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Deflated footballs

Really? I just find this an incredible accusation.

For a start, wouldn’t you notice at the time? So many different people handle the footballs, from the guys in the stripes to Andrew Luck. If the ball was anything less than fully inflated, wouldn’t they notice, wouldn’t someone feel that it’s different in their hands?

Secondly, what difference does it actually make? Is the suggestion that the ball doesn’t fly as far, thereby negating the Andrew Luck deep ball which is used more than a Brady deep ball. Or is a deflated ball easier to hang onto, suggesting the Patriots were worried about fumbling.

Honestly, I don’t understand, and I’m happy to be educated here.


Interesting Insight from an actual player, sounds quite feasible to me that this is what happened

Darren Fletcher

This is a good article, and I understand now. I didn’t realise each team used their own balls, so the deflated ones for Brady would have helped him grip the ball in tricky conditions. And presumably give Blount a tighter grip on the ball.