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EURO 2016 Post your bets!

Not long now until the start of EURO 2016 and I thought it would be cool to see what people are going to be backing and what they fancy.

A potential dark horse for me is AUSTRIA who don’t really have any star players as such but what they do have is a very good team of players mostly from the Bundesliga and the Premier League. Not forgetting they had the best overall qualifying record in a group that included Sweden and Russia. At 40/1 generally I fancy them as an each way chance.

On the same page I am also backing them to win all their group games at 9/1. Hungary and Iceland should be no problem and you never know what to expect with Portugal and Ronaldo never really fires at major tournaments does he?

If Austria do go well then you’d think Marc Janko will be in the goals. You can get him at 66/1 to be top goalscorer. If Russia can progress then Artyom Dzyuba looks a good each way shout also at 66/1.

Each way in the top scorer markets pay the top four so with that in mind I am also going to pick Robert Lewandoski (Poland) 14/1 and Antoine Griezmann (France) at 12/1.


I’ve had a couple of bets on Italy last year (needn’t have bothered going so early, the price is just as high now…).
I’m going to a couple of games - Wales / Slovakia and Austria / Hungary, and I think I will have two singles and a double on goalless draws, as a kind of insurance against seeing a dull match - that has worked in the past as every game I’ve watched has had multiple goals :smiley:
Will certainly dabble in a few more correct score bets and maybe a Yankee on 4 group winners, nearer the date - just for added interest!

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Oh that sounds great. I haven’t been to a tournament game for a while now. In fact it was euro 96 Croatia against Denmark when Davor Suker scored that goal against Schmeichel. Great game! I hope you get one as good as that was, really enjoyed it.

I always back both teams to win 2-1 in major tournies and cover it with a quid on 0-0 also. Keeps me interested. :slight_smile:

Only just caught up with this thread via a TFP digest e-mail.

Like ya thinking with the big odds TMBK but I encountered a strange anomaly on TitanBet I think it was - I tried to do a multiple on the group winners and it would not let me - said the bets was related and not allowed - only singles - how dumb I thought so did send them an e-mail but never heard back.

I so far have been sweeping up promotions - the ones I likes so far was Willy Hills - bet £10+ or £10+ e/w on England to win and get a free £5 bet every time win a match (ET & pens included). So though I don’t think England will win it’s nice to support the 3 lines, you never know and can get my stake back in free bets as am sure they can and will win 2-3 games before departing!

Also SkyBet have a similar offer - again £10+ or £10+ e/w on any nation you like to win Euro’s and each time they win you get a free £3 bet. Alas only the first team you bet on in the promotional period counts so I decided to play cautious and took Germany as I think there win all there group games for sure - odds was only 7/2 to win tourney and know other bookies have 4/1 on offer but still thought it worth it as policing up the free bets - feel sure Germany will make semis minimum so getting there will surely win 4-5 games if not all of there games. So if Germany do win Euros £35 profit from my £10 bet plus probably £18-£21 in the way of 6-7 x free £3 bets that who knows I may have been able to put 1 or more on a winner and get at least my original £10 stake back.

Ages ago like Jon I thought I could get better prices so put a £5 free bet I had on Belgium at 12/1 but last time I looked you could still get them for 11’s so not much point doing things so far out it seems.

Had a few quid for fun on Poland to be the top scoring team in the tournament, at 50/1. Not one to count on but they scored loads in qualifying, they have Lewandowski, and I don’t rate Ukraine or N Ireland in their group very highly.

Not related to the euros, but had a little double on Idaho and Skiffle for the Oaks and Derby at Epsom too :moneybag: :horse_racing:


I have jumped on that Poland price. Had a cheeky plastic fiver on it.

Also added Croatia to my darkhorse stable.

My each way shout for the oaks is Diamonds Pour Moi

@TheMalcyBarKid - I not seen a plastic fiver as yet but sure it won’t be long… wonder how long the paper ones a be legal tender still for?

Any way while talking about the Euros thought we should each share any promos different bookies have we come across in case anyone else would like to take advantage of them.

Not sure how good these offers are from 10Bet but thinking about getting involved

Euro 2016 Outright Specials

Also while on the subject of the Euros do you like fantasy games @TheMalcyBarKid - if so check out my money league on the tourney, more info here: BLM EUROS 2016

Stan James has a good offer on for the top scorer market, new and existing customers.
Place a £20 bet on the Euro 2016 - Top Goalscorer market and get a £5 free bet every time he scores during Euro 2016

For some reason I’m getting an error on the Telegraph website. I’ll try again tomorrow but sounds interesting!

