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A new NFL Blog

Hey everyone, a quick plug for my new blog…yeah I know ANOTHER NFL blog! Me and a couple of mates decided to write our thoughts down on the world that is the NFL. We are relatively new to the sport so it’s more of a noobs take on things but hopefully we can raise a few good points and maybe offer a different slant on things.

Hope you can check it out.


Well done Megatron, 1st mistake some bloggers make is failing on site presentation and userability, you got that spot on it seems. Good luck with your blog.

Hey there, looks like a good start. The site looks pretty slick for one that had just started up, as Citrus Player says - and I can’t disagree with the AFC north predictions. Steelers favourites, Browns outsiders sounds about right (although I think a 5 win ceiling is a little harsh on Cleveland!)

As a slightly random question, are you the Liam who is playing in the same Air Coryell dynasty league as me? If the answer to that is no,you probably have no idea what I am going on about!!

Really strong look to the blog!! And easy to navigate

Thanks for the feedback guys and especially on the usability of the site, I’m a web designer so that’s always welcome!

Jon it is the same guy however sadly I had to pull out of the league due to other commitments - going to be away for a chunk of the season so I couldn’t put my full attention to it.

We’ve actually just put up another post, this time looking at our QB rankings from a fantasy perspective…I’d imagine this one will be a bit more opinionated! We were fed up with the usual rankings in terms of ability so decided to do it on fantasy production for this season.

Hope you can check it out - www.doublecoverage.co.uk/fantasy-football/top-10-quarterbacks


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Ok it’s a good list but if it’s based on fantasy production of 2014 Andrew luck wins then Rogers !

Luck 367.70
Rogers 359.14
Wilson 334.60
Manning 327.68
Breed 319.98

I could go on

Ultimately correct top ten but not in fantasy order…

It’s an article on our predictions on who’ll be the top 10 for 2015…

Sorry I misunderstood

Here’s my top ten

Tony romo
Matt Ryan

Number ten is my sneaky pick this year so will be keeping that secret…till after the draft…

Hard to argue too much with those top guns. They would all be on my current top 12 along with Eli M and Ryan T. Think I would have Cam a little higher but looks a fair list overall !

It’s actually really difficult when you get to around 7th. Quite a few guys who I deliberated over for quite some time.

lol this must be the friendliest high stakes league in the world…

Our AFC East preview - http://www.doublecoverage.co.uk/opinion/afc-east-preview/

Good article! I cant wait to see this division play out this year, I think its going to be an absolute dog fight to the bitter end and the game on Jan 3rd between the Bills & Jets could determine post season football aspirations.

100% agree.

Personally speaking I just can’t call it. You can make a case for all 4 making the playoffs.

Looks a fair assessment - I certainly think Miami look best placed to step up if NE slip

I’d love to see it, anyone but New England haha

Hey everyone, I’ve just written a little personal piece on why I started following the NFL, hope some of this strikes a chord with some of you http://www.doublecoverage.co.uk/opinion/why-i-love-the-nfl/


Good post and I agree. Soccer as I now call it is business first now imo. This is why the better businesses pull in the better players and therefore keep the other businesses grounded. Its just not as good a system but hey others will disagree I am sure, each to their own.

Enjoyed reading that. Strikes a chord with me too - I still enjoy soccer as a sport, but the whole organisation and the knowledge that one of the top few teams will nearly always win is an increasing turn off, especially now I’ve seen how the NFL can make parity work so well

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Nice blog post, keep them coming.
I’ve completely lost all interest in soccer and the main reasons are that there are too many games and the season is too long. Yes, I know we wish that the NFL would add on another game or two but there is something special about the season finishing around the new year. It really makes it so much more exciting and I can’t find many other sports where you talk so much about every single little thing like we do about the NFL. The sport just feels very special.

Another reason soccer is ‘shooting itself in the foot’ is the lack of money and commitment they put into their academies now. I doubt we will ever again see a group of players coming out of a British club like we did with Man United in the early 90s. It’s too much of a business now and buying younger players is just easier than bringing them through the ranks at your own club.