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CANCELLED - Bargate Bowl fantasy league 2016

This is the thread for the 2016 Bargate Bowl league

The league will be a contract based fantasy NFL game for 10 players.

Draft Date: Saturday 21st May 2016
Draft Time: will be an early afternoon start, but I will edit this post to confirm the exact time well in advance of draft date
Draft Location: will be in central Southampton, but I will edit this post to confirm the exact location well in advance of draft date
League annual fee: £80 (all to be returned each season in prize money)

All details of how this league is set up can be found in this link:


Please note: this is designed to be an ongoing league rather than a single year league - I appreciate personal circumstances can change, but please do not sign up unless you are intending to play for multiple seasons!
To sign up, drop me a direct message through this site. I will add your name to the list below and will also give you details of how to pay (ideally by paypal but I can give you bank details if preferred). Once you have paid I will put your name in bold to confirm your entry. If we have more than 10 people interested I will add a waiting list to this thread.

Signed up team managers

(real name / thefanpub user name / team name)

  1. Jon Cartwright / Jon Cartwright / South Coast Owls**
  2. Sean Connors / Outsiders68 / Fantasy Gods**
  3. Ian Wray / grecian2010 / Grecian Toffee Bengals**
  4. Malc Walker / TheMalcyBarKid / War Machine**
  5. Alan Zreik / tbc / tbc**
  6. Dan Vinicombe / tbc / tbc**
  7. Kieron Connors
  8. . .

(names in bold once £80 is paid)

Yell if you have any questions! Once we have 10 managers, it may be worth setting up a group on WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype - whatever most people use - to keep in touch with plans for draft day and general league chat.

  • Draft Day activities - I’ll be aiming to use a room in a pub which serves food, so I can get a bite of lunch before the draft starts. The more the merrier if anyone wants to join me! After the draft I would love to have a drink or two and a meal with any managers who are sticking around for the evening. If anyone is planning to stay in Southampton on the night before and/or after the draft, let me know and I can recommend some places.

Looks very good and clear to follow excited

Hi Jon,

Had a read and as I said before, I dig the level of planning but I shall have to pass I’m afraid. There are several reasons which I wont bore you with here that have nothing to do with your league or its setup. I’m sure it will be a great success.


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Update - left news about this league only on the Fan Pub for a week - but this weekend I spread the net and posted to a few facebook groups I am in. plus on NFLUK. Got a couple of people in contact the next day expressing an interest, so I have added them to the first post above - will keep on working to get this league filled !

Update -
…now that the dust has settled on the Superbowl, I will get moving on this again.
@Outsiders68 , @UkDetroit3Lions , @Alan_Feelers - I don’t know yet if you are in a position to commit? No problem if not, but the sooner I can confirm names the sooner I can start making detailed plans for draft day. I will keep recruiting up to a few weeks before draft day if need be, but it would be good for those who have to travel to have time to arrange that.

Sean - did you say your son was interested in this?
Al - obviously would be great if Chris was up for this as well

I will do a bit of nagging of contacts outside of this site too. In other news, I spent yesterday evening, Blue Peter style, with card, marker pens, and sellotape, building a monster sized draft board for the big kick off. Space for 10 teams and 200 players !! Now I just need to find the right people to fill it!

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I don’t think my son will commit I have asked however I’m paying end of Feb I want in…

My team name will be “Fantasy Gods” I can dream !!

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The draft board looks good Jon. Nice work!



I posted over at the NFL UK forum and would like to submit for entry to the league if there are indeed spaces available.

My name’s Malc and I have been playing Fantasy Football for three or four years now so I’m a relative newcomer one might say. Last year I joined a startup dynasty cash league and greatly enjoyed the experience. Looking to expand on that further I was searching for something a bit different to the norm this coming season. I believe this league potentially ticks all the boxes and some!

Draft day is not a problem for me as I am more than willing to travel for something like this. I am based about three hours away but this looks like a grand day out.

I would like my franchise to be known as War Machine

I envisage a great future.


Malc Walker << real name
TheMalcyBarKid << thefanpub name
War Machine << team name

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Welcome to the forum and I’m sure you’ll have great fun playing in Jon’s League.

Great forum name by the way.

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Thank you! Been browsing the site, looks good.

Welcome Malcy…

Hope you like it around here, there is a small community feel which is nice and getting bigger all the time.

Jon is a top guy and will run a v good league imo. Njoy

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Welcome aboard

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Looking forward to this, Jon!


We are up to 4 people paid and definitely in, plus we have a couple more likely to be in soon. I’ve sent out a couple of mails to possible players at work, and will be putting a post onto an extra sports forum that @bluelionman has recommended to me…

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Jon - I’ve Posted a link on the Betfair forum for you. Good luck with getting a full league.


Awesome - much appreciated Dean!

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Morning folks - money from Alan and Dan received overnight, making it 6 folks paid in. Sean’s son looks to be in for this too so we are almost there. If anyone else has been waiting on joining this game, now would be a great time to tell me !!

Looking good let’s make this happen

As at 4 May - this league is cancelled - we have got stuck on 7 players and I need to be able to give all the people travelling to the game enough notice to change their plans.
Thanks to everyone who showed an interest (including Al for offering to Skype in to the draft to make up the numbers - I really think that would have been massively awkward but I appreciate the offer!)

Now go and join Sean’s Challengers League instead !!

So sorry to hear this mate but the effort was appreciated and thanks for the support on mine.

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