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Thinking for the offer Lewandoski offers great value, if Poland do well and progress he will be a key part and he will score goals against any team. Mandzukic for Croatia also stands out, as does Mario Gomez for Germany.

Harry Kane might also be a decent shout, I think you can also make smaller cases for Vardy, Sturridge and to an extent maybe Rooney. Gareth Bale will be a threat for Wales, but is he worth a top goalscorer punt? Morata for Spain seems to have scored a few recently, but I’m not sure what his chances of starting for Spain are.

I have seen a few people tipping Antony Martial and I am not sure why. He hasn’t scored in 8 appearances at senior international level. So I can’t see him turning up and getting 6 or 7 goals. (bookmarked for future Alan Hansen style referencing)

Yeah I think a lot of bookies are doing that give or take a fiver - I did BetWay’s one but there’s is £25 to qualify - most bookies only allow ya first bet to qualify for these offers so be careful and take advantage at several different bookies. Despite BW’s being £5 more than your SJ one - e/w qualified so I did £12.50 e/w.

I used odds checker to check Top Goal Scorer prices and only one in with a chance imo that BetWay was top price on was Antoine Griezmann so as e/w on BW for this market was a 1/4 odds down to 4th thought it was worth it as now each game he scores in also polices me up a free £5 bet.

Think I will defo take advantage of similar offers at other sports books on different players dependent on price.

BetWay Euro 2016 Top Goalscorer market

Found another but not sure I like Betfairs all that much as you have to punt £25 to win or £25 e/w min to qualify for this but you can back any team and when they win a game you pocket a £5 free bet - but also in the small print you have to use it within 48hrs or lose it.

Euros, Get £/€5 Free Bet every time they win

There’s always 1 that lets you down but still I really like the look on paper of each Group winner so gone for a 6 fold…

Group Winners Accumulator

France to win Group A
England to win Group B
Germany to win Group C
Spain to win Group D
Belgium to win Group E
Austria to win Group F

Just had a tenner on that but like it so much might do it again for another tenner!

What I’ve done for the last few tournaments is back Germany heavenly in the Outright market on Betfair and lay it off for a profit in the latter stages. They are remarkably consistent and it not failed me yet!

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Nice one - I really must try to get into market betting - I do not know why I don’t… just a fear of the unknown I guess (and the house still taking a percentage).

They only take a percentage if you win!

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Top Goalscorer bet: Eden Hazard. He’s 50-1 with Stan James who have an offer of £5 returned for every goal he scores. He’s the Belgian pen taker and with De Bruyne & Lukaku constantly on the attack I’m sure that should get us a goal or two start. His crap season at Chelsea seems to be a mixture of sulking, injury and simply saving himself for this comp. If he’s in the mood and get back to anything like the 14/15 season - 50’s could be massive

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I might follow you in on that - many of the bookies have this offer but different amounts you have to bet - I’ve only done it at Betway so far taking Antoine Griezmann (France) as that was only player they was top price on according to Odds Checker and liked fact Betway said e/w counted (I went on chat to check) so the £25 to qualify person I spoke to said it was okay to do £12.50 e/w and still get the free £5. I didn’t think that was right but hopefully they keep chat logs as if they don’t give me bets I will complain and hopefully they can check and see I asked the question and there rep said it was fine so they should honour it - maybe it is fine but as all other books I seen have said its £20 or £25 to win or that again e/w to qualify (so in effect £40 or £50 laid out to qualify) makes me think Betways £12.50 e/w can’t be right but I will soon find out - unless AG don’t score any at all for France.

Any value in backing each groups first 2 games i.e. first 16 games of tournament as draws either 0-0 or 1-1. With only 8 teams eliminated in the first phase maybe a lot of tight games to begin with?

Could be a good shout. What I am doing is backing both teams to win 2-1 in every match and also covering it with a small bet on 0-0.

A couple of shock 2-1 defeats and you’re quids in!

With my 0-0 and 1-1 bet. That’s 16 gamesx2 selections=32 bets.

Say an average of 15-2 on either score. So by my calculation need 4 out of 16 to just about break even. 5+ games out of 16 ending 0-0 or 1-1 to be in profit.