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2021 Baseball Bestball

PROPOSAL - fantasy baseball game for 2021

  • Bestball - i.e. we just draft, and then the league runs itself, picking a best line up each week
  • £25 stake suggested
  • running on Fantrax
  • I have never run a baseball league, or a league on Fantrax, so bear with me!


  • we’ve left it too late to do a slow draft, so it’ll need to be one evening
  • options are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
  • looking at other leagues I think we need 30 rounds minimum because of the number of different positions



  • this is my proposal - 10 starters -note that UT is utility, which is the baseball equivalent of a flex spot (any non pitcher)


SIGN UP LIST (once paid)

  • Jon C - Montgomery Biscuits
  • Dan N (flacco) - Omaha Storm Chasers
  • Javier A (apa) - Portland Mavericks
  • Chris P (eiskrap) - Richmond Flying Squirrels
  • Chris C (killermancarro) - Binghamton Rumble Ponies
  • Malc (malcybarkid) - Great Lakes Loons
  • Mozza - Amarillo Sod Poodles
  • Harry D - Hartford Yard Goats
  • Jonathan P - Tampa Tarpons
  • Sam D (samdev) - Las Vegas 51s
  • Andy S (rickspangle) - Albuquerque Isotopes

Ok so following some debates today:

  • We are increasing the pitchers and outfielders in the starting line up, both going from 2 to 3
  • Prize money will be £175 to the winner, £75 runner up, and a £25 consolation for third (assuming we stick at 11 players)
  • Draft is Sunday 8pm (UK time) - if I can figure it out I’ll randomise the draft order shortly before the draft

Something to note - it appears fantrax assigns a single position to each player. Several other sites assign multiple positions to a player who, for example, plays sometimes at 1st base and sometimes at 2nd - so just be aware of this difference.

Draft order randomised. See you in 3 hours

Scores at the end of week 1
(I suspect I won’t be posting these every single week…)

Javier A and Chris C sharing the early lead - Javier thanks to his batters while Chris has had a great pitching week.

All change at the top, the Loons now lead.
Hartford had the lowest weekly score in week 1, but the highest in week 2. It’s all pretty random…

Four weeks in, @s.devereux has a nice little lead with his Vegas side. Still early days…

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A bumper week from @TheMalcyBarKid and his Loons sends him top overall…

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@TheMalcyBarKid and his Loons still leading the way

Interestingly (perhaps?), Albuquerque is the top scoring hitting team but the bottom scoring pitching team. Omaha is the bottom scoring hitting team but the top scoring pitching team. Maybe this means something, maybe not…

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@TheMalcyBarKid still leading the way, but @roookie and I have closed the gap in the last week or two

Tampa and Amarillo now over 200 points back, but we’re not even half way through the season yet, so plenty of time to swing things around…

Delighted to bring you this update, as we have a new leader - GO BISCUITS!
I’m sure it won’t last, but I’ll enjoy being top of the pile for now :smile:

First update for a few weeks - my apologies. Also, my apologies for beating you all so badly !!

Pretty much half way through the season now…

My Biscuits are still hanging onto the lead, but Albuquerque (@Rick_Spangle ) have been rising up the league for weeks now, and are only one good pitching performance away from stealing the lead.

Omaha and Tampa dead level in the all important wooden spoon race…

This could be that day - 4 pitchers going for me today!

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I’ve hung on for another day - but with Fernando Tatis out indefinitely I think it’s only a matter of time before I lose the lead…

The lead has switched a few times in the last week, but when the dust settled on Sunday night I still had the narrowest of leads over @Rick_Spangle
A 100 point gap back to four teams battling for a podium spot, while Omaha are bringing up the rear pretty comfortably as it stands…

Very good to see @Rick_Spangle in person at the weekend! Less good to see that after a few great pitching weeks, he has overhauled me at the top of the table…
Three quarters of the way through the season, it is going to be a tough job to overhaul him from here.

@Rick_Spangle and I seem to be switching first and second place in this league, every few days! 90% of the season done now, so who will time it right to be on top when it finishes?
Close call for 3rd place, Harry currently has it, but that has also changed hands on a regular basis.
Several teams are now a loooong way out of it, their managers can relax and focus on the NFL season instead!

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The season’s almost over - every MLB team has under 10 games left to play… and @Rick_Spangle looks to have this sewn up!
He’s a hundred points ahead of me, and I’m a further hundred ahead of the nearest challenge. Third place is still up for grabs, only 30 points covering four teams fighting for a consolation prize…