2023 Baseball Bestball

Here we go again!

2021 - @Rick_Spangle won and I came second
2022 - I won and @Rick_Spangle came second
Can anyone break our vice like grip on this competition?,

£25 is the price to try to find out (PayPal - allhailzippy@gmail.com)

Planning to have the online draft at 7pm, Sunday 26th March. It’s Bestball, so once the draft is done, you can relax and just watch the points roll in over the course of the season.


  1. Jon C - Montgomery Biscuits. PAID
  2. Flacco (Dan N) - Omaha Storm Chasers - PAID
  3. Sam D - Savannah Bananas - PAID
  4. Iain M (Mozza) - Amarillo Sod Poodles - PAID
  5. Chris J - Twin and Bear It - PAID
  6. Malcy - Great Lakes Loons
  7. Andy S (Rick Spangle) - Albuquerque Isotopes - PAID
  8. Javier A - Portland Mavericks. PAID
  9. Paul B - Las Vegas Aviators - PAID
  10. Andy D - Spokane Indians - PAID
  11. Jordan A - Sugar Land Space Cowboys - PAID

Could a have more info

Afternoon, yep sure.
We play on fantrax - link to last year’s league if you want a look: Fantrax

After the draft, you’ll have a squad of players. Each week, fantrax automatically sets your best scoring lineup, so you don’t need to manage the team.

Last year we had 8 teams paying £25 each so we had £150 for the winner, £50 for second. Guessing it will be broadly similar again this year.

I post score updates on here, for anyone too lazy to go and check on the fantrax site ! Last year’s thread: 2022 Baseball Bestball

Let me know if there’s anything specific you want to know…

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I’m in money sent cheers

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Thanks Paul - money received. As we get nearer the season I will sort out league invites etc. Have a think about a team name, most of us use a minor league team as an alias, but anything goes!

i’ll have a look mate cheers, so no transfers etc, during the season ?

That’s right - zero effort after the draft is done!

What happens if somebody gets injured?

…then they won’t score any points for you while they are injured. No different from NFL bestball leagues.

But you have a squad of 30 players, and a stsrting lineup each week of only 12 players. So even with several injuries you can usually field a full lineup

I am interrested

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Nice ! I have added you to the sign up list. PayPal details at the top of this thread, but no rush - next month is fine. Don’t think we have met but I know your name from Noel’s games :+1:

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One last question. Are there any location restrictions?

Yes I do lots of games from him :joy:

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Not aware of any, we have a regular manager who drafts from Spain.
I have received £25 from Noel as your entry fee

When will the league set up so that I can prepare :wink:

Hi Andy, let me know your email and your fantrax user id and I will get a league invite to you

duenni@hotmail.com but I have no clue about the id!

Can you add me




duenni is my username