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2018 Fan Pub Fun League


Folks - everyone who has messaged on here, or who has contacted me direct, can make

Sunday 2 September, 19:30

I gave people until tomorrow evening to reply, so I will hold off until then, but unless anyone says otherwise in the next 24 hours, that will be our draft date and time !
Thanks to all who replied! :+1:


I’m ok for that Jon


Two drafts on consecutive days Al :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know what a time to be alive. Draft season it’s nearly here!


Hi all, just looking at the Survivor group and only 11 teams have made a pick for Week 1 so far :bell::bell:


Plenty of reminders… some people just don’t want to win the money!

Folks, DM me if you’re one of the missing ones. I will send over the link and password AGAIN :frowning_face:


I’m already in as I received your email, but I can’t see a link on this thread to the survivor pool it might be worth adding just in case.


password randymoss


Lol @ this weeks survivor results, what happens now?


I also run a Survivor pool annually - I don’t get as many as used to a few seasons ago but had 15 this year which after week 3 is down to 2 left head to head already for the money - Saints (WK1) & Vikings (WK3) did for most in my league. Alas I crashed out week one taking my own beloved team! :football:


Email sent out…