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Deflate Gate!

Brady banned for 4 games, Pats lose their 2016 1st round draft pick. Blimey!

So the season opener has no Brady and no Leveon Bell?

They should replay the Super Bowl and more importantly all bets upon it should be void and refunded! :stuck_out_tongue:


I honestly don’t know how you can retain the super bowl win when basically you are now being punished for breaking the rules, I realise that losing the SB win would seem harsh but at the same time logic must prevail and in the case it has not. I understand the Pats are also fined 1mil and lost the a 1st and 4th pick in addition to Brady being banned 4 games.

4 games is just enough to get Brady determined lol

Losing faith in the NFL and the way they dole out punishment. They suspend players for situations that cannot be proven, players who are exonerated in the eyes of the law and the use of social media, yet continually allow proven PED users back into the league. Somebody’s values are a little askew here.
Patriots title should have been voided and Brady booted for the year.

Just for letting a bit of air out of balls… seems a bit harsh Drew.

Seems like a lot about very little to me. Sounds like putting Stickum on the gloves back in the 80s, or spraying jerseys with gunk that made it harder for the OLine to grab the jersey of rushers.

It’s just a case of seeing how far you can bend the rules to gain an advantage.

As I understand it you could inflate to the minimum in a warm locker room, then when you go out on a cold field the psi drops a bit to below the minimum inflation. On a cold wet day who would ever inflate their balls to more than the minimum? And in each and ever case by the time they would have been out on the field those balls would have been under inflated.

Then it’s a case of how far you bend that rather vague rule. The punishments they have dished out don’t seem appropriate in the severity to me, and I’d be amazed if Brady doesn’t get his suspension reduced on appeal.

Punishment should be for not co-operating with the league investigation.
The deflated balls are secondary. When the equipment boy is referred to in
a text as Deflater and then is no longer available for questioning, it has
got to raise a few eyebrows. If there is nothing to hide, make phones and
personnel available and assist the league in getting the decision correct.
Otherwise suck it up and take like a man.

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Not losing heart in the NFL, I think its a real tough game to police but I grew up playing a lot of different sports and the one thing I always learnt, even from primary school… If you cheat you cant win, it shall be taken from you. I agree with much of what you say Drew.