’s Tight Ends are favourites to grab another of the 6 places, with Suh Tang Clan and Rickety Crickets just behind - plus a few others hoping for a miracle set of results to let them scrape in…

Suh Tang Clan and Andy’s Tight Ends were well clear as the highest scoring teams in week 12 - Lee’s 134.6 narrowly pipping Andy’s 133.7. Lee also had the biggest winning manager, rather cruelly hoofing the commissioner by over 60 points :cry:

No close games to report! I think for the first time this season, every game had a winning margin over 10 points…

Right at the business end now - still to be decided in the final week of the regular season are the last two playoff teams, plus which two teams will get byes in the first round of the playoffs. Best of luck if you are involved!!

cheers, Jon

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Regular season is done!
First place was Malcolm’s Bite My Shiny Metal Defence, with a great 10-3 record after he annyingly beat me by 2 points in the last game of the season :angry:
Al’s Zeke Will Be a Big Hit (when he finally gets back from suspension!) came second - the two guys both benefit from a bye week, and are also guaranteed a cash prize at the end of the season.

The week 14 playoff games will be:
Ain’t Got a Kalou (Daniel) vs Andy’s Tight Ends (Andy)
Otley Road Patriots (Daniel) vs Rickety Cricket (Michael)

As a reminder, the two semi final losers will get £60 each - the runner up £90, and the winner will win glory and the respect of his peers (plus £150 :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: )

Best of luck to all in the playoffs. If you didn’t make them, then I think the website will run a consolation bracket, but there is no prize money or consequence of any kind, so feel free to put your feet up!)

cheers, Jon


Good luck everyone!

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Ain’t Got a Kalou (Daniel) 61.10 - 70.45 Andy’s Tight Ends (Andy)
Otley Road Patriots (Daniel) 122.15
- 113.80 Rickety Crickets (Michael)

Congrats to Daniel and Andy - commiserations to the losers, especially Michael who got a great score but the worst possible opponent.

Our semi finals are:
Bite my shiny metal defence (Malcolm) vs Andy’s Tight Ends (Andy)
Otley Road Patriots (Daniel) vs Zeke will be a big Hit (Al)

The four of you are all in the money for getting this far. Should be great semis, can the top two seeds be beaten?

cheers, Jon

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Well done Otley Rd, can’t help but feel a bit :rage::rage::rage:


Cheers, I would have been gutted to lose with 100 points on my bench. Looking forward to this weeks matchup Al

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Bite my shiny metal defence (Malcolm) 130.40 - 83.75 Andy’s Tight Ends (Andy)
Otley Road Patriots (Daniel) 92.05 - 132.70 Zeke will be a big Hit (Al)

Two convincing wins in the semi finals - the top seeds Malcolm and Al march on !
Malcolm won the regular season match up between the two teams - I reckon he is narrow favourite to repeat the feat in the big game, but it should be close…

Everyone else can just sit back and watch, and then we are done for another year…

cheers, Jon


THANKS For a great league