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2015 NFL Live Pub Draft - Post Draft Talk

Continuing the discussion from Introducing the UK NFL Live Pub Draft Weekend:

I thought I’d start a new topic for the post draft discussion as the original topic (linked above) has a couple of hundred replies so might be getting a bit busy.

So today was the day of our 2015 NFL Live Pub Draft for The Fan Pub Originals league as Noel called it. It was great seeing all you guys again and welcoming a few newcomers!

I’ll just post up the draft board and list of teams here to start things off.

Brizzle Cyderdrinkers - James
Blindside Anomaly - Gordon
Drunk & Drunker - George & Kieran
Griffin’s Hail Mary - Anders
Hampshire Hogs - Jon
Newton’s Law - Chris
Minimum Effort, Maximum Reward - Simon
Beaucoup De Sound - Shani
Neon Texans - Adam
Titsburgh Feelers - Alan & Chris
The Shitehawks - Drew
West Yorkshire Printers - Dean
Rated R For Frank Gore - Sean
Return of the Maclin - Brad
Blue Stormtroopers - Noel
Viking City - Robert


Good to see you all in form yesterday and very glad the newbies fitted right in - I did randomly bump into someone wearing a Broncos top at 10.55am at the carvery who I thought was a newbie - he was less than friendly when I introduced myself & very glad he wasn’t part of the gang!

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Was great to meet you all yesterday. Got back to Bristol just after 1am but it was well worth the drive!

Noel - thanks again for organising, you’ve done a great job getting us all together and I’m glad to finally be a part of it. Was great chatting with everyone yesterday, met a lot of new people and put names to a lot of faces. And learned that Joique Bell’s mum is really nice (thanks Noel).

My winner of the draft on paper looking at it in the light of day today would be the reigning champ, Chris (now decked out with the bling ring which I assume he will be wearing every day…).

I’m intrigued to see how Sean’s team will shake out - he’s clearly shooting for the moon with a handful of high upside players that he’s betting will break out (as an Eagles fan I’m hoping he’s right about Agholor!). Although to be fair I expect he’ll have traded them all away for some super team before Week 1 if last year’s stories are anything to go by!

But it’s still obviously anyone’s league - we all know how unpredictable the NFL season is. There are likely to be injuries that will throw a spanner in the works (at least I know Simon’s hoping there will be - I hear he’s already booked flights to the US to kneecap CJ Anderson, Eddie Lacy and Marshawn Lynch. Terrell Suggs eat your heart out).

Hope you all got home safe and are enjoying the Bank holiday monday to recover (except Robert, sorry mate!). Roll on Week 1!


The first RB is down already… ominous signs!

Good to meet everyone along with James, Bob and Kieran for the first time, welcome aboard guys :smile:

Best part of yesterday in the curry house…

Sean: (leans over) Don’t worry Simon, I won’t order a starter so if you just cover my main.
Simon: (looking confused) I think Shani’s the one this conversation should be with!

You may rinse me in trades Sean but I will not have it in the curry house! lol

Hope you all had a safe trip back, would love to see the group photos and other misc ones anyone took. I will upload my magnificent trophy later after I have finished polishing it.

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Glad you didn’t “accidentally” leave your trophy on the train Simon? :wink:

I heard Sean (AKA Trade Wizard) ended up covering his meal with the offer of some magic beans…

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It has arrived at Chateua Simon safe and sound :stuck_out_tongue:


Why has Noel not updated our NFL.COM site with our teams and divisions … what’s taking so long :smile::smile::smile:

Seriously guys, it was a fantastic time yesterday and good to see that most of the group was up for the curry afterwards (hope the other draft went well Drew).

I’m obviously excited that the new season is about to start but I’m also looking forward to our NFL meet ups in London. Gordon, Jon and I have already arranged to meet up on 17 September to watch the Chiefs beat the Broncos - hope more of you can come along.

Good luck to you all - may the fun begin!


It’s amazing what you can get for nothing these days lol

Enjoy this

photo from yesterday


Has anyone got the one’s where Noel had finished having a poo?


Was just thinking the same thing (although not in those exact words…)

Deep in draft concentration part 1

Deep in draft concentration part 2

I said “give us a nice big smile guys”.
50% success rate…


Clash of the Titans!
Last year’s top two take a moment mid draft to discuss strategies…

All done! And we can relax at last…

Great pictures … thanks for sharing guys

Reviewing the draft part 1

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…and part 2

OK I’m done posting pics now… hope to see some more from the rest of you!

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