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BLM’s ITV7 Racing - 2022 (£10 Money League)


ITV7 will be resetting all leagues and leader boards on 4th January 2022 but will keep the scores earned from 1st January 2022 in all leagues as they like their game to last a full calendar year.

Last year (2021) was my first foray into doing a money league on this horse racing predictions game and most of the entrants in my private league at some point or other missed rounds - myself included as I could not login when in hospital for which I’ve no idea why that was and after I came out was so far behind, I lost heart. Others I feel lost heart as the top guy in my league was just far too good and not having enough entrants to pay out anything other than 1st place (the way I wrote the rules last year) really hurt the long-term interest of all the also rans. So, a good learning curve for this my second year. Taking that experience on board for this year I’ve decided to make the entry fee a flat £10 (so a reduction of £2 on last year’s entry fee) and I’m making it a top 3 pay out regardless of entry numbers. That should address some of those issues experienced year one.

So, my private money league is £10 to enter with a top 3 pay-out as follows:

1st - 60%

2nd - 30%

3rd - 10%

Just as in 2021 it will be the longest length fantasy game I do, running for a full calendar year - from 1st January 2022 up to 31st December 2022.

The prize fund depends how many entrants I get (so hope all of you who read this can share this posts link on your social media platforms and with any mates/work colleagues/family etc. that like horse racing). I will allow entries up until 5th January 2022 (the day after the game peeps reset game scores for the new year) and anyone who has not paid their entry fee by then will not be competing for the money - and I will list them on my TFP Welchers list here:

BLM Fantasy Money Games WELCHERS

I wish I had the power to delete those who don’t pay or join way into the year but based on last years’ experience I don’t have that option in ITV7 private leagues which sucks so instead all I can do is not publish the league code publicly this year and do the above to any non-paying interlopers who find their way in. Naturally on (or very soon after) the 5th of January 2022 I will confirm the prize amounts for each position here in a new post.

The game is simple to play - you just have to predict which horse you think will win from 7 nominated races each and every round and there can be many rounds per week. Your place in the league is decided by how many winners and places you get cumulatively. That’s it.

The first rounds deadline for 2022 is on the 1st of January - but you can enter earlier as a practice if you like as scores will reset on the 4th January and you will only keep scores earned from 1st January 2022. If you already play ITV7 it will carry in any scores you currently have from 2021 (so don’t be alarmed as it will reset for all on 4th January) and so long as you enter predictions from New Year’s Day onwards, you will be in from the beginning of 2022’s new league season.

Entry fee - £10
League Name - BLM’s ITV7 Racing - 2022
League code - contact me for payment info and league code will be provided once entry fee recieved

I can be contacted by PM’ing from here (TFP Forum)
E-mailing me directly (if you know my fantasy games e-mail address)
Or messaging me on Discord here: TFP Discord server (my username is: bluelionman)

BLM is short for bluelionman (despite what the current political climate now makes you think of) which is the online name I use in all fantasy games and forums.

Everyone is required to pay upon joining the league. All entry fees will go back out 100% as prizes.

To make this league a decent size with decent prizes I urge you to please forward a link to this info on to anyone you think might like to join in to - all are welcome (friends, family, work colleagues, anyone). Only thing to note is alas only people resident in the UK, Republic of Ireland & Channel Islands are allowed to enter (Sky Bet / ITV7’s rules not mine).

ITV7 Racing (Game Site)

Happy New Year all,

Noel Symonds (aka bluelionman)
Fan Pub Founding Member

I am sad to say I only got 8 entries this year but it is what it is - everyone has paid up (thank you) so prizes are as follows:

Prize Payouts

1st (60%) £48
2nd (30%) £24
3rd (10%) £8

Am glad it’s not just ‘Winner Takes All’ this year so everyone has a chance and top 2 get more out than they spent in entry costs.